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Garland, Redhill

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What's all this "earthy authenticity"? Someone give you a smack?

Sadly for me, despite the refurb, this place is a shadow of its former self. Beer quality still too hit-and-miss for me to visit regularly, kitchen still closed, landlord best described as disinterested. Shame.
lynx - 27 Sep 2019 16:20
Always a pleasure to find a Harvey's pub. Good beer, good service and a very pleasant beer garden. Nothing at all not to like.

It seemed to be doing well on Saturday afternoon and it deserves to continue to do well.
terenced - 23 Sep 2019 08:54
The Garland misses out on CamRA Good Beer Guide listing for 2020, but rest assured that this judgement wasn't based on the conditions of either the Best or seasonal offering, both of which tend to turn over far more frequently and so are still well-worth sampling. It's true that the pub under its interim management company regime is less beer-focused, and nothing like the old range of Harvey's can be supported with current customer preferences. Nevertheless, custom is brisk, and there is an atmosphere of earthy authenticity here - definitely no pretensions and what one sees is what one gets.

Most encouragingly, the brewery have apparently shown some ongoing commitment to the pub despite the lack of long-term suitable tenant willing to stump-up the ludicrous annual rent being levied. The exterior has been fully-redecorated and to smart effect with the recent Harvey's livery incorporated into the scheme. Some interior upgrading was completed earlier in 2019, without detracting from the core Victorian character. Although personally I think the all-bare wood carpetless option doesn't work. Minor matter though.
Gamboozler - 1 Sep 2019 18:56
Wrong: In addition to the Wetherspoon (The Sun), there's the excellent Junction in the centre of town - with high quality Thai food.
randolf7 - 5 May 2019 10:07
There is some posting history for this place - I found it a decent old school boozer serving a decent pint of Harveys with a horseshoe type bar and a bar billiard table. Worth the additional walk from the station for a decent pint (the only other ale option being a Wetherspoon outlet)
Snarling_Mallard - 4 May 2019 22:20
Although only seven weeks since Lynx's last post, it's all-change yet-again at The Garland, which frustratingly continues to find no takers as long-term tenants, and remains in the uncertain and sadly often indifferent hands of a caretaker holding company. Harvey's are apparently insisting that they're simply holding out for suitable newbies to take the reins, although even if the present approach is not a deliberate strategy to wear it down with a view to a flash sale as a residential prospect, it is without doubt having an attritional effect, as many locals begin to desert in favour of more welcoming and stable alternatives.

For now, the latest incumbents are Tina and Dave, who have experience in the industry over 25 years and if they seem familiar, you're most likely to have last seen them at The White Lion at the other end of the road in the last three months. Greene King have closed that pub and sold it on, although it remains unclear as to whether the new owners are to reopen it as a going concern, or convert it to other use. In any event, for the interim it has at least given the G a default boost in custom beyond the die-hard regulars wishing to keep the faith while it's in the doldrums, as it has inherited several refugees from the WL, which is no bad thing. At least they've got somewhere they can use as an alternative.

While the cosmetic state of the place inside and out is clearly evident, there have been some moves to make changes - not all appropriate or necessary but that's the nature of holding companies who apply a catch-all template to pubs with no nuances. The overarching observation in my (albeit restricted) experience of late has been consistency in cask ale quality - the Lewes Castle Brown I enjoyed last Friday was on cracking form, and so at least whoever is doing the cellaring seems to know what's needed. If the G loses its beer quality reputation, it really could be the road to ruin as it's primarily traded on this for 26 years.

I can't help but harbour doubts and worries, but so far, all is not lost, and it's still a decent watering hole, just without the heart it had and so sorely needs back. We can but hope.
Gamboozler - 20 Sep 2018 16:30
Jon gone; and with him the management company that let the place run down so badly.

We'll see what happens next, and whether Harveys are really interested in restoring the Garland as one of their flagship ale houses. There is a lot of work to be done.

In the meantime don't expect any food, and do expect frankly hit-and-miss ale quality. Steve is running the show for now, and things are starting to look promising again.
lynx - 31 Jul 2018 15:53
After a decidedly thin period of two weeks during which the management company Harvey's have drafted-in to run The Garland (and who are in fact now the signed tenants) initially employed someone entirely unsuited to managing pubs and who threatened to lose it what modest custom remained, things have been rectified considerably. This is mostly thanks to the appointment of Jon, who was known and liked prior to his arrival, and seems to have a far-better notion of how to run this kind of venue, and is receptive specifically to what 'Garlanders' prefer.

