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BITE user comments - Scieron

Comments by Scieron

The Last Drop, Sutton In Ashfield

This Pub is now a Pet Supplies outlet.

5 Feb 2016 17:53

Arkwright Arms, Chesterfield

Went in there last Thursday. Unfortunately bumped into an obnoxious couple from Surrey called Daniel and Katherine! Totally spoiled the atmosphere. Thankfully, much to everyone's delight, they didn't stay long!
The pub was brilliant as usual by the way!

22 Dec 2014 20:35

King and Miller, Sutton In Ashfield

2014 update. Changed hands yet again. Been refurbished & quite pleasant interior. Average, same old, same old food. Like a play school at weekends, with kids running riot everywhere, being studiously ignored by their dim witted parents. Not nice.

22 Dec 2014 20:17

The Greyhound, Skegby

Demolished. Now a Co-Op.

22 Dec 2014 20:10

The Rifle Volunteer, Skegby

Decent if expensive beer. Open fire but no cozy village pub this! Bar surrounded by foul mouthed men and their equally foul mouthed women. This is why pubs are closing.................

25 Mar 2014 21:32

The Greyhound, Skegby

Boarded up. For sale. Might become a Tesco Express.

19 Dec 2013 21:18

The Oval Inn, Sutton In Ashfield

Demolished 2009

17 Nov 2010 16:45

The Last Drop, Sutton In Ashfield

Now a Pet Food outlet.

17 Nov 2010 16:44

The Maypole, Skegby

2010 update. Changed proprietor a couple of times & gone from bad to worse. Now reduced to a licensed crèche rather than a pub. Expect women feeding babies & toddlers rolling around on the carpet with the dogs. Avoid!

11 Apr 2010 20:30

The Greyhound, Skegby

Recently refurbished to a good standard. Beer good, if pricey. Punters usually outnumbered by kids running around, jumping on the upholstery & crying. Not for a relaxing pint.

11 Aug 2008 15:13

The Nell Gwyn, Mansfield

Surprisingly spacious bar. Friendly & relaxing atmosphere. Good & well-kept beer. No car parking to speak of, but a visit is a pleasant experience.

7 Feb 2006 10:47

The Old Poet's Corner, Ashover

Great selection of hand-pulled beers & ciders. Great food. Great atmosphere. Regular good, live music. This is how pubs SHOULD be!

18 Oct 2005 13:42

The Peacock, Huthwaite

Small, cozy, friendly pub. Food very good (At time of writing)

11 Apr 2005 11:24

Nags Head, Pleasley

An odd place, not very inviting from the outside, but friendly enough once you go in. The beer is well kept & very reasonably priced.

13 Dec 2004 15:27

Jug and Glass Inn, Nether Langwith

This pub has the most picturesque setting imaginable. A wide stream runs past the door which faces south & so catches the sun all day. Unfortunately there is not TOO much seating outdoors. Inside, the pub is unusually decorated. there is the usual selection of beers & pub food is served.

13 Dec 2004 15:26

Talbot Inn, Mansfield

Pleasant enough place. Typical edge of town pub. Emphasis on pub food. Beer well kept.

13 Dec 2004 15:20

The Maypole, Skegby

Situated off the beaten track. A Local pub. You have to go in for about 20 years before anyone speaks to you. Decor not very appealing. Beer average.

13 Dec 2004 15:10

White Swan, Sutton In Ashfield

Oh dear! Scruffy, unfriendly, full of kids.

13 Dec 2004 15:04

Miners Arms, Huthwaite

Pleasant place. Emphasis is on food which has a quite good reputation (at the time of writing) Friendly place, beer well kept.

13 Dec 2004 15:02

The Snipe, Sutton in Ashfield

Neither a good pub or decent restaurant. Muzak, frozen chips & laminated menus. Ugh!

13 Dec 2004 15:00

Nags Head, Sutton In Ashfield

Noisy, bare floor, scruffy.

1 Dec 2004 14:23

King and Miller, Sutton In Ashfield

Really just a bar attached to a cafe. Pleasant enough atmosphere & beer well kept. However, expect canned music & laminated menus with pictures of the meals on. (In case you forgot what frozen chips & microwaved pies look like)

1 Dec 2004 14:22

Fox & Crown, Skegby

Excellent selection of well kept beers. Better than average food. Friendly atmosphere. Spoilt at weekends by hoards of football fans, smoking, swearing & shouting.

1 Dec 2004 14:08

Picture House, Sutton In Ashfield

Known locally as the Pound shop, due to cheap beer. Pleasant enough place but often filled with derelicts, drinking all day. Very average food.

1 Dec 2004 14:04

Workpeoples Inn, Huthwaite

Good beer. A bit rough but pleasant atmosphere.

1 Dec 2004 14:02

The Hardwick Inn, Doe Lea

Better than average food. Great location. Really old world, cozy, pub atmosphere. Have always found it friendly with good bar service.

1 Dec 2004 14:01

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