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Comments by gregatb

The Rocket, Euston

If you have a Yellow Card, this is the place to come. Always heaving in the evenings with a healthy mixture of clientele - all ages (over 18 of course). Probably feels busier than it really is just because it's on such a busy road.

Nice to sit in earlier in the day for a relaxing pint when you can actually find a table. Can't beat a Scream Burger, chips and pint for 3.75 after 3pm - practically stealing it! Not the best decor, but fairly clean (except the toilets of course). Relatively decent selection of lagers - not so great for ales.

Worth a visit and worth paying 1 to get your Yellow Card discounts if you're buying more than one drink!

3 Sep 2009 18:59

The Court, Tottenham Court Road

ALWAYS very busy (next to UCL hall of residence - full of students), and always very cheap with a Yellow Card. Don't even think of going inside if there's a match in progress on TV - you won't find a seat for love nor money.

3 Sep 2009 18:55

The Three Tuns, Windsor

Very friendly atmosphere and the drinks, while not the cheapest around, aren't too badly priced. When I went there last they had a good special on bottles of wine. Normally attracts a younger crowd (18-21ish) in the evenings, especially weekend nights. Would recommend.

3 Sep 2009 18:53

The Red Squirrel, Slough

This place has been closed for ages which is a crime. It was never particularly nice or a decent atmosphere, but opening a Tesco here will suffocate all the surrounding area - businesses and roads alike. Tesco are trying to take over the whole of Slough it seems. Hopefully they'll be refused a change of purpose planning application and this site will have to be re-opened as a pub or eatery.

3 Sep 2009 18:51

The Carpenters Arms, Windsor

Very decent pub at a very decent price and a good location. Gets very busy in the evenings though, and have had problems there on a Friday for not being over 21 despite the rest of Windsor being over 21 only on a Saturday.

3 Sep 2009 18:50

The King and Castle, Windsor

Can't help but feel this pub has had a bad press so far.

It's very spacious as it's spread over three levels (including two bars), and the beer garden and terraces are enormous. Gets busy on weekend evenings, typically with the older than the younger crowd (owed partially to age restrictions on Saturdays - over-21s). Miles and miles and miles better than the other Spoons in Windsor, which is a grade-A hole. This one is clean and presentable, and despite being a normal Wetherspoon's has the feel of a Lloyd's. Not the widest selection of beers or wines, but the price surely makes up for that. Would strongly recommend this to anyone in the area.

3 Sep 2009 18:48

Oak and Saw, Taplow

Standard village pub. Not the cheapest but I've been to more expensive. Fairly friendly atmosphere most of the time, and the bar staff are always friendly and welcoming. Never eaten there, but the food always looks and smells pretty amazing.

3 Sep 2009 18:43

The Sir John Oldcastle, Farringdon

Standard Wetherspoon's pub, can't complain. Never had any of the problems any of the previous posters have talked about. Whenever I've been in there, even when it looks relatively busy, there's still tables.

3 Sep 2009 18:41

The Shakespeare's Head, Holborn

Normal Wetherspoon's minus half of the tables. Don't go there if you want something to eat in the evening. Gets just as busy as the 'spoons round the corner. But still, you can't beat Wetherspoon's prices, wherever you are or however busy.

3 Sep 2009 18:39

The Calthorpe Arms, Holborn

Only visited this pub once because the atmosphere felt hostile and stale. Very traditional decor, feels like it should be set in the middle of a country village rather than in WC1. Not cheap either - payed over 3.50 for a lager, if memory serves well. Won't be rushing back any time soon I'm afraid.

3 Sep 2009 18:34

The Pakenham Arms, Clerkenwell

Have been semi-regular at this pub over the past year. I lived round the corner so I was extremely pleased to have such a good pub right on my doorstep.

Not too expensive for central London, very good for sports events (they show all the major events, and all the big Premier League games on their two TVs and projector), and the food on curry night isn't too bad either.

Good selection of beers (about five lagers and about six ales) and a pleasant atmosphere (in the evenings at least). Guiness is relatively cheap compared to the other locals (at last recollection 2.65) and Heineken isn't badly priced compared locally either (2.85).

Tends to fill up after dark with postmen as the largest Royal Mail sorting office in the country is opposite, and they're all pretty friendly considering they've been at work all day. The decor isn't traditional but not so modern that you feel like you're in a no-name Slug and Lettuce-esque chain pub.

Great pub and will continue to visit it when I can afford to walk down there for the foreseeable future! Would strongly recommend.

3 Sep 2009 18:29

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