Drinks-wise, things remain as they were, although with a broader - and I am bound to say more-consistently-kept - range of Harvey's cask beers available. Usually one will find at least five served, rising to six plus a real cider (Cheddar Valley at present). I believe this will help to gradually lure back some of those who were disillusioned and restore the pub to one of its key strengths - provision of sound beer. For non-cask lovers, Jon has also reinstated Guinness, alongside a couple of lager options, which may well please some folk.

Food is being catered-for nicely and what looks to be a suitably-pitched menu is now operating - i.e. hearty and accessible pub meals offered at what I'd judge as competitive prices. I've yet to sample the solid wares myself, but it can't help but lend a hand to bringing back a more healthy balance sheet.

Décor is as it ever was - by that I mean suited to the Victorian shell it sits in, but in need of some tender loving care! The brewery have agreed to a refurbishment, apparently scheduled for April, so watch this space. The musty and virtually shagpile-free carpet may only have to be endured for another couple of months!

Jon and Co seem to be taking the best of the past while tweaking things to ensure a more sustainable future. The management company seem to allow him a reasonable degree of autonomy, and he is free to introduce ideas that customer feedback indicates may be popular - meat raffles, sporting events etc. It's a long road yet to travel if it is to return fully to its finest hour, especially in today's restrictive climate. But I have more faith that it'll come closer now than in its darkest days of October. Best of luck folks.
Gamboozler - 16 Feb 2018 15:41
Alas, Pete and Anca have decided to call it a day early and hang up their beer towels. While I fully-appreciate they have reasons for this and they shall be much-missed, we must now hope that in a few months'' time, whoever is found to take over will be at least as good a custodian of this classic pub as its predecessors have in their different ways.

The difficulty is that from most sources I hear from, the direction that Harvey''s Brewery seem to be taking is far from one which most would like to see, and increasingly they are marginalising tenanted arrangements in favour of managed houses, which does not in my book bode well for the future. It will take someone very tolerant and in love with the industry to want to work with them now. As always, only time will tell.

Gamboozler - 1 Sep 2017 16:04
The Garland is this year's recipient of the coveted East & Mid Surrey CamRA 'Pub of the Year' Award, which is arguably a long-overdue recognition of its primacy as a local hostelry built on decent cask beer. Well done Pete for securing this accolade.

I should just add for anyone still using this site for information on pubs is that food-wise things are developing too; Anca is utilising her heritage to provide a range of Romanian dishes, served tapas-style, on the first Thursday of every month.
Gamboozler - 21 Mar 2017 12:50
Pete's second beer fest went ahead last weekend, I would surmise to even greater audiences than his first, as although around the same number of additional cask ales were available (12), he laid on live music, which is always a draw here, to the point where it can get somewhat claustrophobic! Not always my cup o' tea, as I like to have some bullish banter and chirpy chat in my local, which can be rendered difficult or impossible when a band is playing and their entourage tend to takeover for the evening.

But it undeniably keeps tills ringing, and I'm hugely pleased that this formula, which besides the extra beers is now used every three weeks with a regular live act performing either Fri or Sat eve, puts the place in the pink.

A national range of beers were represented for 2016, and the six I sampled were found in generally good form, though particularly so earlier doors on the Saturday, as at that point fewer folk were in as the band were yet to begin. Friday late doors saw slightly warmer and flatter ale, but then with that number of people about, as well as humid conditions, it's no wonder.

Keep on doing the fests folks, and keep on improving.
Gamboozler - 28 Jun 2016 17:47
Still supplying sound enough cask beer to be entered into the latest edition of the CamRA Good Beer Guide! Keep up the good work Pete.
Gamboozler - 22 Sep 2015 11:24
The beer festival went ahead as promised on 20-21 June, and went well. A range of ales, many of which wouldn't normally be seen in this vicinity, even in the nearby Wetherspoon's were featured, and were supped with predictable gusto by regulars and newbies alike. The prospects for a second similar event in 2016 seem promising.

A wine tasting was held on 6 August and although unable to attend myself, I gather it was a success.

Business-as-usual-wise, nothing to report other than beers continue to be kept well - the Lewes Castle being a particular winner right now - and all is generally hail-fellow-well-met at the G. Oh, and apparently there is a new 'resident' live band set to feature on Sundays from 27 September, alongside the once-every-few-weeks sets by the usual local acts which the punters know and love.

