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John Jakson, Wallington

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user reviews of John Jakson, Wallington

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this is now called the"WALLINGTON ARMS".nice friendly place with quirky fittings.had 4 beers on including hogs back tea and doom bar,not the best selection.the 2 beers coming soon sharps Cornish coaster and adnams lighthouse,2 beers I love,just my luck.went for an excellent keg pint of meantime pale ale .worth a visit if in the area.
hoppyal - 26 Jan 2015 11:17
Get JENNIE back!!!!!!!
estateagentmad - 2 Oct 2011 22:20
just back in wallington for xmass and visited my local the john jackson

what a pity its now run into the ground by an irish man , with no manners, and could not run a piss upp in a brewery.
thegalwayman - 23 Dec 2010 18:41
It's ok.

Like a Whetherspoons, so average. There's a Whetherspoons over the road from it; cheaper and just as bad; so go there!

Wallington is awful as a venue to go out. Walk half a mile to the nicer Carshalton.
Tazz1976 - 1 Jul 2010 23:15
Best pub around since it reopened last year. Beer is good. Atmosphere is fun. Staff are friendly. Not a bit of trouble. Definitely recommend
Ocean_434 - 15 Jun 2010 17:08
The new man at the helm has really turned this pub around. Much cleaner,beer in the main is good & long gone are the bad old days. Weekly karaoke, various music nights including,live music,disco & jam sessions all with good atmosphere. Staff are always friendly.Vast improvement & I hope it continues.
myusual - 20 Oct 2009 13:29
nice to hear "beer bareels" comments about the jakson,it was my local, till the dope heads took over with the blessing from the landlord,i hope it is back to what it was a few years ago if its not i haven't far to go back tothe spoon's.
rickpat - 8 Oct 2009 15:29
As a former member of staff during its heyday i was there two and a half years it saddens me to see it in such a state
london_drinker - 10 Mar 2009 12:34
Pretty rough, and a complete absence of real ale. Not recommended.
pubcollector - 26 Oct 2008 23:35
A lot of rumours about the pub's closure have done the rounds. Sefton had it registered as a Limited company. Due to poor business he put it into administration & closed up. Public notices about the administration were in local papers.

It reopened with temporary manager in last few weeks.
Prices went up, beer more than often flat & not seen more than a handful of people in there. Not worth visiting. It is up again for lease.
myusual - 23 Sep 2008 16:07
Have been visiting this pub on & off for a number of years. Some good visits & some bad. Have now found out that the pub has been closed suddenly at the beginning of this week.
myusual - 9 Jul 2008 15:26
Seems to shut in the afternoon now for some reason?.. maybe its to clear the stench of sewerage away?
MrKennedy - 9 Jul 2008 14:26
Very dissapointed that since my last post (July 07) things have NOT improved as hoped ... and a result Wallington is still bereft of a decent pub on the high street.

Now it seems the John Jakson quite deservedly carries the mantle of being a bit of a 'chavs hangout'. The clientele are mostly the tracksuit/baseball-cap and trainer brigade who when the weather is good (as at the time of writing this) should be told by the management and staff NOT to leer and gesticulate at passing women, often late at night ... but also to use the pub's own toilets and NOT urinate in the nearby entrance to the train station or shop doorways.
Other pubs manage to control their clientele, why can't the John Jakson?

With places like the John Jakson and Wetherspoons and their respective clientele, is it any wonder Wallington High Street isn't the place of choice for families and couples at night.

pintofOrdplease - 13 Jun 2008 10:05
I expect if Rose West was to visit here on her release, the amount of criminality would probably intimidate her.
Doevski - 4 Jun 2008 21:06
This is exactly what i am talking about..Only1theo, nice review, i didnt understand a word of it but it looks like chav speak...Drug deals in the toilets and chavs in the bar.. this place just screams "class"
MrKennedy - 11 Mar 2008 13:25
John Jakson is the best pub in wallington!!

Lydia gets withdrawal symptoms from it!!
And they even have the right size doors to let her quiff through in one piece!! haha

LydsAndJorgia - 27 Feb 2008 15:34
I have known Tom & Sefton my whole life so this mite b a bit biased, but i think dat d john jakson is da best pub in wallington hands down!!!!!

Wen dey had d angel(sutton), it wos da same and wen Sef sed about john jakson i told him it wos d shittest pub in da world and he laughed at me!!! 2 rite aswell coz he has turned it into my favourite pub!!!

Dey both no how 2 run a pub & run it well!!! Dey both I.D younger lookin people as soon as dey step in da door if not at da door! Dey have stuff on all da time like live bands and karaoke!! And dey have spent a lot of money on creating a beer garden and have recently brought da toilets downstairs!!!

