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Hog in the Pound, Bond Street

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user reviews of the Hog in the Pound, Bond Street

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Closing down to become shops on 2 July. Karaoke on 17 June and for one final time on 1 July.
rainlight - 14 Jun 2011 19:13
Good if you need to escape Oxford St but still more barn than boozer. Beer in good condition but toilets need attention, they are grim. Downstairs preferable to upstairs.
EN5 - 31 May 2011 14:52
Visited this pub today at Lunchtime. very quiet but had an enjoyable pint of Sharps Doombar, whilst sitting outside in the winter sunshine. Cannot comment on the Food or Evening Trade but from what I experience would make a return visit. Flat Screen TV showing sport (Rugby advertised when I went).
Bitter_Man - 16 Feb 2011 22:17
Karaoke's good though, Sallie and her pal running it. People dance too! I wouldn't eat here, there are plenty of good non-pub food places around here so why eat in a pub instead? Beer is Greene King which is not my favourite but in their defence they do have GK seasonal beers as well as the regular codswallop.
Gotta let the music play on ... though 'all night long' is perhaps pushing it a bit as ISTR that eleven o'clock closing is rigorously enforced, which is a shame in the West End.
rainlight - 23 Jul 2009 20:04
CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Popped in yesterday whilst trawling Oxford Street, looks nice & authentic, Bond St, Busy enough.... thats where the good stuff ends
When ordering our meals i asked for alteration on the meal, Sausage instead of Ham, no big deal, both were sat right in front of me on the hot hold... The reply from the staff member was'You get the food you ordered, nothing else, you cant add to it, you cant take away from it, you just get what you ordered, got it?' Stupidly, i stayed, once lifted of £30 was told to come back to the bar in 10 min & collect my food.
Once the 10 min was up, i checked to see if the food was there, it wasnt, a few mins later the barmn shouted out our food, as we atarted eatin our re-fried chips, over cooked egg on cheap ham i came across one of the barmans lovely flowing locks of hair in my food... priceless, this place is a SWERVE
hogie107 - 12 Apr 2009 13:23
I have been working there 10 years ago and I think we were the great staff and everything was professional and I hope now is the same it was one of my best days ............
skyjolie - 5 Apr 2009 01:10
I thought this pub was really nice - the downstairs has a great feel to it and is a lot larger than the small upstairs bar... the food I had was great, and the staff were really friendly. It's a lot nicer than most others around, which tend to be a bit snooty!
marsy - 2 Apr 2009 10:23
bit of a tatty joint, filled with a mixture of tourists, drunk office workers and chavs.
TheGP - 22 Dec 2008 08:59
I can not imagine why anyone other than the most gullible of tourists or thirsty of alcoholics would venture in here do yourselves a favour and walk further into Mayfair - there are many, many superior alternatives
murgatroyd - 30 Nov 2008 21:52
I remember going here a while ago and quite enjoying it. Went again at the weekend and it was awful. About the most unfriendly staff I've seen in a long time. It seemed to take them ages to explain that they accepted cards but there was a minimum spend of £5. Inside is empty (no seats) and outside is smoky and cold - ok I can't blame them for the weather. A fairly miserable and shitty pub.
ilikebeer7 - 5 Oct 2008 21:54
A tourist trap in the worst sense. The toilets weren't working, there were dirty tables and the place lacked any atmosphere. The food was what we paid for (but since we were looking for somewhere cheap to eat that is not saying a lot.)

A return visit? Not a chance.
Arnaud - 16 Sep 2008 18:39
A really dodgy tourist trap pub which should be avoided where possible. Sit outside and smell the drains, sit inside and smell... well, it's questionable. Food is the Aldi's finest and the staff seem to change daily. Loo's stink, lacks atmosphere but rakeing it in due to location.
pussycat21 - 19 Aug 2008 14:29
Have been to the karaoke on friday nites twice in the last 4 weeks and dont understand how the compare is not making big bucks in the west end with a voice like hers - somebody snap her up and pay her what shes worth!!
sallie76 - 26 Jun 2008 22:30
I believe yer right Strummerville. My mate from NYC just sent me this today from the Beeb website about pubs closing. You know it's bad that 3 of my locals were on the there as well !