Gamboozler - 26 Aug 2015 17:51
Seems to be doing well under the new management. Beer quality remains high and there's even been (gasp!) a guest ale, Proper Job from St Austell, along with the usual Harveys (up to 7 on).

Beer festival on 20-21 June, looks promising.
lynx - 30 May 2015 02:52
Thank you for all your good (and bad) reviews. We can't make any comments about previous landlords but all we can say is that the pub won't change drastically. The beer will stay and hopefully the customers too :-).
Anyone that had a bad experience in the past is more than welcome to come back. Maybe we will manage to change their opinion.
Thank you.
thegarland - 19 Nov 2014 22:19
Happy to report P & A's first week installed at the helm of this pub seems to have gone well.

Fine food and well-kept cask ale continue to be offered, as will the charity fund-raising community meal events in future once things bed-in. Pete advises that he has secured a currently-rare concession from Harvey's to allow him to run a beer festival at The Garland, featuring ales from various breweries beyond the usual. Given Harveys' recent announcement of a move to national distribution and a reported quarter of their tenanted houses up for grabs just now, perhaps we will see more flexibility from them in coming years as they relax their approach to generate greater business. The fest should be held some time in the first quarter or so of 2015. An international wine festival is also in the offing.

Best wishes to you folks, and I'm sure us regulars are looking forward to enjoying the old place just as we have done under previous tenures.
Gamboozler - 10 Nov 2014 09:52
Make that Monday 3rd November for P & A's actual first day of trade, with S & L's leaving event on Saturday 25th October. An end of an all-too-short era folks. You will be missed by many, although comfort can be found from knowing that the pub is remaining in familiar and capable hands. Assurances on beer, food, decor and punter quality have been given....!
Gamboozler - 24 Oct 2014 17:10
Yes Mrgrumpy (still yet to work out who you are but I must know you!), changes are afoot as Lesley & Stuart are due to leave in the Autumn after over six years, with Peter and Anca the established chef and - until recently - barmaid taking over the reigns on Saturday 1 November. I doubt that much will change, as they've observed for themselves first-hand what works and what does not; certainly ale-wise Pete has a respect for cellarmanship and the Harvey's range should remain as broad as it ever was. Plus they are an engaging and well-liked couple locally. There's no need to re-invent any wheels here, and whilst there is arguably always room for some improvement, I would be as surprised as I would be dismayed if things were to alter unfavourably here.

Just as long as those who were barred and barred for good reason under S & L's tenure don't try their luck and expect to get away with it, all should be well....!
Gamboozler - 15 Aug 2014 17:24
Still a good pub and the one I tend to visit after shopping in the ghastly Redhill town centre. However changes are afoot - hopefully they won't be too drastic. At least there will still be Harveys beers on sale, the finest beers in the south.
mrgrumpy - 30 Jul 2014 08:33
The landlady was understandably aggrieved by some earlier comments on this site, which weren't really fair in their reflection of her contribution to the pub's smooth running. Lesley does much for the Garland, and her apparent arrival sometimes later on in the day belies the effort she puts in behind the scenes. Landlord Stuart isn't always on the scene in person either, but hasn't received such criticism! Both are usually convivial with customers, and in busier times they will both be willing to sally forth and supplement the efforts of their staff.

Ale still ace, food always fine. Live music every three Saturdays or so for those who are interested too. When you find the G-spot, make the best of it!
Gamboozler - 9 May 2014 12:48
Like this place for a quick pint on the way home. The staff are friendly and the pub has a nice busy atmosphere. The beer that I've had has been well looked after, really good quality pint of Best last time i was in there. The pub interior id a bit dated but to be honest the majority of locals are a bit older so that's fine. Definitely worth a visit for a cheeky pint.
Mrsausages - 24 Jan 2014 11:09
An excellent pint or three of Harvey's Best enjoyed last night. The quality of the beer was significantly better than the quality of the football on offer at the Redhill v Merstham football match.

