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Username: ganger

Age: 57

Sex: male

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The Nelson, Wood Green

The Rattle & Hum has reopened. It must have cost a fortune as well as its decked out in large screens to watch the live sports and has its own pizza bar inside. Great interior and decent prices to boot and has a pool table. Can't talk about the food but they have draught red stripe at £5.50 and a very well stocked selection of spirits. Its even has 2 dart boards and is def styled as a sports bar. Busy as well this place could turn out to be the best pub in Wood Green.

14 Nov 2023 15:23

The Good Mixer, Camden

All those moaning about this pub being sexist??? or violent obviously are the type of wilting snowflakes that permeate todays bars. I've been in here when its quiet and when its rammed on a Saturday night and I've never felt worried about my own safety. Great pub of the type that Camden used to be chock full of but are now sadly gone to be replaced by middle class eateries full of prats with their screaming spawn in buggies. I'm glad this places keeps the "Ruperts" out. Eff off and stay in the Parkway!

23 Feb 2018 08:50

The Rochester Castle, Stoke Newington

This pub used to be called the Rochester Castle but its layout was a lot different back then. You walked in and the bar was a curved affair that was on your right with seating around it along a back wall. Don't remember it being as large as it is now so I guess it did have a larger room at the rear for private functions/gigs etc?
Weatherspoons took it over around 83/84 and gutted the old interior and turned it into the pub we know now with lots of booths and a glass atrium at the rear. They also renamed it the Tanners Hall. They changed the name back to the Rochester Castle years later but I can't be sure when as I left my employment and Stokey around 85. I always remember this place as being one of the first Weatherspoons in London, not including the other Weatherspoon house The "Marlers Bar" across the road that predated the Rochester by a couple of years if memory serves me.

31 Dec 2011 07:01

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