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The Pilgrim, Caterham

This is the first pub i've been to where I've had a full pint of Guinness pulled in one go. The young and quite attractive (wonder how she got the job) girl behind the bar also got flustered when I wanted to order four drinks in one go, she had to enter two into her system, pour them and then ask what else I wanted, they also ran out of gin.
Mostly full of chavs, pikeys and fights, unless you're underage and can't get served anywhere else I would just avoid it.

22 May 2012 15:44

The Old Thameside Inn, London Bridge

I've been drinking here on and off for about 18 years and to be honest it hasn't changed much. The staff have always been miserable and the beer has always been expensive.

I went last Thursday and it was exactly the same. I've always just used it as a convenient meeting pub as it's relatively easy to find from London Bridge and then moved on somewhere better.

I think they rely on the 5-6pm quick pint after work, sunny evenings when people want to sit by the river and the tourist trails/river pub crawls therefore they never try to keep customers happy as there isn't the repeat business to be had.

22 May 2012 15:39

Old Surrey Hounds, Caterham

This pub had a makeover a little while ago and a change of management recently - neither of which have solved the problems in the mens toilets, there is a constant puddle on the floor, the mould on the walls & ceiling has got to the point where it is starting to flower and if you need more than a no.1 you're a braver man than me to risk the cubicle - I don't want luxury in a pub toilet but don't want to walk out of them feeling dirty.

The old landlord didn't smile often, the new one doesn't seem to have got the hang of it either.

The tables are always sticky and need a proper clean, a quick wipe with a damp cloth doesn't clean, it smears.

The beer is fine and reasonably priced, the food is mostly deep fried/pre-packaged but is a good price so you're getting what you've paid for and the staff are mostly ok.

If there was any competition in Caterham Valley I think this pub would shut down quickly, the only other pub, The Pilgrim is full of chavs and fights.

If they could sort the toilets, sticky tables and get the landlord/manager to look like he wants to be there it would be a pub i'd go for a night with friends rather than somewhere I stop for a quick burger when i'm running late. It's a nice layout with a good size bar area, kitchen and garden and could be so much better.

I know I go on about the toilets but if they can't be bothered to look after the hygiene of the bits you can see then what happens to the lines/kitchens???

22 May 2012 15:24

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