Good pub friendly enough.
ericstadd - 21 Aug 2013 08:45
Nice enough pub until kicking out time, that's when the none existent land lady comes out of her hovel and puts her own spell of evil nastiness on the customers.
Used to like the pub, good customers, but the witch behind the pub is enough to put anyone off!!!!!
Meg555 - 8 Jun 2013 02:16
Nice pub with a real old fashioned feel to it. Not sure what all the clown figurines are about?! The beer selection is good, and the service from the team behind he bar is great. Unfortunately the landlady comes across as very unfriendly - almost as if she sees the pub as her front room rather than a pub - she makes you feel like you shouldn't be there!
On the other hand, the landlord is a very interesting man who welcomes all that venture in to the Garland. It is a shame that the landlady cannot embrace his talent for talking to everyone about anything and everything.
sheiladavis - 8 Jun 2013 02:14
Pub is OK, beer is good..shame about the landlord, he's very rude!!
pub_seeker - 19 Mar 2013 13:11
Excellent community pub. Very busy when I was there on Saturday afternoon. The beer was in superb form. Friendly and efficient staff.
simontheeditor - 17 Mar 2013 08:39
Given the recent relaxation of licensing law, which allows live music to be put on for venues up to a certain capacity without the need for a licence, Stuart and Lesley have embraced the idea, and 2 local acts (Jinn House and Clarence Walk & The Hardwicks) have appeared since 1 December. Both reportedly went down very well with punters.

I believe the next act is due on 26 January, though impromptu 'jam' sessions can appear at various times over the weekends.
TWG - 19 Dec 2012 17:48
Followed some reviews on other sites and the beer guide to seek this place out while I was in the area.

Large corner building just a few mins walk from Redhill town centre and station.

A Harveys tied house with 6 of their ales on including the November seasonal Bonfire Boy.

Had a couple of pints, both excellent including Bonfire Boy.

Really nice pub, friendly staff, not tarted up or fancy just a proper pub.

Don't let the exterior put you off this place is a gem.
lezford - 25 Nov 2012 12:53
Finally made my first (brief) visit to the Garland on Saturday evening.

Vary good range of beers, I decided to go for the Addlestones Cloudy cider and it was excellent, much beeter then the Strongbow/Blackthorn rubbish too many other pubs flog these days.

It's a big old pub with two dart boards and a bar billiards table which is something you don't see very often these days. THe pub itself had the feeling of a proper local pub and the bar maid / landlady? was very friendly.

Will certainly be back for a longer visit.
kevmac - 5 Nov 2012 19:13
A lunchtime trip to check out an old favourite. I found eight, yes 8, Harvey's ales on tap. All in excellent nick and at good prices. Food cracking - HE&C now £6.50 but still the biggest and the best. Lovely paint job on the old place to make up for the unromantic location, it's like a TARDIS of craft brewed ale dropped into the modern world. A PROPER vintage pub.
thirstybob - 1 Nov 2012 20:29
Just doing a little local round-up of pubs that have secured a berth in the 2013 CamRA Good Beer Guide - not the be all and end all by any stretch, but a reasonable indication that all is fairing well at least beer-wise - and noting this on their BITE entry. The Garland is, inevitably, one of FOUR pubs which were deemed fit enough for entry this year.