This pub will always bring back memories of good times. Uusally the last pub to hit for yer final lager as you needed to get home before you got too pissed (miweek boozer mind you).

This was a stop by boozer I thought. If you ate any food here, you'd be crazy. A classic pub in it's own way. Thank good I got to go a few times several years ago before it closes.

Baltimore, MD USA
Joseph65 - 7 Feb 2008 20:38
I have heard that this place is closing ?
Shame if it does, good boozer (I've got a soft spot for "triangular" pubs on the corner of blocks). It may not mean too much too many other people, but this is where Shane MacGowan asked Cait O'Riordan to join The Pogues bak in 1982.
strummerville - 30 Jan 2008 21:35
Be very careful of the food!! Its OK if you like Iceland frozen food for Harrods prices. The chicken burger was mechanically recovered chicken mush coated with bread crumbs in a bun, limp salad from three days ago and chips all for £6.25. Makes McD look good
ruffyian - 13 Jan 2008 15:22
Bit confused about the address of this place. Is it Oxford St;South Molton St or Bond St?
anonymous - 3 Aug 2007 13:40
Couldn't get a chair outside, or indeed anywhere to sit inside, but had a nice pint of Hogs Back Brewery T.E.A...
rpadam - 17 May 2007 22:39
The location of this pub is excellent for a pint to reward yourself for putting up with the hoards of shoppers and tourists whilst buying some essentials from Next.

Iíve only been to the downstairs bar to use the toilet, but it looks a lot bigger than the upstairs bar (which isnít difficult). As the local office workers like standing at the bar it can be somewhat of a mission to get served when it is busy. Never really spotted it being smoky, but as a scumbag smoker myself I probably just havenít noticed.

There is a lot of seating outside, but itís a little exposed to traffic fumes and itís not the greatest view.

Definitely a good pub to prepare yourself for a fun packed journey on the tube.
Strongers - 1 May 2007 15:50
Bit smokey inside but nice to sit outside and watch the world go by. Ale was in good nick.
dyyony - 23 Feb 2007 19:10
Article in Evening Standard(14/2/07) stating the 'Hog in the Pound' is one of about 20 pubs in London under threat of closure. It has been sold to a development company. Shame, I liked the old 'Hog', very useful for a quick nose-bag on the hoof! on one of those laborious shopping expeditions in Oxford Street. I felt as happy as a pig in s**t here! If the 'bacon is cooked', it will be sorely missed. TJ
TeeJay - 15 Feb 2007 23:35
Very average tourist pub, poor food, but every now and again usually a Thursday, the landlord and another local landlord get together with the a guitarist from Mott The Hoople and another from Thin Lizzy and thrash about down stairs, absolutely brilliant.
People watching outside is quite good fun in summer.
anonymous - 19 Jul 2006 11:36
Very average sort of a pub trading purely on its location - it's handy after shopping or for meeting people off the Tube. That being said it's pleasant enough to be outside on a sunny day.
tim_eyles - 4 Jul 2006 00:04
I visited this pub on a Friday night, this pub has a great party atmoshere, the karaoke is great fun and is on every friday. It has been redecorated and it has really brightened it up, The bar staff are very friendly and dance around to the music. I have never been here during the week but would def recommend a friday night for a fun, laid back night out.
anonymous - 26 Jun 2006 17:01
I had a pint in here on my way back to Bond Street station one afternoon and wasn't impressed. It was full of tourists and shoppers and the service was slow and inattentive. I made a swift exit after finishing my drink.
C.B - 12 May 2006 13:32
My mates and I used to go here weekly for a couple of months after the 9/11 attacks and discuss the situation while getting smashed. We only went there because it was central for everyone coming from all parts of London and close to transport & because they sold jugs of beer for about 9 squid - a rarity. After about 10 times we finally became sick of it and moved on to others with more better atmosphere. Agree with general comments that it can get as smokey as hell - one night our eyes started watering as most of our group was smoking and the airing system pushed the smoke back down on to us....disgusting, but amusing.
Hard_pork - 22 Apr 2006 12:30
Not really a fan of this place, smokey, dirty and crowded. Although it can be nice to sit outside in the summer and watch all the crazed shoppers running around!
theadz01 - 6 Mar 2006 10:33
Haven't been back here since '02, but used to pop in here on the way to other watering holes back in the 80s. Being a yank living in London, I stayed away from the place because it was just loaded with tourists, smokey, slow service, etc.. It was same 18 yrs later. If you want a quiet pint and no tourists, go else where.
Joseph65 - 28 Feb 2006 20:01
I visited this pub last night (17/02/06) and was very dissapointed. It was incredibly overcrowed and very smokey - so much so that I can hardly speak today. The clientell seem to be regular and my friends and I felt uninvited, given shifty looks by a particular group of students. There just isn't enough seating and he had to stand by the toilets for the evening. The staff were moody and barely cracked a smile unless for the regulars.

