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Tommy Flynn's, Camden

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Well there has been another name change it's now called the Beatrice and sells real ale , back in time it was a charrington pub called the Princess Beatrice much used by the Irish of Camden then the big beer co that owned it decided to make it an O'neills run by a bunch of aussies , after several name changes it now appears to be run by spanish speeking people it has Fullers London Pride, Old Hooky and Kozel on draft, a little pricey but it is clean.
mr.toes.5_ - 9 Sep 2013 01:37
Heavily live music-orientated, this pub is now known as the Wheelbarrow and is run by the same people as the Flowerpot up the road.
Oasthouse - 27 Dec 2010 03:10
I actually quite liked the laid back atmosphere of this pub and if they put a few things right they would likely be packed every night - the location is great. On entering the bar the first smell that greeted me was the smell of urine, although I can't say I noticed that smell in the toilets (strange). The toilets are a health hazard and badly let this place down. There is faulty plumbing and a condensation problem too, the floor is awash with water from both things and has been left for what looks like a very long time as there are damp spores everywhere. If they hired a decent cleaner and paid for an hour of a plumber's time both problems could be fixed and it would feel less like you've stumbled into a squat to use the bathroom. It is truly a degrading and disgusting experience in there.

As for the live music, they need to invest in a decent PA, the sounds are a mish mash and you get the sense that the sound guy isn't sure what he's doing as no one voice or instrument stands out in the mix. The stage would be better situated at the other end of the pub where there is ample room.

That said, I do think this place has possibilities, it just needs to decide whether it values it's customers at all beyond taking their money and running. I think it could be a really great music venue with a few changes and someone running it who knows what they are doing. The £5 entry is too much for this venue since you risk your health by just walking in. They need to get the carpets and upholstery cleaned (or changed) and start to treat their customers with a little more respect. The bar staff were nice though.
takemytime - 8 Oct 2010 13:53
Wipe your feet on the way out!
chiswick_flo - 23 Jun 2010 08:29
This is a proper dive. Its smells bad, sounds bad and the manager is an oink who struts around the place he's often drunk and will turn nasty.

Avoid at all costs, unless your mate has a heavy metal band playing there, in that case tell him to grow up & watch through the window.
Green_Horn - 17 Feb 2010 15:35
It seemed pretty Irish to me with fiddles on the wall, old drunken Irish soaks, young drunken Irish labourers and a nice friendly Irish barmaid. Iím pretty sure that the name Flynn is also of Irish decent and the sign on the wall saying Ďthe best craic in towní is a bit of a giveaway. During my quick stop I actually thought to myself Ďbejesus, how Irish can one place beí before resting my pint on a Guinness coaster.

Anyway, I found the place to be pretty dull, but I can imagine it being lively, to say the least, when the bands are playing. There are a few screens dotted about and also some sofas at the rear just past the large fireplace.

I probably wonít go here again, but who knows.
Strongers - 30 Sep 2008 13:27
Itís clearly an Irish pub by name and this is also noticeable when you walk in. Nicely decorated, lots of exposed brickwork, an open fireplace and the type of bric-a-brac that typifies Irish run pubs. However Iím not sure this is Irish run judging by the bar staff. I might be wrong but I donít see a proper Irish guvínor employing the acne kid and the wannabee more interested in her mobile than her customers who were serving when I went in. Thai menu, couple of TVís, eclectic clientele, keg beer, larger than it looks from the outside. Might go back again if Iím in the area but only in the hope that my first impressions were wrong.
Millay - 23 Dec 2007 20:07
great pub this had many a great night here, currently being done up with new stage for the bands. Get ya self down there on a band night real good night.
Good friendly boozer with good selction of drinks and good to start at if ya goin koko later on!
cookie24 - 26 Nov 2007 16:59
The most over rated pub in the area.I've heard people rave about this...Why?
tottenhamsean - 5 Sep 2007 19:21
Nutters Central, A real horrible place probably the worst pub in london.
theregent - 30 Jul 2007 18:18
Despite having multiple widescreen TVs at this pub, and making such a fuss about the football, last Sunday's FA Cup quarter final was not shown in true widescreen at all, but in fattyvision (pseudo-widescreen). Hop over to The Crescent to see 1/3 more of the picture. I wasn't going to speak to the manager, if he's anything like how he's been described in previous posts.
widescreen - 12 Mar 2007 19:17
Went here for a pre clubbing drink. seemed a nice enoguh place, drinks pretty expensive compared to my usual enfield places, but not too bad for london.
Were only there for an hour or so, but the place gave a good impression. The people on the table next to us had some very delicious looking food, so may have a bite to eat there next time i'm in the area

Yvette - 2 Jan 2007 16:22
Loudish, not a place for a regular relax. But late drinks. There's an accomodating irish bar across the street who get live irish musicians regularly.
Both serve Guiness
TipTopTommy - 23 Oct 2006 18:56
My experience of this pub went like this:

Arrived there around 10pm on a Thursday. The first thing I saw was a guy dancing on the table, with his shirt off and a few teeth missing. Last thing I saw was about four guys starting to beat each other up, which spilled (blood) out onto the street.

