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A yank who Lived in London from 79-87 as teen/adult. Work in Wash DC, but live in Baltimore because DC sucks - All wankers.

Go back to the UK each year to visit mates that have I known since I was kid. They work during the day, I get pissed at the pubs from 12-6pm and then out again !

Usual pubs visited is where I lived (mayfair, bayswater,) and where mates lived (south kens/chelsea). Since I found this page, it's been most informative and cannot wait to get down to some pubs that I haven't been around. Well done you guys !

Love the UK !

Username: Joseph65

Age: 55

Sex: male

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The Coborn Arms, Bow

Alistair - Bummer news about my old haunt. I believe I was the first to post on this site years ago about how much I really liked it. At that time, my old gf lived at the Wellington Bldgs, so I was always here. It was a proper 'hood boozer with really good food. Glad I was there back in the day. Cheers. Joe USA

9 Apr 2015 17:33

The Black Lion, Bayswater

Glasgow Boy - Good chance I might of seen you there in 84/85 as my family were living on Inverness Terrace at the time. Wasn't my everyday local, but used quite a bit. Didn't like they way they opened it up when I was back in London, but things change. I read last year the property is up for 28M quid or something. Shame.


29 Jan 2015 13:42

The Richmal Crompton, Bromley

Too funny...I thought about this pub when I got back from my London holi's in October. Got off Bromley S vs. North, so I had a few moments to knock down a bottle of Becks waiting for my mate to pick me up. I have never seen a pub as big as this. Maybe being used to city pubs, don't know. For some reason it looked a bit intimitading, but I think it was because of the size and how it might be different when it was rocking at night. Anyway...nice young lady at the bar who was friendly, and the rest of the bar staff seemed to be polite.


24 Jan 2012 19:13

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