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"Here's the plan, we go in there and get wrecked, then eat a Pork Pie" ..... "Drop two Surmotil 50's, miss out Monday, wake up on Tuesday"

Username: renewablebumpy

Age: 40

Sex: male

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Richard I, Greenwich

baggydave ...... have you read my review ??!!??

You fail to mention or comment upon the land lady, this is an important aspect of the pub / a review ...... you just rave about the urinals you weirdo.

13 Oct 2007 10:51

Richard I, Greenwich

Can the Land-lady please CHEER UP !!

I brought in a load of lads the other day (15+) and spent a good 200 but we were told to be quiet, that we'd upset a local, 1 local !, apparently in his seat ... for gods sake .... Greenwich has gone mad.

We won't be back.

10 Oct 2007 20:48

The Greenwich Union, Greenwich

Where do I start .....

For the past 3-4 years I have been coming to this pub to sink a couple of beers and perhaps some grub pre Charlton FC 3pm kick off (beer is required before any CAFC match!)

The odd pushchair used to nudge our bar stools as we supped our beers, no problem, but I went in on the 31st March at midday to a bleedin KINDERGARTEN. There must have been at least 10 children under 7 in the bar, this is just not cricket! Why should I be surrounded by kids in an environment which has been purposely created for adults?

This isn't a micro-brew pub anymore it's an extension of a typical young familys' lounge. I can't possibly drink here anymore with kids running up and down the joint, crying, shouting or just simply being there, it's not right.

So our custom is lost, the beer is commendable, the bar has charm but it's totally overrun with young parents who think that punters like us are happy to drink with their kids ..... utterly wrong. The Union is dead, long live Richard I (next door minus the rug-rats)

4 Apr 2007 14:32

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