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The Pennsylvanian, Rickmansworth

food is ok, but on most evenings, especially friday and saturday prepare to be joined by the scum of the surrounding areas. under age drinkers and drunken yobs a plenty. Prices are good, but the crown are absolutely vile. staff are good and helpful.

25 Jun 2012 19:11

The Coach and Horses, Rickmansworth

Under new management, food looks good, prices a wee bit expensive, beer kept well though. staff seem to be all colonials but are attentive enough. nice decor, outside covered and heated are, will probably return. better than most of the dives in ricky.

25 Jun 2012 19:08

Yates's, Watford

staff are thick as shit. dont know prices or even what drinks they serve.
"do you serve morgans spiced rum?"
"uhhh i dont know, we got barcardi, its five, maybe five fifty for one i think, um, yeh for a double."

18 Aug 2011 14:23

The Sack of Potatoes, Gosta Green

Really nice pub. Good mix of uni students and regular clientel. great food, large portions, good beer and friendly staff. Prices are fantastic. Aston uni is lucky to have such a good pub on hand.

8 Mar 2011 20:04

The Gate, Chorleywood

Not bad if you have money falling out your behind. staff a bit lazy but a good pint. food is acceptable. lovely beer garden.

8 Mar 2011 20:01

The Land of Liberty, Peace and Plenty, Heronsgate

Really good pub. great ales and so many to choose from. staff are friendly and knowledgable. great place to relax in the evening. no other pub will ever be good enough!

8 Mar 2011 19:59

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