If ur up 4 a laugh and a good nite out down da pub den d only place in wallington worth going 2 is d john jakson, SERIOUSLY!!!!

Only1Theo - 10 Jan 2008 19:50
simple Mr kennedy... stay away from the toilets

newbie76 - 9 Jan 2008 19:04
It snows like christmas in the toilets of this pub with the amount of cocaine being dealt
MrKennedy - 14 Dec 2007 09:43
This pub is still rocking! Great live Bands and a brill atmoshere.
newbie76 - 12 Oct 2007 10:03
Hey, Sefton runs a pretty good ship. Good pub, good beer with mixed clientele and a great atmosphere.
Has great live bands - Check out Uploaded!, playing on 16th November.
Dellwalker - 24 Aug 2007 08:30
As a female publican myself I thought I could talk, But this pubs phone line always seems to be busy. I spent 7hrs on a saturday and tried many times throughtout the week and the line is always busy, and I must add was answered once and put straight down how rude! All I wanted to ask was if they had a Peter Matthews in there as the very helpful barmaid in the whispering moon "who answered first time" said he now drinks in there. If you know Peter can you ask him to contact his God daughter please
sjtt - 19 Jul 2007 11:05
Well it seems since my last post things have improved at the JJ. Money has been spent, the place refurbished and a beer-garden cleverly constructed at the rear of the pub in an area that was previously at best described as desolate.

Been in there a few times since the refurb and it's been ok. Shame the choice of bitters/ale hasn't greatly improved but maybe that's not their niche, nor where a decent Friday/Saturday night's takings lie ... the Friday/Saturday night clientelle appeared suspiciously young on one or two occasion but opverall the pub's definitely improved which should be both encouraged and complimented.

With the rather disappointing Wetherspoons accross the road, Wallinton High Street needs a decent public house. Perhaps the JJ might fill the gap. Let's hope so.

pintofOrdplease - 19 Jul 2007 09:43
I have only just started going into this pub and has been my local for years. The staff are great and all so friendly. The best pub by far in wallington. Friday nights rock!!
newbie76 - 17 Jul 2007 17:28
Jealous people with NO brains will always knock something that they are not capable of achieving. Keep it up Sefton and are miles above any other pub in the area.
chelseak - 10 Jul 2007 11:44
and leave stefon and his son alone there both lovley! and very hard workers. Loved the BBQ was very nice the new beer garden is a very good idea!
pubsrus - 3 Jul 2007 11:49
i love the john jacskon i think its a great pub with a freindly amtmosphere and very nice staff it had defiantly got alot better since the new managment have taken over. its good every day of the week but especially fridays i love spending them down there!!!
pubsrus - 3 Jul 2007 11:47
I have to agree with Sefton here. Having drunk in this pub for a few years now and seen it change hands 3 or 4 times I can definately say it is the best it has ever been. The management are friendly and welcoming, organise pool competitions, darts matches, poker games etc. Everyone is encouraged to join in, regulars and new-comers alike. All in all definately worth visiting... oh yeah the beer's not bad either!
mmmmbeer - 27 Jun 2007 14:34
hi my name is sefton bullivant owner of the john jakson, i would like to state that the comments being made about the pubs similarities to the windmill & the wetherspoons are completely unfound and that the angel did not get closed down due to poor management but for personal reasons. i would like to invite everyone to the john jakson as it has got a good track record in our hands and is viewed by many as one of the better pubs in the area. also personal comments about my son are completely inappropriate and are bordering spiteful and pathetic. also anyone with queries to why the angel shut down should call the licencee officer in sutton and she will confirm the reasons. please come down and enjoy our brilliant atmosphere and facilities, including our new beer garden. thanks. sefton
anonymous - 26 Jun 2007 18:56
What is the point of this pub? Ah yes, to attract the absolute scum of Wallington. The "Landlord", a 19 year old chav (daddy bought him the lease) was busy playing poker when I went in, that's all he seems to do (as well as calling everyone "bruv") and the sides in the toilets looked as though someone had been suffering from an extreme dandruff problem. This has fast become the new windmill of Wallington and I'm guessing it's a question of "when" not "if" the police and local licencing authorities shut this place down. Don't forget, this father/son combo once had the Angel in Sutton and this also got shut down! Go in at your peril.
anonymous - 25 May 2007 16:33
walked in and within 20 minutes got offered a gram of charlie by a complete stranger....

police are now watching this place
MrKennedy - 15 May 2007 09:52
Always seemed like an expensive duplicate of the Wetherspoons opposite but with a different colour scheme. They actually redecorated the place a while back which made everything seem cleaner, and put in a pool table.

