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The Twelve Pins, Finsbury Park

im sorry if i offended anyone, it just makes me mad when someone can dismiss one of my fav pubs in the world just because they dont serve cask ale. lager lout ? i drink Guinness myself, but when i first started drinking in pubs i used to drink Smithwicks irish ale. i like the odd Newcastle brown or a bottle of Youngs , but i cannot find anything nice to say about cask ales.

im more annoyed about the typical cask ale DRINKER than the product itself.
they take perverse pleasure in torturing the poor bar staff,forever asking for top ups, loudly complaining about the ale, talking down to my staff as if they were idiots. its very hard to get a decent pint of stout in london but i just take my trade elsewhere if i dont like the product, not harrasing the staff as if they are the servents in my country manor be-jay-sus ...

13 Jan 2011 01:45

The Twelve Pins, Finsbury Park

to 'The_Pub_Inspector': look pal, no-one wants to drink real ale. its flat, warm, tastes gone off and is only drank by muggy english c*nts like u. it was quite popular back in the dark ages but beer brewing techniques have MODERNISED in the last 400 years or so. Guinness used to come in wooden barrels, tasted flat and was served warm, but they moved with the times and mixed it with nitrogen, served cold, metal kegs , etc.

I manage a pub where we are forced to serve horse piss, im mean 'fine ye olde english ale'. its only drank by tourists who dont know any better & mouldy knob heads over 40 years old, who swirl the slop around in the glass,pretend they are sampleing vintage champaine, declaring if it is "malty" or "hoppy" with a hint of "burnt chocolate notes".

only for CAMRA it would have died out in the 1970's, its only drank by twats who want to swan around with their pint mugs, showing off that they drink 'real' ale. these people are the hardest to please and spend the least amount of money, each glass of ale lasting at least an hour before they buy another.

so dont bother not being a regular visitor, just f*ck off and never come back.

12 Jan 2011 17:12

Be At One, Old Street

in here last night, WICKED !! 3 dee jays, one was a shit hot turntable'st (DJ Cooks) spinnin & skratchin hip hip, other 2 were good enough r&b and hip hop. lots of nice women, friendly crowd, very pricy though, most drinks about 4.50

8 May 2010 16:09

The Railway, Finsbury Park

sweet jesus , is the Castlebar Carpet STILL workin here? thought she would have been sent to the glue factory years ago! the pub is as bad as ever, with the added bonus of no sport on the TV. nice enough smoking area though

8 May 2010 16:06

The Woodberry Tavern, South Tottenham

was here back in nov to see Pete but he never turned up. bit of a shoreditch crowd waiting for hin in the back, in the front pub was a cheesy disco deejay and a few of the locals getting pissed. the landlady is nice enough and runs the pub well. dont think ill be back though as its more of a 'locals' pub

14 May 2009 15:20

The Marquis of Granby, Cambridge Circus

best pub to watch SPL is you are a Celtic fan , bad news if you DONT support Man Utd. because despite being in central London it always favours the cockney red brigade downstairs , while the gunners or chelsea are stuck upstairs in a tiny tv room!! when celtic play you can hear the roar of the fans 400 yards away when they score. it also shows GAA football & hurling over the summer, so a great place for a pint on a sunday afternoon. not the best staff or decore but a step above other small pubs in the area

14 May 2009 15:09

The Coach and Horses, Soho

the bar staff have improved over the last few months,they fired all the useless ones and brought in people who want to work haha.
that said its still the same soul-less , overpriced pub it was. no music so you can hear every smokers cough in perfect suround sound. grab a pint and sit outside

14 May 2009 15:01

The Blackstock, Finsbury Park

very cheap beer, but a quite run down pub. staff are friendly and good Guinness on tap. massive screens for the football too

8 Oct 2007 17:30

The Twelve Pins, Finsbury Park

outstanding pub: cheap, high quality food, decent pints of the black stuff, low prices, friendly bar staff. best place to watch sports, it can have 3 different games on the screens at the one time

8 Oct 2007 17:28

The Railway, Finsbury Park

best pint of Guinness in the N4 area, prices are quite low too. shit jukebox and full of old alcos though. the head barmaid is quite sour so dont expect a warm welcome

8 Oct 2007 17:26

The Faltering Fullback, Finsbury Park

great pub, staff are friendly and the decor is quite nice, kick ass smoking area too. beers are a wee bit pricey

8 Oct 2007 17:24

The Park Tavern, Finsbury Park

good place for a drink or 2, food is a bit ropey, clients are old Irish blokes so dont expect to pull !

8 Oct 2007 17:22

The Old Dairy, Finsbury Park

very expensive, staff are friendly, food is quite nice but the pub can look realy empty on a quiet night.

8 Oct 2007 17:21

Chapter One, Finsbury Park

looks alot better after the refurb, prices are a bit steep, full of a gimpy crowd on a weekend but ok 4 a late drink weekdays

8 Oct 2007 17:19

The Sydney Arms, Sutton

i used to work there 3 years ago, true it is a local Sarf Landan pub but the people who drink there are 100 %. my brother got a few dirty looks for wearing a Charlton shirt in on day, but the locals are well friendly once you show your face a few times. im Irish so i expected a lot of piss taking but got no bother. well recomended for a quiet beer, or a comfertable place to watch the footy.Tracey and Mick are doing a good job

25 Apr 2007 10:06

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