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The Roundhill Tavern, Brighton

I am possibly this Pub's nearest neighbour and have been for three years. It is probably the most trouble-free pub I have ever seen.
The stagger there, via the paper shop on a Sunday lunchtime for a roast dinner, is well worth the effort. On the whole it's quite studenty, but not in an obnoxious way. I use it to pop into after a walk with my dogs, sink a quick pint and go home.
The atmosphere is utterly non-threatening. The decor and music are good. The staff are all about nine. It's completely adequate.

7 Apr 2010 21:23

The Anchor Inn, Cowes

Friday night Cowes hotspot for noise,. laughs and women.

17 Feb 2009 16:46

The Old Village Inn, Bembridge

I thought the landlord was a bit aggressive; I wouldn't say don't go there, but I'm not going back.

17 Feb 2009 16:44

The Dairymans Daughter, Arreton

For a chain type pub they do a pretty good job. The live music was good and the food's okay. I'd say a good place to feed kids in.

17 Feb 2009 16:39

The New Inn, Shalfleet

Good food, recommended by locals; give it a go. Staff nice, Beer too. Steak and kidney a must, seafood not bad either.

17 Feb 2009 16:32

The Spyglass Inn, Ventnor

Rude staff, overpriced tourist trap. Swerve, there are plenty of good pubs on the island.

17 Feb 2009 16:25

The Duke of York, Cowes

Grubby and a bit expensive but my idea of heaven for friendliness and genuine warmth. The food wont kill you and it's good for a late drink. Perfick.

31 Jan 2009 17:14

Bull, Ditchling

Have been in twice recently. The first time I walked out after being ignored for ten minutes by the two women behind the bar in the restaurant area, yacking about rotas. The second time they weren't doing food as they were too busy.

31 Jan 2009 17:09

The Friars Oak, Hassocks

Just got back from a truly dreadful lunch. I tried to send back my overdone steak, which had obviously been sitting under a lamp keeping warm for twenty minutes. The chef refused to re-do it.
My daughter's food was completely not what she'd ordered..
Steer clear.

31 Jan 2009 17:01

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