The drinks were reasonably priced though saying that none of the group drank alcohol - A round of four soft drinks came to just over £5.00. The entertainment, Karaoke was medioke despite the best efforts of the compare who did a brilliant job.

I wouldn't recommend this pub for nights out. I'm sure it would be quite charming the odd lunchtime drink with its tradition pub setting, but I would never go back to The Hog In The Pound.
shfm - 18 Feb 2006 22:14
Last time I went to this pub it was incredibly smokey, which was very offputting.
jaq - 11 Feb 2005 16:14
Tourists go here and declare it an authentic English pub. It is insofar that it sells beer and they accept pounds sterling.

Buying drinks is somewhat trying as the majority of middle-aged customers are from anywhere but Britain where they don't have pub queue etiquette, plus the barstaff don't care anyway as they're invariably Polish. Fine if you need a £3 pint immediately, you've just fallen out of Bond Street tube, and your broken legs won't carry you anywhere else.
Ruby - 18 Sep 2004 03:40
When i London, the first pub i visit is Hog in the Pound. I think it is such a cosy pub. And the food is some of the best pub-food.
Peter KraunsÝe - 20 Aug 2004 10:45
This pub is great if you like your pubs totally bereft of any atmosphere, full of overpriced lagers and, worse still, full of tourists. I only hoped that London is not judged by the extereme lacking of this total dive.
robin - 3 Jun 2003 13:46
Leif - 13 May 2003 19:42
Had a great time. Great people, excellent place to unwind after a day of sight seeing. Loved the "aftershocks" and the Karioke.
Paul D. Westin - 21 Mar 2003 23:51
wot is the website of the guy who does karaoke ? i can't remember it! cheers
anonymous - 1 Mar 2003 21:15
Can anyone give me the history of this pub. I think my father was landlord for a while in the 1940's

bernadette grindlay (Nee Fahey) - - 30 Jan 2003 18:35
This place rocks on a friday night; the karaoke guy sticks photos up on the internet of what you've been doing. Good crowd between 7 - 11pm, and packed out from 11pm onwards. Shuts at one, good access to cheap (ish) kebab shop and night busses. Beer isnt the cheapest
Tom - 28 Jan 2003 10:09
when i went there a while back for a kariokee it was great
chris - 12 Dec 2002 14:49
Not a bad place. Almost an oasis in Oxford Street. Worth a visit.
Alistair - 29 Nov 2002 13:47
It's a fantastic pub,with fantastic friendly staff,and joe is brillian.
jade - 20 Nov 2002 11:00

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