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Duke's Cut, Oxford

Visiting Oxford to meet a pal, I had to find a pub showing the England match at short notice. This pub fitted the bill perfectly. Four pleasant pints of Guinness and good atmosphere, friendly barmaid, even a piano in one of the bars.

27 May 2012 22:13

The Dolphin Inn, Bishampton

re-opened at christmas 2008, visited today; very impressed. Nicely done out, busy, interesting fireplace, good range of ales. Didnt try food but it smelt good, as i suppose it always does.

25 Jan 2009 19:16

The Wheatstone Inn, Barnwood

It has had a recent make-over which is all very well, but in my opinion it is struggling in the kitchen department. At a meal for 8 recently, 3 meals had to be returned to be warmed up, and others' potatoes were hard. Visited just for a drink the other night and as I was being served I witnessed another diner return her meal saying various items were stone cold. Hope it manages to sort itself out. Rating reduced by a couple of points.

27 Jul 2008 21:32

The Bell at Sapperton, Cirencester

excellent food, beautiful setting, service a tiny bit slow. but no doubt i will try again soon. 9/10

27 Jul 2008 21:22

Cafe Rene, Gloucester

Quite simply the best pub in Gloucester centre. I'm not a regular but it is always a pleasure to visit.

29 Apr 2008 23:48

The Tunnel House Inn and Barn, Coates

I enjoyed a nice fish pie and couple of pints of Uley last sunday. The sun was out, and the garden was very popular. Even had the fire going which was good foresight as it turned to rain later in the afternoon. All in all, a very pleasant spot.

29 Apr 2008 23:43

Royal George Hotel, Greenfield

please disregard comment below. Like a complete clown i have commented on the wrong royal george, mistaking it for one approx 150miles away

23 Mar 2008 19:01

Royal George Hotel, Greenfield

This place is a bit of a mixture. Smart hotel & restaurant, but also a decent bar with sports screen, pool table & occasional live jazz music. All in all, fairly pleasant.

22 Mar 2008 20:12

The Junction, Plymouth

Visited plymouth for the weekend, the highlight being the cracking music (the blackfoots) on st.patricks day 2007. Crowded, but not horribly so, as you could still attempt to dance without the fear of inadvertently molesting a passer-by.

4 Apr 2007 22:00

Goodbody's, Mutley Plain

I visited this establishment on st.patricks day 2007 whilst visiting plymouth for the weekend. Most enjoyable! The decor of assorted England paraphernalia (by the way I was unable to say this word after 6 pints of guiness) made me feel like I was on holiday abroad in an english bar. I consumed a very pleasant chicken salad which was excellent value.

4 Apr 2007 21:53

The Wheatstone Inn, Barnwood

This pub has become my favourite local in which to sip a couple or 3 pints, even tho it is not the most obvious place to stroll or cycle to. It is a very pleasant pub which manages to combine great food with a relaxing, if small, bar area. A couple of nice fires make it very welcoming. Service is always swift.

4 Apr 2007 21:45

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