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The Horse and Groom, Alresford

Definately not the worst pub in Alresford BUT it's nowhere near as good as the 2 hotel bars just down the street or the Flowerpots down at Cheriton. This pub as anonymous states has deteriorated over the years. My other half used to be a barmaid & this was one of the pubs that she used to work in & it wasn't a nice place to work in then, it's far worse now though. The music that gets banged out is distorted & the TV's are always on. To be hones the pub on my housing estate is better run & cleaner than this place.

28 May 2007 18:44

The Globe on the Lake, Alresford

Dining area HAH! What a joke! It's a mouldy smelling half a marquee that's been there almost as long a the pub! The only good thing about this pub is watching the geese come into roost & the bats over the lake at sunset. Go up the road to the Horse & Groom or better yet if you like your ale go up to the Bell hotel.

28 May 2007 18:39

The Greyhound, Corfe Castle

Went there with my bike club. Nice little quirky pub right next to the castle. The beer garden has the best view you could wish for. There was a beer festival whilst we were there & there were more than enough beers to sample for us.

28 May 2007 18:29

The Mole, Monk Sherborne

Nice little pub. Had a good meal there & the beer was ok.

28 May 2007 18:26

The Popinjay, Basingstoke

I don't what the last 2 posters have a problem with personally. Maybe they're scared of tattooed taxi drivers who've originated, like most people living on this estate, from the South London suburbs.
The fact that the majority of the locals in here originate from the South London moves in the late sixties, early seventies just adds flavour to this pub.
In the past it has had a chequered history, it even had a couple of lesbian women as landladies who tried their damnedest to turn it into a gay boozer! That thankfully didn't work. It also had a landlord who could've been the inspiration for Al Murray's Pub Landlord, both in looks & in style. He thankfully disappeared a while ago now, although the footy nights back then were funny as hell as he'd get more drunk than the customers!
The pub is now well decorated, well run & the food & beers are good too. Probably the best run estate pub in Basingstoke now & Basingstoke has a lot of estates!

4 May 2007 13:10

The Flowerpots Inn, Cheriton

I come from Basingstoke to see my better half in Alresford & have no problems in doing the extra mileage down one of Hampshire's wiggliest roads to get a pint or two here.
If we want a nice drink in a beer garden or a warm cosy sofa in a little bar this is where we usually end up. Can't really fault this pub.
As for the changes that have happened here over the years I think the biggest change that I've seen is the bar has been scrubbed back to the wood & oiled!

4 May 2007 13:00

The Soldiers Return, Basingstoke

My favourite locals pub in Basingstoke. Nice & quiet with a friendly couple running the pub. The real ales are the puppy's pips & the prices are much more realistic than anywhere else around here.

4 May 2007 12:23

The Beacon, South Ham

Went in there for a quick pint whilst I was waiting for my chinese take away. Left after probably the quickest pint I've had in a long time. The Chinese take away wasn't all that either. Don't bother.

4 May 2007 12:20

The Old Ford, North Camp

Lively pub with very friendly staff. Extremely biker friendly. Used by the 3B's motorcycle club as their club meeting pub, which means that the beer has to be good!
Good selection of ales, food is good, the beer garden is great for kids with a super little play area.
Skittle alley/private function room out the back too, which is great for parties.

4 May 2007 11:23

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