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Chapter One, Finsbury Park

Oh dear. Following a recent refurb (completely unnecessary in my view), everything that was good about this place is gone. Rather than the atmospheric, chilled out and comfy bar it once was it now feels like a warm up bar for the Ministry of Sound, complete with enormous gaudy neon light fittings on the walls that make you feel you should be wearing a radiation suit. I feel the soul has been ripped out of this place but hey, judge for yourself.

4 Oct 2007 11:54

The Frog and Forget-Me-Not, Clapham

I wouldn't say this place is crap but it's nothing to shout about either. It's fine, just... unremarkable.

5 Mar 2007 12:36

All Bar One, Cambridge Circus

Now a Med Kitchen.

5 Mar 2007 12:23, Clapham

W*nky is definitely the right word. Drinks are stupidly overpriced and you get the impression that everyone in here is simply trying too hard to impress each other. Dull.

5 Mar 2007 12:17

The White Hart, Hanwell

Er... an absolute sh*thole but definitely not burnt down and still open.

28 Feb 2007 12:30

The Bobbin, Clapham

A refreshing find in Clapham, a pub that isn't trying to be something its not. It sticks to the basics and gets them spot on.

21 Feb 2007 13:18

Arch 635, Clapham North

Definitely one of the better bars in the area, a far better atmosphere than most of the dull bars along the high street and good music to boot. Somewhat a hidden gem nicely tucked away from it all, and surprisingly for Clapham actually has character. I've already been a few times and will no doubt be back for several more...

6 Feb 2007 14:16

Chapter One, Finsbury Park

Please please please get rid of the DJ that was on last Friday night - he is truly the worst I have heard anywhere ever! After he came on the place definitely lost customers... beware! The music itself was almost forgiveable but the way it was constantly cut across mid-track to the next to galloping beats made my and a number of others' ears bleed. Its a damn shame and it saddens me to say that because I love this little bar but if you want to keep custom, especially at weekends, you really should either get a music person in who at least slightly knows what they're doing or just put on a CD. Seriously.

23 Jan 2007 17:01

The Sun, Clapham

I really can't see the appeal of this pub... although it does have a reasonable sized beer garden/patio. Otherwise pretty shabby and dull.

18 Dec 2006 15:07

The Worlds End, Finsbury Park

Funnily enough, subsequent to the previous post... While walking home the other night minding my own business, a neanderthal f*ckwit bounded out of the pub. He then hurled some sarcastic abuse at me for no apparent reason so I told him, in a totally non-offensive and half joking way to watch his mouth. He then degenerated into a fit of rage and threatened to glass me with his pint glass. If it weren't for his friends hauling him back he probably would have. Says a lot about the place methinks.

8 Dec 2006 14:11

The Market Place, Oxford Circus

Another modern trendy bar... Not too bad as far as they go but typically expensive and rammed at weekends, although the downstairs bar provides a little more breathing space and booth seating. Nothing special.

22 Nov 2006 10:41

The Malet Arms, Newton Tony

A proper olde English country freehouse with a good range of ales. A cozy traditional interior and nicely hidden away from it all, I like!

22 Nov 2006 10:30

All Bar One, Smithfield

I came in here the other day and fell into a coma.

20 Nov 2006 17:17

The Hog's Head, Smithfields

It's a Hogshead. 'Nuff said.

16 Nov 2006 13:18

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

Yep, this is definitely a very good pub with a fantastic interior. A previous poster got change from a tenner for three pints, well you normally get change from five pints!... ahh good old Sam Smiths.

15 Nov 2006 10:42

The Sir John Oldcastle, Farringdon

I come here occassionally for a cheap lunch and for that alone it's fine, its always busy at lunchtimes but you can normally find a table. Just remember its a Wetherspoons and not Cordon Bleu. Having said that I can't ever see myself come in here for a pint, there are plenty of far nicer pubs in the area.

14 Nov 2006 16:33

The Triangle, Stroud Green

This is a hidden gem. Definitely a restaurant rather then a pub but thought I'd give it a mention as I've been a few times and have absolutely loved the atmosphere and food, which is eclectic, original and very good quality. Give it a whirl and you won't regret it. They even have a belly dancer at weekends, quality!

9 Nov 2006 12:55

The Flag, Crouch Hill

Now changed its name (again) to the Noble, and trading as a gastro pub. I haven't actually been in yet so I can't really comment beyond that.

9 Nov 2006 12:47

Moray Arms, Finsbury Park

Even though I live quite near this one I've never dared go in... looks a bit terrifying to me but I suppose I should reserve judgement.

18 Oct 2006 17:00

Global Cafe Bar, Chesham

Drinks no longer on offer due to chav muppets picking fights and causing trouble. Licence is currently under review.

1 Aug 2006 14:47

The Bavarian Beerhouse, Shoreditch

This place is brilliant. I've only been the once, with a group of friends, and it was hilarious. No its not cheap but it offers something different and its very friendly, and I (personally) thought the food was great.

27 Jul 2006 11:25

The Railway, Finsbury Park

Not much to say that hasn't already been said. A pleasant, traditional and friendly Irish boozer.

20 Jul 2006 13:01

The Twelve Pins, Finsbury Park

If you can handle the ridiculously high levels of testosterone this place is great to watch Arsenal games. Unless you're not an Arsenal fan, in which case you'll probably be stabbed.

14 Jul 2006 17:01

The Old Dairy, Finsbury Park

This place seems to have come in for a lot of stick but from my point of view most of this is unfounded. I've been in the area nearly 2 years, and no, the Old Dairy isn't the best pub in the world, but having said that it's not at all bad either. It's a pleasant place to while away a few hours with some friends, and generally the atmosphere is pretty good and the surroundings are nice enough without being anything too special. Bearing in mind this is Finsbury Park you could do a hell of a lot worse (eg the Larrik), and I've got no real compaints to be honest. Does a decent Sunday roast too. 6.5/10

30 Jun 2006 20:22

Chapter One, Finsbury Park

A nice little bar with a chilled out and cosy atmosphere. Nicely decked out without being pretentious and I think is highly underated. A great place to wind up or wind down the weekend, although on occassion the dj's are...well...rubbish.

6 Jan 2006 17:11

White Lion Of Mortimer, Finsbury Park

I stopped for Sunday lunch in here the other day. I don't know why, I won't do it again. Full of dribbling old men, sovereign rings and the dentally challenged. Then again it is a Wetherspoons.

6 Jan 2006 17:07

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