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Surrey pub and bar guide

Here's a guide to the pubs and bars of Surrey - good or bad, we bring you the most talked about venues and the places you have to visit at least once. We've included a few user reviews, to give you an idea of what to expect when you get there. Or you can follow the links to see full details and all reviews for each pub.

The Hope, Carshalton

picture of The Hope, Carshalton

Address: 48 West St, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 2PR
Phone: 020 8240 1255
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Nearest train stations: Carshalton (0.2 miles), Carshalton Beeches (0.7 miles), Wallington (0.9 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

I haven't been in the Dog and Bull for at least two years and i had a swifty in the Oval in June that hardly makes me a Croydon drunk!I have been to the Sultan for instance sixteen times since the start of June, I certainly do not frequent Croydon's pubs much at all!
2 Aug 2017 12:05
I couldn't quite catch that could we have it a third time.At least we know the pie topping was Welded on.You always get an ancient old fart on here who keeps his finger on the button for multiple postings....we have a winner.
31 Jul 2017 18:01
Fozzy and slerpy, please be constructive - it's bad enough having to put up with the gibberish computer geeks put on - let's try and keep the site to the purpose it was created for.
25 Jul 2017 19:42

The Kings Head, Guildford

picture of The Kings Head, Guildford

Address: Kings Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4JW
Phone: 01483 568957
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Nearest train stations: London Road - Guildford (0.3 miles), Guildford (0.6 miles), Shalford (2.2 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

I assume Steve is the landlord. Seems like a nice enough chap. Put itself is devoid of much life or anything going on. How can they make pubs more interesting again? Still an ok pub for a Fullers piss up.
28 Apr 2017 19:10
Today I went into the Kings Head (Kings Road) In Guildford and ordered a pint of Fullers ESB. It cost £4.10 and a lady served me who was nice. There are even tables by the window and you can watch people walking by. The place is OK, but not amazing.
21 Apr 2017 19:14
This is Randy Santel (Atlas) With Atlas and Zeus promotion and proud owner of ******. I haven't been to the Kings Head today yet. Will I be going. We'll find out!
7 Apr 2017 14:39

The Stoke, Guildford

picture of The Stoke, Guildford

Address: 103 Stoke Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4JN
Phone: 01483 504296
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Nearest train stations: London Road - Guildford (0.3 miles), Guildford (0.6 miles), Shalford (2.2 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

Barman seems like a bit of a numpty. The big guy. The beers also taste bad almost always and though they claim to have a good selection, most of the ales are either off or not available. Lacks a class in here, acceptable pub for a quick one and has sports on TV. Pool table is crap and a rip off.
28 Apr 2017 19:12
Totally amatuer staff working here. They don't know who to serve next but the bigger problem is none of the staff can pull a pint, taking about 3-4 minutes to pull a drink, I assume there was a problem with the handpumps but no apologies for the long wait! The beer also tasted pretty terrible. Then you've got the general annoying youngish student like punters who seem to come here, much too loud and immature! It could be good, but currently failing.
8 Apr 2017 18:10
This is Randy Santel (Atlas) With Atlas and Zeus promotion and proud owner of ****** This afternoon I was very very excited as I went the Stoke on this very very sunny Thursday. No coverage of the Masters which was not very exciting but I attempted the ALL YOU COULD EAT FRIES CHALLENGE. I had 10 minutes to complete the challenge but ate all the fries in 9 minutes!! As a result I go up on the wall of fame and get the ALL YOU CAN EAT WINNERS T-SHIRT!
6 Apr 2017 17:54

Rodboro Buildings, Guildford

picture of Rodboro Buildings, Guildford

Address: Rodboro Building 1-10, Bridge St, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4RY
Phone: 01483 306366
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Nearest train stations: Guildford (0.1 miles), London Road - Guildford (0.6 miles), Shalford (1.8 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

I had a pint of beer and a Burrito someone served me and sat at a table by the window and you can even watch people walk past, that is what happens!
27 Jun 2017 17:53
Excellent range of real ales and they are good value. The food is also good value.
8 Jun 2017 18:57
First pub on a mad hot Saturday in June. Staff seemed find and friendly, nothing wrong with the food. (About 1pm) Later visited at 5pm and no seats and seemed a nightmare, definitely don't go later in the day if you want food. Maybe the wait is ok if you just want drinks.
3 Jun 2017 18:10

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

picture of The Dog and Bull, Croydon

Address: 24 Surrey Street, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 1RG
Phone: 020 8667 9718
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Nearest train stations: East Croydon (0.4 miles), West Croydon (0.5 miles), Waddon (0.5 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

In a few weeks time the Dog &Bull will have competition with a Micro pub opening In Surrey Street.
25 Jul 2017 14:40
The drunks of Croydon?

Old slerpy has been one for decades.