Keep up the good work Stuart, Lesley and team (don't bother with the bribes to CamRA committee members next year; you're perfectly good enough without them!!)
TWG - 30 Aug 2012 17:02
Great boozer , reasonable prices and choice of good ales ,friendly staff.
THUNFAN007 - 13 Mar 2012 22:10
What's not to like about The Garland? Lovely staff, excellent ales and the best (the very best) Ham Egg and Chips (ignoring any salad stuff) in Surrey (£6.25, two eggs a ton of chips and about a half pound of local ham). If heaven was like The Garland I'd stop my sinfulness right now ;-)
thirstybob - 24 Feb 2012 20:50
Like a country pub parachuted into town, the Garland is difficult to beat as Redhill's top pub (although the White Lion at the top of the hill is giving it a good go). Consistently excellent ales - pretty much the full Harveys' range - with a full bottled selection as well.
ScotchMissed - 19 Feb 2012 17:20
Friendly and welcoming Harvey's pub that never disappoints. If you like a traditional town local with very well-kept beer, The Garland is deserving of your patronage.
richythemole - 9 Jan 2012 07:03
Large, single roomed Harveys pub about 5 minutes from the station. Seperate function room and large garden. Bar Billiards table to one side of the bar. 8 pumps dispensing 5 Harveys beers yesterday starting at £2.80 for the mild. Friendly staff and customers. The fairly standard looking pub menu looked reasonably priced and the portions coming from the kitchen looked good.
cheshirecat - 18 Nov 2011 09:13
Very friendly staff and locals (mate struck up a conversation with a local straight away). Good beer and bar billiards (which always scores an extra point with me). Complimentary sandwiches and amiable atmosphere. A tad distressed that the first pub I visit in Redhill may have been the best (is it only downhill from here?). Didn't need to hear the Counting Crows album twice however. I have never unfavourably commented on another BITE user but this 'slerpy' (having perused other comments of his) is either deliberately antagonistic/impolite, or has his experiences of particular establishments marred by his own personality rather than that of others. Personally, I can't justify giving this less than an 8 based on first impressions.
filf - 31 Oct 2011 01:37
Top venue for bar billiards, although situated in a rather soulless and claustrophobic room. Main bar area is pleasant, a quiet place to have a pint and read your newspaper.
tommo5 - 23 Jul 2011 23:41
Visited on a Saturday afternoon, 18 June. Apart from the standard Harvey's they had the Copperwheat and Brown Bess Ale. Bottles on a list on the tables. Helpful bar staff, great pub.
GuideDogSaint - 27 Jun 2011 23:30
First class Harveyspub. A wide range of seven or eight harveys ales on last Friday all of which were tried by us and all rated to be in very good nick. It was mid afternoon and when we enquired to have the music turned down they happily isolated it in our area so we could chat away merrily. Bar staff welcoming and informative and beer perfect. No idea about the food, we were there for the beer.
dagenhamdave - 15 Mar 2011 15:08
Very good Harveys best bitter. And the pub has really improved over the last 6 months.Probably the best pub in Redhill.
wa11ace - 4 Dec 2010 13:56
By way of an update on the everyday running of the G-spot: From this week, an expanded food menu is being made available, which features the same pub classics as in recent years, and a few slightly more adventurous options, all at similarly competitiive prices. It has been decided that there is sufficient interest in the local market to justify offering food in the early evening as well as lunch, up until 7PM. This is courtesy of one Pete Stevens, an affable cove who's stood in for Stuart & Lesley previously and has been given a regular position as Master of Victuals during the hours of kitchen activity.... Let's hope the quality remains high and that enough starving punters arrive before 7 to take advantage of the new regime. I'd hate people to turn up afterwards and have to be turned away.

Nevertehless, personally, I am pleased that the entire evening hasn't been entirely given over to food, as happily, the Garland remains the mecca for those of us who contribute heavily to wet sales during evenings, which help to keep it drink first, food second!

Best of luck Pete.
TWG - 9 Nov 2010 18:10
I use this pub more than any other so I'm biased, but lovers of good beer will not need telling that this is the best pub in Redhill by far (and there are a few other good ones, believe it or not). Always 4 Harvey's beers on tap, sometimes up to 7 or 8 with seasonals etc., and always in top-notch nick. And if you come Mon-Fri lunchtimes you can try one of Lesley's fine home-made pies (if they haven't sold out).

