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The Puzzle, Earlsfield

This pub is now called The Wandle, under new management I guess. I like it. It usually has 2 ales on (Wandle/Doom Bar/ Adnam's Broadside) they are usually in good nick (all 3-3.10/pint, cheaper than the Young's pubs nearby). It has a nice garden, with covered seating with flat screen TVs. It has many screens indoors. Staff are very polite. They have BBQ & food available every day it seems, and the food has been good when I've tried it. Clientele varied, mainly late 20s-30s I would say. Live music on the weekends (not always to my tastes but at least they're making an effort I guess).
I would recommend this pub if in the Earlsfield area.

28 Sep 2010 19:41

The Landor, Clapham

The toilets smell like decaying rats. It has pool tables, though they are small, especially the one st the rear of the bar. The London Pride was good! The barmaid was not the most polite.

11 Aug 2009 22:35

The Landor, Clapham

The toilets smell like decaying rats. It has pool tables, though they are small, especially the one st the rear of the bar. The London Pride was good! The barmaid was not the most polite.

11 Aug 2009 22:35

The Ring, Southwark

In reply to the dear anonymous (who posted on 16 Mar 2007):
You asked: "What did u say to the young lady."
Well, I summarized the conversation in my original post, so why are you asking? To summarize again, I asked if I could have a clean glass because the glass I was being given was dirty. She refused in a rude manner, and was rude throughout the rest of the conversation, and eventually began speaking over me.

You also said: "If you dont like it dont go back,no ones forcing you and its tenanacy."
(I'm not sure what the significance of "and its tenanacy" [sic] is but) I wrote in my original post: "Suffice to say, I won't ever be going back there."

So please read posts properly before commenting on them. You might think that the young lady "knows how to do her job" (perhaps YOU ARE the young lady) just because she's 'been there for four years'. However, she was rude to me. So I wrote something to that effect & posted it here, as is my right.

For an example on how to politely differ with someone's opinion or experience see Zaphod's post below yours.

Also, to a different anonymous (who posted on 5 Jun 2007):
Thanks mate, well said!

29 Jul 2007 00:08

Studio 6, South Bank

This place has very poor bar service - slow & unfriendly. Also, when I received a very flat pint of lager (after having received 2 nice, frothy ones) I asked if they could change it. The barmaid was surly & unsympathetic, insisting that the flat pint was indeed frothy & fizzy. She then stirred the pint with a knife to show that it was 'fizzy'. I was not impressed. She eventually changed the pint for another brand, after much fuss. They have no concept of keeping paying customers happy. Also, the stark interior & lack of soft furnishings make for poor acoustics, making it hard to hear your friends on the other side of the table. Not recommended.

28 Jul 2007 23:44

The Ring, Southwark

I went to this pub recently (13 Jan 2007) & encountered the rudest barmaid ever.

I approached the bar & was wondering what to have so I made some small talk (there were no other customers waiting). She asked 'Are you OK?' (in a sarcastic way), I replied yes. She walked off in a huff to fiddle with some glasses (I was going to write 'to clean some glasses' but i haven't, see below). When she returned, I ordered a pint of Guinness. She poured it the lazy way, resting the pint on an upturned pint glass. I also noticed that the glass was dirty. I asked if i could have it in a clean glass. She replied that all the glasses were the same (rudely). I queried this. She replied that the glass-washing machine was faulty & that there was nothing she could do (rudely). She asked if i wanted the drink. I said 'Yes, but can i have it in a clean glass please?' She said 'No, you either have it like this or not at all'. So I said 'Not at all then'.

I then sat with some friends who had arrived before me & had already bought drinks. I told them what had happened, and one friend said, 'yeah, she was a bit rude to me as well'. So I went back up to her & asked to speak to the manager. She said that she was the manager (I should have known she would say that). I began to explain that I thought she had been rude, and apparently my friend thought the same; but she began talking over me. So i interrupted her and said 'Are you going to let me finish?'. She said 'No, I'm not'. So i walked back to our table. Me & my friends left after they had finished their drinks.

Suffice to say, I won't ever be going back there. And if i can be bothered, I might even complain to the brewery about how rude she was.

With dirty glasses and a rude barmaid (who claimed that she was the manager), I would AVOID this pub.

28 Feb 2007 15:24

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

'Spit & sawdust' pub as others have said. I've been here a few times, on my most recent visit (January) it was very cold inside, kept my jacket on for the duration. The lager & Guinness were both very good to begin with, but then after 2 pints, the lager started coming up very flat. I asked the barman to change one of the flat pints to a different lager, which he did politely, but with the same result: a flat pint with no bubbles. I think the 'gas' had gone & none of the staff seemed to notice/care/know what to do about it. Shame, we were rather enjoying it. We went there for footy, the larger bar has a large flat widescreen TV, pretty good, slightly high up & I prefer projection TVs for watching sport.

19 Feb 2007 17:19

Walkabout, Wimbledon

Myself & a mate visited this pub recently one Saturday lunchtime to watch some football... flat lager & a horrible smell of vomit that wafted by every 5 seconds or so forced us to leave at half-time. Still, on the plus side, it had lots of screens, and lots of room (unlike the O'Neill's next door which was jam-packed). Why was The Walkabout so empty? Hmmm... was it the flat lager or the smell of vomit? Flat lager/vomit? I just don't know.

19 Feb 2007 17:14

The Alexandra, Wimbledon

Myself & a mate visited this pub recently on a Saturday & found it to be average to worse for both Guinness & normal strength lager (eg. Fosters/Carling) of the 3 pubs we went to that day (the others were the Hand & Racquet & The Walkabout - urgh!). I tried some ales after the Guinness didn't go down too well, and they were much better (Winter Warmer I think :S ). They have several screens including a big screen, though the big screen quality is not great - the brightness & colour was all over the shop.

19 Feb 2007 16:59

The Florence, Herne Hill

I used to like this pub for watching Premiership football, but recently the quality of the draught beers has really gone downhill. On 2 recent visits, I tried 2 different premium lagers & Guinness, none were very good. The lagers were very flat, and the barman said 'It must be a full moon tonight, everyone's complaining about the beer'. I thought to myself, 'have you ever wondered why?'. I think there might have been a change in manager. I switched to Old Speckled Hen, which was decent. The food is good. I've tried a Sunday lunch, a burger (both very good) & other grills & steaks (decent or better). Good for watching sport. But can't recommend it like i used to be able to, due to the poor quality beer. Hopefully it's a temporary blip, but I don't hold out much hope. Someone tell the owner!

28 Aug 2006 11:45

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