3 Mar 2017 14:27
Tuna,That Steak on hot stones is repeating on you,three posts in two days saying the same thing,this pub resembles a museum ,i have got used to it,the beer is very expensive therefore a good place to hide away from the drunks of Croydon.
3 Mar 2017 13:46

The Spread Eagle, Croydon

picture of The Spread Eagle, Croydon

Address: 39, High Street, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 1NX
Phone: 020 8781 1134
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Nearest train stations: East Croydon (0.3 miles), West Croydon (0.5 miles), Waddon (0.6 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

I really enjoy Fullers beer so this pub ticks all the boxes. A good place to meet up for a post work beer. Friendly staff and well kept beer.
15 Jan 2017 19:08
The spreadeagle is a fantastic old style boozer, a fine range of ales and a couple of treacle a behind the bar. Had a really nice lunch with my family in there , when a fracas ensued. This entailed of a little tubby fella (who looked remarkably like Ricky gervais character "Derek") having a wrestling match with a small bald dude who was shouting obscenities (at the character we identified as "Derek") in what I think was sounded Israeli . Our family was very distraught at the trouble which ensued with neither party backing down and which ended up with people looking at this wrestling match which was like 2 seals sliding about on the ice . The tubby one was particularly aggressive and after all was said and done with , kept arguing "that he was not to blame". On what was a lovely day out , this "Derek "character and foreigner spoiled what would have been a fantastic experience at this hidden gem of a boozer in Croydon !
15 Jan 2017 17:23
An attractive pub with an ambience not experienced at other locations in the vicinity. Staff were friendly and knowledgable regarding the variety of ales on offer.
One downside, on entering from the side door, I had to negotiate a little fat bloke wrestling on the ground with his bald mate. Luckily they seemed to run out of steam and moved on soon after.
15 Jan 2017 12:39

The Bell, Reigate

picture of The Bell, Reigate

Address: 21 Bell Street, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 7AD
Phone: 01737 244438
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Nearest train stations: Reigate (0.4 miles), Earlswood - Surrey (1.7 miles), Redhill (1.8 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

A small narrow pub near the centre of Reigate. It has a long thin lounge with the bar to the right. Although a Greene King pub, it had 3 guest ales on the bar. It is reasonably comfortable with a small patio at the rear. Nearby is the outside Gent's toilet. A good no nonsense boozer.
22 Mar 2017 11:53
The beer just gets better - and just opposite my Epsom bus stop.
11 Oct 2016 18:59
Good beer and food - but small. Reasonable staff and management.
5 Oct 2016 13:27

The Victoria Inn, Richmond

picture of The Victoria Inn, Richmond

Address: 78 Hill Rise, Richmond, Surrey, TW10 6UB
Phone: 020 89402531
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Nearest tube station: Richmond (0.5 miles)

Nearest train stations: Richmond (0.4 miles), St Margarets (0.8 miles), North Sheen (0.9 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

Recommended. Open til 1200am on Fridays {like the Dukes Head round the corner in the Vineyard} unlike the pubs down in the town.
16 Jun 2017 18:42
Richmond's smallest pub. Elsewhere it might be described as being a micropub. Small selection of real ale, of which Wainwirght's is probably the best. Suffers from not being well-managed. Often on a Saturday the bar stuff are drunk and there are too many locals in a state of tipsiness which can be tiring.
4 Dec 2016 19:15
Still good, little pub on the hill up from Richmond where the art galleries (or graphic design shops as many of them are) are. Youngs Bitter was good, they also had Wainwrights on (not tried).
20 Aug 2016 18:20

Jack George Phillips, Godalming

picture of Jack George Phillips, Godalming

Address: 48 - 56 High Street, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1DY
Phone: 01483 521750
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Nearest train stations: Godalming (0.3 miles), Farncombe (0.9 miles), Milford (2.1 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

If I drank wine it could be fine as well better than last of the summer mine
26 Jun 2017 19:44
Staff were mine or fine Oh right so I cant edit whats been typed fucking bite!
26 Jun 2017 19:44
Very disappointing on a Monday, but I can't blame the staff. Staff were mine today. Not that long a wait to get served but the customers who come here must be some of the most annoying. Godalming does attract some annoying people.
26 Jun 2017 19:43

The Abbot, Redhill

picture of The Abbot, Redhill

Address: 14 Station Road, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 1NZ
Phone: 01737 765218
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Nearest train stations: Redhill (0.1 miles), Earlswood - Surrey (0.9 miles), Reigate (1.7 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

Poor staff, management, service, beer, hygiene - and watch your change!
18 Mar 2017 20:56
Handy place to meet up - adjacent to the bus and train stations.

Not today though, closed.

Odd in Christmas week.
22 Dec 2016 17:59
New young governor works hard - though, there's usually only one barperson.

This makes service slow at times.

