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Comments by rogcs47

The Dolphin, Sutton

Seems to be under new management.
Beer was fine.

28 Jan 2011 20:54

The Cock and Bull, Sutton

Had a beer in here yesterday quality wasnt the best.
This pub is always so clean other pubs need to take note.

11 Jan 2011 21:21

The Gander, West Sutton

called in earlier today whilst visiting my niece nearbygot a good pint & good food.
very cheap too.

10 Jul 2010 18:39

The Plough, West Sutton

full of crap people. & crap beer
obviously the owners /guvnors are happy to let people constanly swear wont be goin back never again.

10 Jul 2010 18:37

The Sydney Arms, Sutton

full of idiots wont be goin back

10 Jul 2010 18:30

The Dolphin, Sutton

the new people seem to be making an effort .
had a nice few beers in there yesterday & was ok this mor.
it has improved since my last visit.ning

10 Jul 2010 18:29

The Prince Regent, Sutton

this pubs ok & at least you no your in a pub & not just a bar area
as much as i like the grapes this place has more of an atmoshere although at times it can be rather loud but overall it is ok & does excellent food.

10 Jul 2010 18:27

The Grapes, Sutton

i wish the grapes was in wallington because the spoons in wallington is rotten.
since i moved to wallington ive ben in 3 times in 3 years & thats to much. id rather get train in to sutton then be a regular in there.

10 Jul 2010 18:22

The Lord Nelson, Sutton

nicer pint of special in newtown

10 Jul 2010 18:11

The Butterchurn, Sutton

this pubs ok good bar staff & food is excellent
give it a go

10 Jul 2010 18:10

The New Town, Sutton

pub is great now manager & manageress are really great.
good pint of youngs too.
well done guys.

10 Jul 2010 17:39

The Lord Nelson, Sutton

whoop whoop shes gone but i went in red lion the other day & shes got her smiling face in there now couldnt believe it
anyway i wont be goin in nelson much coz that boring old fart carl seems to be always in there god he bores me to death my wife knows his ex missus & says shes left him.

10 Jul 2010 17:35

The Woodman, Sutton

such a shame its closed was great pub with good people in it.
wheres everyone using now?

10 Jul 2010 17:31

The Nightingale, Sutton

nice garden area but its like all the pubs in sutton to bloody exspensive

10 Jul 2010 17:26

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

the manager needs to have a look at the grapes & take some tips from the manager down there on how a pub should be run

10 Jul 2010 17:14

The Robin Hood, Sutton

kens beer is overpriced & alot of his punters are now using the grapes as you can get the same ales for under 2

10 Jul 2010 17:12

The Grapes, Sutton

im am a white guy and i am discusted by the recent comments on here.
right 2 head office this behaviour is unacceptable

25 Jan 2010 17:02

The Lord Nelson, Sutton

popped in yesterday and i c the smiling landlady is still there.
she shud get a job in a funeral parlour when she eventually leaves.
come on youngs brewery get rid of her please!

25 Jan 2010 16:59

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

th smell is always there from wat i can gather.
i think the manager and the irish barmaid like the smell.
worst pub in uk and worst ran pub in the world.
management are clueless.

25 Jan 2010 16:56

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