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The Misty Moon, Twickenham

Ok, so went back in this pub yesterday to see the red hair girl by the name of katie as she only works match days. But found out she got some one in her life so i wont be back in that pub now . DAM WAITED TO LONG

30 May 2010 13:08

The Ram, Kingston Upon Thames

Got a new menu and is just fried crap. Went in there the other week and saw this fat chef wearing a dirty black t-shirt walking a round and then out side to have a fag. If he cooked my food. My god. Rude bar staff. Ogga or Elga or i just say the chubbie polish girl behind the bar. how rude is she. garden ok but there building a park next to it so lots of dust around. all in all. wont be going again

23 May 2010 16:33

The Canbury Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

food shit. that all i got to day. trying to be up market. no chance

23 May 2010 16:29

The Windsor Castle, Hounslow

Was in here and who be on stage. Jamme T for one night only as Robbie. He cant sing or dance and he shit. suits the Pub cos thats shit. Dirty and smell of old sweat

23 May 2010 16:27

Harveys in the Town / Larkin Inn, Hounslow

Been taken over. Karaoke fab but if that's not on, Then no point in going Got a club on a friday night but that shit and charge you 5 to get in. The Rose my ase. You sit there with the owners just walking around thinking they are hard . G and Ray? yeah right , and Jaff more like jaffa cake. look's orange any way from his fake tans.

Full of Polish and god know what else. Shit hole

23 May 2010 16:22

The Bell, Hounslow

Chris and Jamie T do karaoke here on a Friday night
Four word's


Polish hang around in here and is just do wrong. Worse than yates and thats a shit hole

23 May 2010 16:17

The Misty Moon, Twickenham

so was the deal with this pub. Karaoke crap. Run by 2 guys and if you watch them you see one of them just drinks all the time. food ok'ish. but not where i would go for a meal again. full of chavs and old git's spending the giros. Mens loos are in a state and if your happy standing in piss. Feel free to go for one your self. The Irish guy who works there is rude and the red hair lass is nice and friendly along with the Asian girl..

Been going here for around a year and is just gone down hill. There where time you could have a nice time in here but those days have gone. Shame, Off to the Gary owen from now on

23 May 2010 16:14

The Old Ship, Richmond

Went to this pub with the wife. Never again the food was nasty and cold and what u get. it does not say on the menu. Jp with side salad. But what u get is Jp with saide salad washed and socked and stained in mustard and nuts. What about the people that can not eat nuts or musted like my wife. What was ment to be a bit of food and drink turned out to be 4 hours in west mid with a tube down my wife neck to help her breath. Stay away from this pub. Dont eat here. Food is really bad and so the pub is self

1 Jun 2007 10:53

The Roebuck, Richmond Hill

Been to this pub a few time's and food is bad but i heard they had a rally good chef there that is new so we went to try out the food and it was the best we ever had in richmond, The new chef is called dave we think but if he's on. you have to eat.cook Steak like there no 2moro. View good and ale nice but there no pool or tv to watch. Marie and Paul need to get sky sports. all in all . nice pub

10 May 2007 13:25

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