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Comments by adgi

The Chequers, Stevenage

Brilliant pub both lunchtimes and evenings. True homecooked food - great hosts Sue & Bill. I always drag friends in here for a pint enroute to one of the many curry houses in the old town. See if you can spot the police hat on the shelf above the bar :)

3 Nov 2011 19:35

The Bell Inn, Benington

Brilliant - can't recommend this place enough! Met a great local called Pete who went to town on the history of the place. I must go back there soon - expensive taxis back to my house the only downside haha

3 Nov 2011 19:34

The Maidens Head, Whitwell

Brilliant friendly place - helpful staff and chatty locals - big (unworked) beer garden. If I were closer I could see this as a local. 10/10 based on welcome, staff and atmosphere. (last visit 30/10)

3 Nov 2011 19:29

The Bull Inn, Whitwell

I can thoroughly recommend the maidens head which is in walking distance... felt like i'd walked in during an arguement (30/10 afternoon)... The beer i rushed to drink to get out was actually very good! If i lived closer I'd probably make the effort here as it seems to stay open very late - however as a visitor its the maidens head for me

3 Nov 2011 19:27

Doctors Tonic, Welwyn Garden City

Just reviewed my rating. Had a meal here - the food was actually very good. Didn't appreciate being sent flying by a member of staff running out the toilet - but these things happen. A bit too cold to sit outside - ate up and moved on...

3 Nov 2011 19:24

The Hollybush, Welwyn Garden City

Agree this is very much a local pub - but if you know someone in the 'in crowd' then you can have a great night here. Looks grim from the outside - but this is truely one of the pubs that's made by the people inside. I'd go with a local (or armed guard!). If you get invited to go there - take the opportunity, I wouldn't however wander in randomly.

3 Nov 2011 19:22

The Peartree, Welwyn Garden City

Tatty and never felt comfortable in here. Prices are ok - but the sort of place where somebody would walk into you and then expect you to apologise....

3 Nov 2011 19:20

The Brocket Arms, Ayot St. Lawrence

Expensive but worth the money - this is one of my summer pubs... Has never let me down yet - regulars can be a bit off putting, but most of the staff will break from them to serve you. I like it here!

3 Nov 2011 19:17

The Sun Inn, Welwyn Garden City

Agree with previous reviewer - overall a good fun pub with an enthusiastic landlord. Thumbs up! Haven't heard good things about food - so never bothered to try it... One day I will :D

3 Nov 2011 19:10

The Old Cross Tavern, Hertford

This place is great - go there! Hertford has everything you'll need for a good night out and this place really is the cherry on the cake.

3 Nov 2011 19:04

The White Horse, Burnham Green

Disagree with some of the previous comments - the staff here are really friendly and spending a lot of time in islington I can assure you it does not look like an 'Islington Wine Bar'... I agree the place is trying to be more than it actually is - but it is comfortable and friendly. Appears to be 'open fire capable' in the winter. I've been coming here with friends for years and the decor certainly doesn't put me off. I wouldn't eat there - but I base that on the ambience created by the generic eaters they get in. I'd pop in for a pint anytime!

3 Nov 2011 18:54

The Plough, Datchworth

Visited on 31/10 to avoid the trick or treaters at home... Delightful cosy and friendly atmosphere. Staff were friendly. No clicky local types dominating the bar - can't wait to visit again!

3 Nov 2011 18:49

Doctors Tonic, Welwyn Garden City

Brilliant beer garden, great food - cleanish toilets and pinball machine :-) Worth a visit!

13 Oct 2011 18:02

The Cork, Welwyn Garden City

Very slow service by miserable staff, food obviously microwaved :( dissapointing...

13 Oct 2011 18:02

O'Neills, Welwyn Garden City

Actually a good night out to be had here. Was giving up having visited the Doctor Tonic and The Cork, Nightclub is dire - decent music downstairs on a Friday night, hit and miss bands on Saturdays.

13 Oct 2011 18:01

The Beehive, Welwyn Garden City

If you want to get drunk and fight - then this place may be for you.
If not, it's Awful... Rude staff, food appauling - rude manager. Visiting this place will ruin your day. Lots of other good eating pubs in the area. AVOID AVOID AVOID...

13 Oct 2011 17:57

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