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Mechanical Elephant, Margate

We were asked to leave because we had dogs. The dogs were outside at all times. Quiet and not interfering with anyone else. Not happy about that. Why? Surely policy would say dogs are ok if they are quiet and do not enter the pub? Jobsworths!

12 Mar 2017 22:11

Wheelwright Arms, St Nicholas Hurst

We have been going to this pub about once every 3 months or so after walking our dog at Dinton Pastures. Beer and soft drinks are expensive, but it is a lovely pub. Late last month (Sept 2013) we went there on a Sunday for a late lunch. Ordered a pint of real cider and a half of coke. £6.80 !!
Went on to order 2 toasted paninis. The roast beef panini had about 70% coverage of meat filling in it. The rest was just toasted bread. Both breads were of poor quality and was overly toasted as to be slightly burnt. The salad accompanyment was just a bunch of green leaves thrown on the plate.
A pint of Swordfish was about the only good thing about this visit. We will not be eating at this pub again.

7 Oct 2013 12:50

The Victoria Arms, Wokingham

Went here for the 1st time to be told they had no ales. This was a Saturday!
As 'Beer Spotter' stated in April, it happened to him/her. How common is this? Not good for a CAMRA local beers member.

2 Sep 2012 15:59

The Grey Horse, Sunbury on Thames

Thanks to you, Zappa, we popped in to the Grey Horse again, last Friday (13th !) as we were in the area (see my review Jan 2009 and Zappa's reply). Atmosphere was buzzing, and clientelle friendly. Superbly kept Twickenham Original, and Sharps Doombar. Service with a smile from the barmaid with the dark hair and red T-shirt. She made me feel quite at home. Thank you. Lovely pub. We will return.

16 May 2011 13:49

The Bakers Arms, Bournemouth

My wife and I popped in during Bank Holiday lunchtime. Great value food, and the Lasagne tasted homemade. Top quality pint of Ringwoods. Barman (Landlord?) was very friendly. Will go again when we are next in Bournemouth. This is a real pub, but I agree that it could do with some redecoration.

5 May 2009 11:50

The Grey Horse, Sunbury on Thames

Great pub with very friendly staff and landlord. Visited last Friday evening, for the first time, to find the place busy but not packed. Disappointed to see that many of the tables & chairs were unoccupied but had jackets /coats placed on them, forcing us to sit at a draughty dark corner. During our stay, those chairs were still not occupied, so it was a lack of thought on behalf of the local clientelle.
Twickenham ales were not available that evening, because of a problem with the barrel, according to the barman. There was however a lovely pint of Shepherd Neame Spitfire. Pride was also available.
I can't praise the staff enough for their courtesy and efficiency.

22 Jan 2009 10:53

The Jolly Farmer, Staines

Visited lunchtime and found this place to be friendly. I accidentally spilled my beer over my wife's food, and they immediately replaced it without question. Excellent customer service. 2 ales on tap, Courage Best and Bombadier (excellent pint - 2.50).
Good pub without pretentions.

11 Apr 2008 16:17

The Royal Sun, Begbroke

Visited Sunday lunchtime. 2 ales on tap. Old Hookey was excellent. Food menu was fairly basic, but food was of good quality. Sunday roasts also available. Landlord was friendly without being intrusive. Nice quiet pub with decent decor. Good sized beer garden.

7 Apr 2008 11:31

The Squire Bassett, Kidlington

Diane, yes, you may ask why! It's because I live in the London area, and go to the Dogwood sometimes when visiting friends who live nearby. I say it like I see it. The roast WAS bland, and on the pricey side. Maybe myself, my wife and friends had bad luck on the day, but our verdict was unanimous. Or maybe you have been lucky!!!

23 Feb 2007 14:24

The Squire Bassett, Kidlington

I have to disagree with Rasp68 about the food. Had Sunday lunch (7.95) last weekend. Food was acceptable, if a little bland. Prices have gone up by over 50% across the menu since my last visit in March 2006, and the choice has slimmed down considerably - possibly a good move. Now repainted in more acceptable colour, and renamed 'The Dogwood'

20 Feb 2007 13:35

The Gig House, Wokingham

Further to my last comment of 11 Oct 05, this place has become a bit tatty. Real cider is nowhere to be seen, and the barman informed me that pub policy says it won't be in the future either. We ordered food, and it came with items missing, but we were not informed that it would be less then described in the menu. On enquiring why parts of our meal were missing, we were informed that had run out! Erm, why did they not tell us this at the start, without hoping we wouldn't notice? Very dissappointed with the way this place is going.

21 Aug 2006 14:22

The Furzedown Pub, Streatham

Hooray, it's black and white again, Hated that orange.

14 Jun 2006 16:48

The George, Earley

Visited this pub 2 weeks ago. The food was OK but overpriced. There were 3 giggling young staff gossiping at the end of the bar, whilst another customer and myself were waiting to be served. It took a 'senior' person to tell them to get their act together and serve us. I asked for a pint and other drinks but was served a half. Couldn't be bothered to complain, as the barmaid didn't seem interested in anything except to get back to chatting. I will not visit again.

12 May 2006 12:54

The Bull, Barkham

Excellent food and the ales are something else. Several Adnams varieties as well as Old Peculiar on draught. Shame it closes in the afternoon. I could spend all day there. 'Barkham Blue' cheese is a must!

2 May 2006 16:54

The Alehouse, Reading

Went last week for the 1st time. Excellent selection of ales, and Budvar for the lager drinkers. Staff were friendly, and the pub was, what a real pub should be. No frills, just great ale. Reasonable prices too.

19 Apr 2006 13:00

The Squire Bassett, Kidlington

Modern pub with beer garden including children's play area. Cosy conservatory area for eating, and IPA + Bombadier real ales as well as usual fizz. Very reasonably priced, food in a varied menu. Staff are efficient, but not very friendly. Can't miss it as you drive past. Bright yellow exterior.

2 Mar 2006 12:25

The Victoria Arms, Binfield

Comedy double act has gone, many months ago. Michelle seems to be the only stability behind the bar. I love this pub and the ales are 1st class. Food is good quality, and there are specials on the blackboard. During the winter, there is a roaring log fire in one of the bars. Just the place to while away a pleasant evening with a pint of Fullers.

20 Jan 2006 09:42

The Gig House, Wokingham

Excellent, friendly, efficient place. Younger clientelle Fri/Sat, and Sunday lunch is truly relaxing. Chill with Sunday papers, decent food including Sunday roast, and good range of ales and cider. All reasonably priced.

11 Oct 2005 16:41

Lady St Helier, Morden

I have been visiting this pub almost once a week with my 16 year old daughter. We would eat in the designated dining area, and she would drink mineral water. A month ago, I was told that under 18s were not allowed, even if they didn't consume alcohol. We were asked to leave. My question is, 'Why were we not told this on the many other occasions we had visited?'. Food is OK, bar staff miserable, landlord has no customer skills and the toilets smell, but the food and drink are cheap.

1 Jun 2005 11:57

The Sultan, South Wimbledon

Superbly kept good value Hop Back ales. Bar staff friendly and Dilon the dog and Migsy the cat make for a great atmosphere. Lighting and table arrangement could do with improvement. BBQs in summer.

31 May 2005 16:26

The Queens Head, Wokingham

Very friendly and inviting pub. Predominantly Green King ales as well as usual fizz. Very expensive beer, but 'local' atmosphere makes up for taking a bank loan before buying a round.

31 May 2005 16:21

Old Manor, Bracknell

Excellent value beer, food OK, but bar staff few and far between, makes getting served a time consuming affair. Good selection of well kept real ales.

31 May 2005 16:13

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