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Liverpool pub and bar guide

Here's a guide to the pubs and bars of Liverpool - good or bad, we bring you the most talked about venues and the places you have to visit at least once. We've included a few user reviews, to give you an idea of what to expect when you get there. Or you can follow the links to see full details and all reviews for each pub.

The Roscoe Head, Liverpool

picture of The Roscoe Head, Liverpool

Address: 24-26 Roscoe Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 2SX
Phone: 0151 7094365
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Nearest train stations: Liverpool Central (0.3 miles), Lime Street Liverpool (0.4 miles), Moorfields (0.8 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

Dropped in here yesterday after the Dispensary's ale range disappointed. Seven Brothers Stout, Porter Street Oval 6, Dunscar Bridge Dunscar Gold, Oceanic Steam White Star, Tetleys Bitter & Timothy Taylor Landlord was the selection. Excellent as usual. Old Rosie was advertised. But I could not see the box that has been sat on the side of the bar on my last few visits. So perhaps they had run out. But real cider is becoming more of a feature her.
25 May 2015 19:52
Always worth a visit. Good old fashioned boozer with good ales. Would recommend.
2 Apr 2015 10:52
Always on the 'drop in for a bevvy' list when in town. What a pub should be a small convivial local as opposed to the cavernous drinking barns we get all too often. Ale was good and as it is a old school alehouse they refused to serve someone too drunk to stand.
25 Nov 2014 17:38

Vernon Arms, Liverpool

picture of Vernon Arms, Liverpool

Address: 69 Dale Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L2 2HJ
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Nearest train stations: Moorfields (0 miles), James Street (0.3 miles), Lime Street Liverpool (0.5 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

Hadn't been in the Vernon for a few months. So I decided to return yesterday. It's the same dependable range of ales in a pub with a touch of character. Whilst you'll get a far better selection of ales in the Ship & Mitre just down the road, the Vernon is a pub where you're more likely to find a table. Ales on yesterday were Boggart Rum Porter, Cheshire Brew Brothers Cheshire Gold, Liverpool Craft Fox Cub, Blakemere Summer Breeze & Deep Dark Secret & Brains The Rev James. Cider is still Black Dragon. Still one of my 5 favourite pubs in Liverpool.
25 May 2015 19:47
No flash stuff, just honest beers served by nice people.
A decent selection of grub to go with your pint and not expensive.
Worth dropping in to try at least a couple of jars.
29 Apr 2015 15:26
A great pub, excellent well kept real ales. Great for an after work pint.
14 Sep 2014 18:08

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

picture of The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

Address: 33 Wapping, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 8DQ
Phone: 0151 709 3116
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Nearest train stations: Brunswick (0.3 miles), James Street (0.5 miles), Liverpool Central (0.5 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

Enjoyed the Wapping ales, decent boozer, but back room reserved for diners.
2 Apr 2015 10:44
A proper old fashioned pub, with a open fire log burner, good drink, friendly welcoming staff and a warm atmosphere.

Wrapping Stout 5% chocolate and coffee 10/10

Starts to get busy around 4pm. Serves some good food including scouse (only 4.50!). Glad we went. Would recommend.
7 Mar 2015 05:39
Called in The Baltic 22/11/14. I hadn't been in for a good while, and I think they have made good use of the available space by moving the bar to its new place along the centre wall, and putting in a new door where the bar used to be, at the "blunt" end of the building.
Had a pint of Wapping 80/- followed by Wapping Summer Ale - both excellent.
Good, friendly service.
Speaking as a rail user, it's a bit of a walk across the city centre from Lime Street, but worth it.
On the way back, there's The Bridewell and The Hub so it's not as if it's a long way just for one pub.
23 Nov 2014 13:16

The Dispensary, Liverpool

picture of The Dispensary, Liverpool

Address: 87 Renshaw Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 2SP
Phone: 0151 709 2160
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Nearest train stations: Liverpool Central (0.2 miles), Lime Street Liverpool (0.4 miles), Moorfields (0.7 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