Slerpy, your comments about the previous landlord are offensive as well as downright wrong. Bill was a gentleman, a welcoming host and a mean cellarman, did a lot for the local community, and is still fondly remembered. Thank you.
lynx - 4 Aug 2010 23:19
Quiet, pleasant and unassuming pub in an unlikely location. Great selection of drinks, but no food on a Saturday night when I visited. Definitely worth a visit if you are a beer lover.
timlloyd - 28 Mar 2010 17:34
I have previously not been a big fan of this pub, the former landlord was a great big fat tub of lard who only welcomed his chums and had a f8ck you attitude to the rest of us. now that my gripe has been aired i must say that the daft old tosser has gone and two charming ladies have taken his place, they looked after the ales in such a painstaking way and with such good effect that I wasmost impressedindeed. This pub usually boasts the entire range of Harvey's beers.Keenly priced excellent food complements a wonderful offering of ales! An unhesitating 10/10!
slerpy - 6 Mar 2010 19:51
As far as i'm concerned this pub is just about perfect. A choice of ales, many wines by the glass, food at lunchtime. The staff are amongst the friendliest in the are and make you feel very welcome whether or not you are a regular. My boyfriend has lived in the area but isn't very adventurous when it comes to visiting new pubs and can't decide if he's pleased to have found it at this later date or annoyed for all the lost time. Lovely sunny area out the back which I am looking forward to using extensively in the spring and summer.
wendyk - 18 Feb 2010 01:37
This infernal weather has stopped me visiting some of the more rural pubs around, but at least I have the Garland on my doorstep. Good beer and a pleasant atmosphere. The music may be a tad too loud at times, but a fine pint of Harveys Sussex does compensate.
mrgrumpy - 16 Jan 2010 09:25
Fantastic pub with all Harvey's beers on, including Old Ale from Oct to May and Dark Mild all year so a great pub for dark ale fans. Lesley & Stuart must be commended for keeping up the great work done by previous tennants Bill & Shirley, even slightly improved upon. A proper pub with no yobs or diners (evngs) to spoil the relaxed chatty atmosphere. Why it only has a 7.2 rating is beyond me, I give it 10 every time, and it's 6 miles from me, but best in area.
paulelvis - 13 Jan 2010 20:32
We hadn't been in for quite a while but couldn't work out why not. This is a great pub for interesting ales. I had the Old and the Bonfile Boy while my wife was on Best. All excellent.
gdm - 2 Nov 2009 13:48
My innate desire to ensure fairplay wherever possible leads me to update a couple of points raised in my last review of January 2009. Firstly, the issue of slightly less-than-full measure pints has entirely evaporated: I cannot recall the last time anyone at the G served me anything less than the full 568 ml. Secondly, the music policy: remains the firm domain of the landlord, but diversity of choice has widened, and volume levels have been subtly raised where appropriate to help develop or enhance the existing atmos. Indeed, Stuart has mastered the art of using his tuneage to gently dictate the mood and pace of steadier evening sessions, which I heartily approve of.

Needless to say the quality of all ales remains very high, as does the service, and all told the pub remains a must for devoted traditional ale and pub lovers. Yes, I remain hugely biased as it is my local. And no, I have not been paid to say all this... Come to think of it, I should have a word with Stuart about that....

TWG - 8 Oct 2009 10:31
Good traditional pub. Newspapers available which is always a plus. Some good real ales on tap.
wa11ace - 10 Apr 2009 12:36
This pub was one of my locals many years ago. Good beer and good atmosphere, and a pretty good pool table as well! As for the infestation that is Tesco, it may not be inevitable. They will say think yourselves lucky they didn't build it on the pub. Here's hoping the pub continues to serve good beer
Bonzos_beard - 7 Apr 2009 21:18
Well, it looks like the last poster's local is about to change for ever !

Today, the local paper (Surrey Mirror) confirmed that Tesco is applying for planning permission for a 44,000 sq.ft. supermarket, just opposite The Garland - on the Ford garage site.

Almost always, Tesco get their way and it looks like The Garland - for obvious commercial reasons - will soon cater for the thirsts/needs of shoppers, rather than be concerned about the Good Beer Guide.