And the place is busier - due to the closure of the Eagles Nest, nearby.
20 Oct 2016 09:06

The Grantley Arms, Wonersh

picture of The Grantley Arms, Wonersh

Address: The Street, Wonersh, Guildford, Surrey, GU5 0PE
Phone: 01483 893351
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Nearest train stations: Chilworth (1.5 miles), Shalford (1.5 miles), Farncombe (2.8 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

Changing hands in January sold for £1.5 m
Lets hope it goes back to being a lovely village pub not the poncy place it is now.
8 Dec 2016 13:04
If it`s true it`s sold that`s fantastic news
I love it when smug arrogant people get their comeuppance, it looks like it`s happened here to two very snug arrogant people in fact kings of Smug & Arrogance.
I agree with the previous comment and hope the new people bring back the village pub feel.
29 Oct 2016 17:45
Not surprised the pub has just been sold again. This lot had no idea, basically killed off a lovely locals pub and created a city eating house, What`s the point ???????????

Lets hope the new company turn it back to a village friendly pub.
25 Oct 2016 12:29

The Surrey Yeoman, Dorking

picture of The Surrey Yeoman, Dorking

Address: 220, High St, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 1QR
Phone: 01306 741492
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Nearest train stations: Dorking Deepdene (0.5 miles), Dorking West (0.5 miles), Dorking (0.6 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

Now sold to a property developer - but may reopen as a restaurant or pub. If it doesn't become a pub again, Dorking will have no pub on the High Street.
3 May 2017 09:57
Now sold to a property developer - but may reopen as a restaurant or pub. If it doesn't become a pub again, Dorking will have no pub on the High Street.
3 May 2017 09:57
Oriental welcome, of the cold and disinterested variety.

With slow service.

Food was available at lunchtime yesterday - but nobody was eating.
2 Nov 2016 07:30

The Albion, Kingston Upon Thames

picture of The Albion, Kingston Upon Thames

Address: 45 Fairfield Rd, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 2PY
Phone: 020 8549 2346
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Nearest train stations: Kingston (0.3 miles), Norbiton (0.7 miles), Hampton Wick (0.8 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

Excellent range of 10 real ales and 5 real ciders. Sister pub to the superb brewpub Antelope in Surbiton.
16 May 2017 22:11
A nice pub all round and very pleased to see they have taken to stocking Angus Whitehead's Newtons's Discovery ciderkin on draught. I had not realised it was even supplied other than bottled. Newtons's Discovery is as far as I know the only remaining commercially made ciderkin in the country. While I am a fan of real ciders in the 6% - 7.5% range, a drink that tastes nearly as good but is just 3.8% also has a useful role.
26 Apr 2017 21:13
Now reopened by the Big Smoke Brewing Co. with a large range of beers, some of them Big Smoke's own but also Dark Star and others. The pub is cosy and similar in decor to the Antelope in Surbiton. It's about time this area had a decent pub (again, after the closure of the Newt and Ferret many years ago) and now it does.
4 Oct 2016 20:43

The Tower, Redhill

picture of The Tower, Redhill

Address: 33 High Street, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 1RD
Phone: 01737770316
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Nearest train stations: Redhill (0.1 miles), Earlswood - Surrey (0.9 miles), Reigate (1.6 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

Yes, saw something in the publicans' press about Wetherspoon's interest - for a Lloyds outlet. Makes sense in view of existing entertainment licences, and the demise of the only nightclub in the area.

Could be acquired cheaply and JDW often have more than one unit in the same location. Two in Worthing - across the road from each other. I - for one - hope JDW come in again - as the other pubs are dire.
28 Dec 2016 18:14
Interesting weald.

Yes the Wetherspoon (Sun) has taken 90% of Redhill's pub business.

I'm told they're looking at this venue, at the other end of the long High Street.

Big enough premises - and ticks a lot of 'spoon' boxes.

Like near a station and McDonald's.
22 Dec 2016 18:09
Can't see this place opening before Christmas, or ever.

Over the years, there have been several reincarnations/new names/management and themes - all failed.

Because so many Redhill pubs have closed, it has become a Wetherspoon zone - with The Sun as the only decent pub.

With an enormous turnover, and no real competition.
13 Dec 2016 17:50

Elements, Epsom

picture of Elements, Epsom

Address: 5-9 Spread Eagle Walk, High St, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 8DN
Phone: 01372 747499
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Nearest train stations: Epsom (0.1 miles), Ewell West (1.3 miles), Ewell East (1.4 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

Great, says fozzy - who's never been at Fever.

And where a lady was attacked with a champagne bottle, over the weekend.
5 Dec 2016 11:50
Reopening tonight after the refurb. Now called Fever & Boutique. Ignore the low rating its worth a ten at least. Its gonna be great.
9 Sep 2016 10:43
Its closed for a few weeks being refurbished.
You ought to go there sometime with your mates. Ha ha. Loser.
14 Aug 2016 17:02

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