Only pub I've come across in the last 10 years that refuses to allow you a taste of the beer. Actually that's not completely true - the guy (presume the manager you're all talking about) did reluctantly pull the tiniest tasting I've ever seen but when I later asked the (much more sociable) young barmaid for one of a 6% IPA I was told it was pub policy not to offer tastes. If they offered beer flights I could understand, but seriously, a policy not to allow even the smallest sample is just antisocial. Shame as the beer is of course very good - especially the Mild. But the Ship & Mitre is just so much more customer-centric, friendly and they gladly offer samples.
10 May 2015 13:22
Mobbed pub selling decent beer. Visited Friday evening and Saturday early evening.
2 Apr 2015 10:47
Just stopped in for one before heading over to Prenton Park to watch Plymouth Argyle beat Tranmere. No obnoxious landlord in sight, just a fine selection of beers. I had a mild from the George Wright brewery and my mate tried halves of Oakham Citra and one of Arbor's beers. Plenty of choice and an interesting interior so would be a happy place to spend an hour or two.
13 Oct 2014 09:36

Thomas Rigby's, Liverpool

picture of Thomas Rigby's, Liverpool

Address: 23 - 25 Dale Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L2 2EZ
Phone: 01512363269
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Nearest train stations: Moorfields (0.1 miles), James Street (0.2 miles), Liverpool Central (0.5 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

After visits to the Ship & Mitre and the Vernon, we continued along Dale Street to Rigbys. It's been a while since I've been in here. We rarely get this far along the street. Having met the owners a few months ago in Ukraine, I decided to try it out once again. Inside is still quite nice. But it's always difficult to find a seat. Yesterday was no different, as many were in to watch the live football. We retreated to the outdoor courtyard, which also has a TV screen and was also packed. But we found a corner to stand. Had a quick look in the Lady of Mann that shares the same courtyard. But the ale range in there wasn't the best. In Rigbys itself they had Okells Bitter, IPA & Saison, Jennings Dark Mild, Purple Moose Snowdonia Ale & Odyssey Bootlegger. Real cider is no longer stocked. Ok for a quick drink if you're down this way.
9 Aug 2015 12:57
Plenty of character. Good ales, Okells Isle of Man excellent. Helpful friendly bar staff.
8 Mar 2015 09:43
My first try of Okells beer and I enjoyed it. Good vibrant atmosphere at tea time with a mixture of football fans before the Everton game and workers. A bit quieter after 10pm on my return when I tried the excellent HB Dunkel, even if it was £4.50! Friendly lads behind the counter.
5 Dec 2014 01:19

The Grapes, Liverpool

picture of The Grapes, Liverpool

Address: 60 Roscoe Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 9DW
Phone: 0151 709 8617
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Nearest train stations: Liverpool Central (0.3 miles), Lime Street Liverpool (0.5 miles), James Street (0.8 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

Small street corner bar, sporting several hand pumps and a bustling, sociable atmosphere. It's main clientele seemed to be connected to the college next door, but this was not intimidating as can happen with similarly placed hostelries. My only gripe would be that my Oceanic Steam beer was the most innocuous at 4.5% which put paid to anything like a prolonged session. The bar staff were commendably attentive though. 7/10.
26 Mar 2015 17:00
The Grapes has increased its real ale range within the last year. I've also seen a real cider stocked sometimes. Yesterday, they had Brimstage Oyster Catcher, Oceanic Steam Pier 59, Peerless Full Whack, Liverpool Craft Damson & Oatmeal Stout, Melwood Liberty, Tetleys Gold & Waen 54-46. Service is generally friendly and Thai food is still advertised. I've never seen anybody order it though. Much improved.
16 Mar 2015 19:04
First visit for a couple of years. The customers were a mix of office staff, students and hippy/punk types. A good selection of ales. There was a strong smell of skunk coming from the smoking area behind the pub when I went to the toilets. A lady was cooking Thai food in a tiny kitchen and regularly bringing it out to customers. The two barmen were pleasant and helpful. I forgotten about the narrow bar area and having to continually move out of the way of people. Not a pub I could spend all night in but well worth a visit.
10 Dec 2014 12:20

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