waltvault - 13 Feb 2009 11:37
I don't usually make the habit of doing more than 1 review of a pub, but as a stalwart of this particular hostelry which I'm happy to call my local, I have the advantage of reviewing its charms on a regular basis, and I feel I should make the exception, especially in view of the change of hands in 2008.
I am heartened to find that judging by the comments made by users of this site, experiences of the Garland have been consistently positive since Stuart & Lesley's tenure began on 1 July. This certainly reflects what I hear on the ground. Bill & Shirley were indeed a hard act to follow, but, albeit with some subtle differences in approach, the new incumbents have proved to be well-up to the job, and I think most would agree they compare very favourably with their predecessors (some might even dare suggest that in some regards, they have exceeded their efforts).
The cask beer range - while perhaps 1 or 2 down on Bill's arsenal of ale a few years back (we'll probably never see 12 available again!), certainly remains strong at an average of 6 of Harvey's finest, and all are kept in impeccable condition. Stuart is an enthusiastic ale drinker himself and knows a thing or two about cellaring.
Although I am yet to have my maiden experience of them, I understand that Lesley's lunches use excellent local ingredients, and stick to the traditional pub fare that most customers prefer in this sort of venue (steak and ale pie, sausage and mash etc). By all accounts the food has perhaps been the greatest advancement over the last 6 months - I've tried some of the titbits from a free buffet kindly laid on for Christmas Eve and they were superb.
The interior has barely been altered and this is sensible given the pub's clear strengths as a more traditional boozer. That said, the dingyness of the past has now gone, with brighter lighting having been installed, and I believe Wi-Fi is now available - so the Garland is not mired in the past altogether! Music has been relegated in both prominence and choice under the new regime, with Stuart's own laptop collection of primarily '60s rock and folk having taken over from the radio and jukebox. I imagine this won't always be to everyone's liking, and the autocracy of the music policy won't be universally welcomed. That said, at least he isn't in to hardcore dance or hip-hop, and hopefully the tendency towards certain regulars' choice of wall-to-wall Robbie Williams and Shania Twain has been banished forever!
The exterior needed much TLC, and it has now been given a complete refurbishment in a sympathetic style, and the results speak for themselves.
The clientele remain of a similar mix of age, sex, socio-economic background as before, and this is encouraging. We could do with more of them, but that is sadly a reflection more of government legislation and trying economic conditions than the change in tenancy.
S & L have settled in well and if there is any discernible overall change it is that they have perhaps taken the pub's atmosphere slightly more upmarket. They are an experienced and intelligent couple who clearly have no desire to cheapen their pub; without being pretentious, they gently encourage those who show a high regard for convivial, respectful socialising (the fact that you have set foot in the place is in itself indicative of a discerning taste!), whilst they subtly discourage anyone openly exhibiting a foul mouth, bad manners or other anti-social traits. You may not meet either upon your first visit, as they have taken on 4 staff who assist in the quieter periods, but all are helpful and gracious.
My only criticism? Pints do sometimes get pulled up a little short; an extra tug on the handpump to top it up fully in some instances mightn't go amiss! But this is a minor issue given the overall success they are making of the place in an increasingly difficult climate. I'd advise any fans of the pub - or anyone who thinks it might suit them - to make the most of it; Stuart turned 60 last September and has said their tenure would be a 5-Year Plan. And we simply can't be as lucky with the next guv'nor as we have been with the last two.

By the write, the basis for its removal from the '09 Beer Guide was the CamRA policy of automatic barring for a year following any change of hands. Understandable, this really does work against those pubs where standards remain high. Indeed, this has prompted me to write to them requesting that in addition to GBG deletions being notified via the pages of "What's Brewing" (circulated to members monthly), pubs considered worthy of re-entry by local branches mid-year also be notified.

TWG - 16 Jan 2009 14:06
I suspect the reason it is not in the latest Good Beer Guide is that, at the time of surveying (Feb/March), it was known that Bill and Shirley were leaving and nobody could have predicted at that time, how the new people would fare. Fortunately they are doing very well and I am sure it will be back in the Guide next time round.
southdown12jack - 21 Nov 2008 14:32
Why this pub has been left out of 2009's Good Beer Guide, I can't imagine. Perhaps the new Landlord & Landlady annoyed the local CAMRA crowd. I had an excellent drop of 'Bonfire Boy' last week. An excellent pub, and a 'must visit' whenever I visit Redhill.
Trequites - 7 Nov 2008 20:24
Great to see that nothing much has changed. The new paint job on the outside looks very smart.
gdm - 5 Oct 2008 13:23
thankfully slerpy's comment 'bring on the clowns!' couldnt be further from the truth.

Excellent, intelligent landlord & landlady, keeping the beer as good as ever.

baggers29 - 26 Sep 2008 13:46
Good to see that this fine old pub is much as it was under the previous guvnor(i.e. unpretentious but with high standards). It was raining today and I felt a bit miserable so a visit here was clearly the tonic I needed. A lovely pint of Dark Mild and one of Olympian later, plus a read of the paper and a bag of nuts and I was ready to face the world again.

This place is in my "I wish it were my local" category.
Ordinary - 9 Jul 2008 22:39
Excellent Harveys pub, well worth the few minutes walk southwards under the Reigate branch railway bridge from Redhill town centre.
rpadam - 12 Jun 2008 20:34
Nothing much has changed, looks like the previously high standards are being being meticulously maintained. Only (!) six beers on the other day, the three we tried between us were in excellent condition.

Oh one thing - it's open in the afternoons now, which is a definate improvement.
nickdavies - 28 May 2008 15:29
Bill and Shirley are retiring on the 30th of APRIL however their last day at work is next Monday the 28th of APRIL.

The pub will actually be closed on Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th of April pending a handover to a new tenant.

If you want to visit the pub before they go, you'll have to go there pretty quick.