Might give it a miss in future.
Blame - 31 Aug 2006 16:22
The pub is under new mangement. I'm not so sure, but I got the feeling that they are a bit jealous of The Mixer up the road. Well, the boys behind the bar try their best to look cool. However the pub looks the same as before. They get a big plus for playing Morrissey and The Smiths on a regular basis. But, the pub serves Thai food... That should be illegal!
Maja - 6 Aug 2006 18:42
I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that the Thai is still working it's way through my torso + the Black Stuff (Arthur Guinness) tasted as sweet as ever.

God Bless the old Polish fellow with a slice of lemon in his pint.

renewablebumpy - 24 Nov 2005 09:22
Tonight I shall visit Tommy Flynn's, devour Thai food and several lagers before moshing at a Koko gig. I will be paying particular attention to the Gents toilet as Thai food has a tendency to go straight through me.
renewablebumpy - 23 Nov 2005 15:06
Pretends to be a football pub, even has a sign on wall saying something like 'traditional Irish music Sundays after the football'.

I went there on Champs League quarter final Wednesday. After the Liverpool victory they immediately turned the TVs onto VH1 Classic playing Freedom by Wham! Hang on, what about the other game?

I politely pointed out that the Lyon QF was in extra time on the other channel. The excellent barmaid had to ask this grumpy bloke (I assume the manager) to agree to my polite request to turn it over and he issued a gruff "NO".

Some other customers tried and eventually got it turned on and everyone in the bar enjoyed the drama of the penalty shootout.

So if you want to be treated with respect by the manager and not have to do his job for him, avoid this place like the plague.

On my one other experience of the place they promised to show both England and Ireland internationals but when kickoff came they couldn't work out how to use the remote control so we missed the England match.

A joke of a pub.
anonymous - 13 Apr 2005 23:41
I normally hate chains of any type but like my review of their pub in Hammersmith I am generally positive here. Down to the staff really, nice Irish guvnor who must be in his 60s easy and a young Irish girl in her 20s. Both really pleasant and happy to have a little chat. If you are in Camden for lunch the Thai food is tremendous and very cheap.
John - 30 Oct 2004 12:01
Went there last night for a pint, not a bad little boozer. Reasonable price for the beer and the food looked good. Yes a bit o'rish themed, but not half as bad as some I have seen.
gerry - 27 Oct 2004 10:18
I'm going to completely cut against the grain and call this place a phoney. It's not an O'Neills, but it's not too far off either. I'm sure the guvnor is sound and there's probably loads of people with Irish grandparents drinking in there, but it just reminded me too much of a place where clueless idiots will go and talk about how great the "craic" is and how it has the best pint of guinness they've ever tasted.
travis - 14 Sep 2004 14:37
The evening Irish session on Sundays is great! Brian kelly is a demon on the banjo.
Conan McDonnell - 9 Sep 2004 16:32
Relaxed and cosy atmosphere with delicious Thai food and great beer! What more could you ask for....
Alice - 15 Jul 2004 18:00
I think it is brillant
josephine clarke - 22 Mar 2004 19:59
Rock on Tommy. Great venue with great beer and great atmosphere. We are coming back soon. We sorry about that Mancunian behaviour.
andrew - 7 Feb 2004 21:03
friendly staff, good atmosphere, excellent if you wanna watch the footie somewhere decent. awesome food - thai and regular pub grub. definitely recommended for its atmosphere and genuine irish hospitality.
Kate - 29 Jan 2004 04:42
Quality pub; one of the best pubs I've been to, not a fake Irish Pub; very genuine. I had some great pints of Guinness there.
Ted - 23 Dec 2003 20:25
its irish
ollie o'crackhead - [email protected] - 5 Jun 2003 19:32
Good quality Thai food. Interesting seeing as it's an Oirish pub. Friendly staff but no cask-conditioned beer.
lad_newton - 28 Apr 2003 17:27

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