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BITE user comments - DunL

Comments by DunL

The Bull, Highgate

Open again, impressive range of beers and ales,slightly less impressive menu. Good luck to the new owners.

20 Aug 2011 15:08

Laffinn Pig, Dawlish

'Food's off'. 'Ale's off.' 'Quiz is off'. Who mentioned Fawlty Towers? Not me, cos after all that, I'm off too...

25 May 2011 20:59

The Exeter Inn, Dawlish

Open again, nice cool bottled beer and a quiz machine. Jukebox swallowed my pound though and produced nothing and no refund. The new reincarnation of the pub is big into food and it's pretty good stuff, but they may have overstretched themselves and struggle to get things out in a reasonable time. I don't think this is the fault of kitchen staff but sometimes the same person seems to be trying to do both kitchen and bar. One for management to sort out and definitely more staff are needed before the 'season' starts.

25 May 2011 20:56

Winter's, Finchley

Now Gertie Brown's, not Winter's, and the phone number above is out of date so it is a pity that BITE didn't update their listings. This is an 0871 service so costs more to ring. Thanks.

2 Feb 2011 22:34

The Bull, Highgate

Now closed.

14 Nov 2010 13:20

The Highgate Inn, Highgate

One never knows where one will be with this pub, landlord, or other punters.

14 Nov 2010 13:18

The Highgate Inn, Highgate

One never knows where one will be with this pub - will it be open, will there be someone behind the bar, will the jukebox be on or has it been hushed because of sport, but most of all where is the bloody quiz machine?????

24 Oct 2010 15:51

O’Donoghues, Dublin

Yes, definitely in Merrion Row. Please change address. This pub's reputation precedes it as a centre for traditional music, which is justified. However, purists would get better stuff in the Comhaltas in Monkstown.

24 Oct 2010 15:49

The Newquay Arms, Newquay

Good pub, not as unwelcoming as it looks, reasonable service and competent/friendly staff. Haven't tried the outside area.

24 Oct 2010 15:46

O'Neills, North Finchley

Average O'Neill's, a bit long and cavernous and it's difficult to find a place for a big group - tables and chairs tend to be in fours and don't really move. But great Smithwicks on tap - a must for lovers of light ales - and passable food.

24 Oct 2010 15:45

The Slug and Lettuce, Muswell Hill

Beer nicely chilled though not cheap. Very empty when we popped in after work. But the quiz, the quiz... how do people who are too drunk to stand up manage to win? (I think we should be told.)

24 Oct 2010 15:43

The Rocket, Euston

Funny how a few of the favourable reviews of this pub are the only contribution of the posters. I don't think I'm the first to notice that. Seriously terrible service, especially if one is female and the barmaid 'doesn't understand' what you are saying (try turning the music down). Expensive, crowded and uncomfortable. Probably better atmosphere on planets outside the solar system which are incapable of sustaining life. Hated it.

24 Oct 2010 15:40

The Stapleton Tavern, Finsbury Park

Absolutely dreadful. I had been here a few times before and it hadn't been so bad, but a recent visit for a charity quiz was just the pits. There was virtually no bottled beer, not even very very popular things like Corona, and halfway through the night the lager barrel had to be changed causing a long delay. Alternatives like Guinness tasted rough and nothing seemed properly cold. The service was just abysmal and there seemed no logic to how many people were on what side of the bar at any time. At other times the bar staff were on mobile phones or chatting to each other. I have seen much busier pubs manage very well with this level of staff but even small groups of would-be drinkers seemed too much for the staff to handle and queues soon built up. Management was not in evidence. Oh, and the ladies' toilets? don't go there. One was closed, anyway. There are other things like the layout and discomfort of the large back area and the draft when people banged in and out to smoke but the service, the service...

3 May 2010 16:01

The Victoria, Highgate

Went for Sunday dinner and we were surprised to find the pub quite full and a lot of tables reserved, as it is quiet most of the rest of the week. No-one seemed to know what they were doing and one barmaid/waitress told us to sit down and orders for food and drink would be taken. We waited several minutes and I gave up and went to the bar, only to find a large group of people who had come in after us ordering both food and drink at the bar. I gave up after a few minutes and sat down and someone eventually took our order. However, she was diverted or distracted and I had to go up and collect one of the drinks which hadn't arrived. The food arrived very quickly and we requested salt and pepper. These seemed to be taking a long time arriving, which gave us the opportunity to realise that the food was cold so when someone eventually came with the condiments we sent it back for reheating. If there is one thing that should never be cold it is a roast potato and I was put off my quota even when they were reheated. Verdict: the food has been better in the past and the pub can do much better than this. I hope.

7 Mar 2010 16:58

Madden's, East Finchley

Probably the most uncomfortable pub in East Finchley, if not North London. Whose idea were those terrible raised pew-like seats where you have nowhere to put your drink, your legs don't touch the ground (well, mine don't) and a steady stream of people passing makes even the slightest move hazardous? And if they want people to sit in the back area they could turn on the heating...

13 Feb 2010 23:40

The Famous Royal Oak, Muswell Hill

I generally find this pub okay and they will usually do their best to get you a taxi if you need it. However, on a freezing night this week a door was permanently open to accommodate smokers's whims, which didn't make for the pleasantest of experiences....

21 Dec 2009 15:44

The Red Lion, Newquay

I generally liked this pub, and the one time I ate there the food was not at all bad. However, it was very difficult at times to get served (especially if one is female) and once when I had been ignored blatantly for a time I just gave up and asked my male companion to try. Hope this was a one-off.

12 Sep 2009 18:23

Weavers, Bodmin

I had a truly bad pub meal ever here, and that is saying something. Well, to be fair, 'had' is an exaggeration. We ordered a plate of chicken wings and they were pink and rawish.... urrrrgh. I didn't touch them. My companion did not want to cause a scene and said nothing. I hope this isn't the usual standard.

12 Sep 2009 18:20

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