Unfortunately, the landlord�s son and his mates seem to always be occupying pool table & other areas. Can�t blame them as it must seem great to have a dad who owns a pub, but it does ruin it for everyone else.
LowenBeerHold - 9 May 2007 13:13
quality pub within throwing distance of buses and trains which makes gives it an added bonus. good atomosphere on the weekends. good for when football or other major sports are on as the place gets packed with people having a good time. worth a quick pint if in the area.
jim.bob - 23 Apr 2007 22:49
I popped into this pub about a year ago and it was just another pub. The new owners have added a sparkle to the john jakson with a really great friendly atmosphere and cheerful staff. The place is clean,the seats are comfortable,the food menu is fabulous and the entertainment calender is always attractive....not to mention a cracking pint of Guinness. The place is a breath of fresh air to Wallington.
chelseak - 3 Mar 2007 09:05
i have 2 agree with iluvpubz?, the food was excellent and the entertainment they have been laying on has made it a must go in wallington on the weekends, i have only spoke 2 sefton once but he does seem like a genuinley nice guy. i also have 2 agree with the numerous amount of comments on here about the moon cross the road, not a nice place at all!!
anonymous - 28 Feb 2007 18:01
i thought this pub was very nice, i understand it is under new management and has bin for a couple of months now. i agree that the food is very reasonable price wise and also delicous!! also the new owner sefton is a nice enough guy who is approachable and a man you can have a laugh with. also they have alot to do as far as entertainment is concerned as they have something on nearly every night of the week. all in all a nice pub with a warm atmosphere...much more preferable then the whispering moon across the road.
iluvpubz - 28 Feb 2007 17:50
I went in here the other night and the Guinness tasted very watery. Otherwise, for Wallington, it was a night when I didn't feel like half the people in the pub didn't fancy having a go if you had the misfortune to make eye contact with one of them.
mr_sound - 29 Oct 2006 19:56
A nice pub, i live very local, only problem is barstaff sometimes ring one bell well early and then try to convince the whole pub we all missed the first one and we all have to drink up and go home!
pipestrelle - 24 Aug 2006 19:46
I like the john jakson, it friendly, spacious and the toilets are really nice!! the only complaint i would make is that quite often we have gone at lunchtime only to be told that the chef is away, this has happeneed about three times. but when i have eaten there its very reasonably priced and good food. Im not afan of the whispering moon so im glad jj is there and i now go every sunday evening with my mum and boyfriend to play the quiz! what else is there to do on a sunday night?!!
ps. im not trying to rant again, but just to let the others know, im from roundshaw so ill do my best not to lower the tone.
dqueen - 15 Aug 2006 11:25
Can't help feeling this place is a little soulless. Shame because it could (and should) be a decent alternative to the Whispering Moon opposite. In the right hands this place could really thrive.

When first opened this place offered a decent array of lagers and bitters but sadly the latter have dissapeared from the menu. On my last visit it was a single cream-beer on offer which wasn't too palatable.

Ate here once after it soon opened (so NOT the fault of the current management) and was put off by them trying to pass off the brown stub-end of a lettuce as "salad". More surprising was it needing explaining to the staff at the time!

School report? Could do better ... much better!
pintofOrdplease - 17 Jul 2006 09:55
Friendly barman,We opted 4 a very reasonable �1.65 a pint Marstons Smooth as no ale on tap when visited.

Nicer than the spoons opposite, but extremely empty when visited on a sunday afternoon.

My Rating 7/10
fat_beer_badger - 12 May 2006 15:08
Terrible dingy gloomy depressing place. As this is a fairly new building, I'm really suprised at the awful way this pub has been set out with the bar right at the back, in the corner with the loo upstairs.
Generally it's full of groups of lads and old gents.
On the up side it does have a couple of good ales on tap and I can't fault the friendly staff.

Barney1 - 18 Apr 2006 23:15
Probably one of the best pubs in Wallington. You pay a bit more for your pint in here but it tastes like a real pint and not a watered down one! Great bar staff and good atmosphere, excellent to wind down and relax on the sofas after work etc. Pub quiz on a Sunday to get the brain in action before work on Monday!
Mr.E - 7 Nov 2004 17:40
But of a wine bar type - not all that next to no women.
J Fiendicus - 28 Oct 2004 16:09
To answer the previous question, to get cheap pints I guess. But the Jon Jakson is an alright pub. It has begun to grow on me as when I first went in I didn't think it was my kind of pub but this is a good-ish modern bar which is quite popular with 20s and 30s. The beer is nice. The only food I ever tried was burger but that was very nice.

If you prefer a more traditional pub, this is probably not the one for you, but otherwise, can be quite good for getting a couple of beers in.
Mr. - 7 Jul 2004 18:23
Good food, good beers and good music. Why anyone goes to the whispering moon is beyond me.
Deano - 7 Jul 2004 10:19

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