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The Rake, London Bridge

in response to ben21, if you'd ever been to The Rake before a few months ago, you may have noticed the fridges were nearly always half empty, the new manager has given this place a second wind and the fridges are almost always full.
The Rake doesn't claim to compete with the market porters ale range, why would it? but if you'd had the real ale on tap you'd know it was every bit as good as the Market Porters and it's about the same price.
People come to The Rake to try new beers be they in bottles or on draught and the majority of people, including myself don't mind paying a bit extra for a good beer at a realistic price, find them on tap elsewhere if you like but I can guarantee you won't find them much cheaper.
Great value for money.

11 Mar 2009 21:02

The Rake, London Bridge

Tiny bar, huge and fascinating beer selection. I love this place, if you haven't been before, I can highly recommed a visit, if you're not sure what to choose you can either ask the friendly, knowledgable staff or just pick a beer from the recently added 'randoms row'. 9/10 loses a point because it's just sandwiches & pork pies food-wise.

10 Oct 2008 13:13

The Old Ship, Hackney

A very disappointing pub, the staff are very friendly and frankly the only reason I go in there at all. The beer is nice enough if you like youngs or fullers but a bit boring. The food is probably the worst thing about the place, the menu looks like it should be really interesting and yet it seems a little inconsistent, for example, I ordered one of their burgers with supposedly melted blue cheese only to discover that the melted blue cheese wasn't melted at all and the burger was seriously underdone. It's a shame really because most of the other pubs in the area are either complete s@*tholes or too trendy to go into.

8 Sep 2008 16:28

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