Alph_river - 24 Apr 2008 16:04
He will be a hard act to follow - "Send in the clowns ".
slerpy - 12 Apr 2008 19:35
Called into The Garland whilst staying outside Gatwick after reading comments here and we were not disappointed. Harveys was the best and we loved the "mother in law". Will certainly make sure we stay within walking distance next time when staying in the area.
double_diamond - 19 Mar 2008 01:16
Word has it that the present landlord is retiring at the end of April. His will be a hard act to follow.
southdown12jack - 18 Mar 2008 11:47
I searched this pub out because of the Harvey's beers which I love, and on the odd occasion that I've been here the beer has generally been OK. Although is it just me or is it served a bit too cold?

The pub is welcoming and I have started to recognise regulars despite my only occasional visits. The staff are friendly and keen to show off their beers - I was offered tasters from many of the beers on tap. I'd never seen the Hadlow bitter before.

Can't comment on the food as I've never eaten here.

There is a beer garden that gets the full force of the sun in the afternoons.
GrahamA - 21 Feb 2008 13:29
I searched this pub out because of the Harvey's beers which I love, and on the odd occasion that I've been here the beer has generally been OK. Although is it just me or is it served a bit too cold?

The pub is welcoming and I have started to recognise regulars despite my only occasional visits. The staff are friendly and keen to show off their beers - I was offered tasters from many of the beers on tap. I'd never seen the Hadlow bitter before.

Can't comment on the food as I've never eaten here.

There is a beer garden that gets the full force of the sun in the afternoons.
GrahamA - 21 Feb 2008 13:29
Closes Sunday afternoons, irritatingly.
nickdavies - 17 Dec 2007 12:59
As good as it gets in Redhill, and pretty good for anywhere. You may well pass it by assuming it's yet another venue for some of the large population of lowlife round here but you would be much mistaken.

Well worth a trip out for all the reasons spelt out below.
nickdavies - 30 Oct 2007 16:46
Superb selection of Harveys ales in excellent condition, eight available yesterday plus Addlestone's cider. Friendly and welcoming. A bizarre collection of clown dolls and masks around the bar.
Very clean and tidy, the landlord/landlady are clearly proud of this house and rightly so.
Maldenman - 30 Sep 2007 10:42
What a fantastic, friendly pub. Superb Harvey's beers in tip-top condition, reasonable prices and an extremely affable landlord that makes first time visitors feel like regulars. During our visit yesterday (Sunday) lunchtime whilst travelling around Surrey by old LT buses, cheese, biscuits, fresh prawns and fresh cockles were hurredly delivered to our table to be washed down by the great beer. Do not hesitate to visit this super pub.

Bob the Binman
bobinman - 3 Sep 2007 22:27
Little to add to previous comments - this is certainly the best pub I know in Redhill. Thankfully the "irritating commercial radio" that Mr Trainman ( earlier contributor ) had to suffer wasn't on when I visited last Saturday lunchtime - perhaps customer power has permanently silenced it ?
JohnBonser - 19 Jun 2007 13:16
For us, an absolutely brilliant pub. Many different beers, a warm welcome, cosy lighting, enough seating, and, crucially, a darts board! A good time was had by all. Thank you to the land lord and lady. We love your pub!
goosegog - 25 Mar 2007 02:08
Disappointed by the irritating commercial radio playing behind the bar yesterday lunchtime; I like music, but not adverts and banal DJs. Come on Garland, can't believe your target clientel appreciate that intrusion. Previous review of great pub and beer still applies but this visit lasted for only one pint.
trainman - 16 Feb 2007 15:14
Had a good crawl round Redhill yesterday thanks to pub selection inspired by BITE reviewers, but a future visit would require more time to be allotted to the excellent Garland. Somehow, pubs serving Harvey's tend to be my kind of place and that was more than the case here. Full range of outstanding Harvey's ales, friendly bar staff (guv's son), well laid out seating, even a dart board tucked away nr the loo, a generally nice pub feel. The regulars are lucky to have this pub; heard some of them were on a day's jolly to Harvey's homeland of Lewes but I was given a taster of one of their fav mixes - Harvey's Old & Christmas Ale(8.2%) - not for a session methinks.
trainman - 21 Jan 2007 15:42
Just the seven beers on tap last Tuesday, all well kept mind, especially the Mild & the Old
GGG - 19 Jan 2007 15:34
Best pub in Redhill... Great selection of Harveys including the 8.2% Xmas Warmer....!!!! Friendly staff, good place for a pleasant pint (or three....!!)
garethjones - 27 Dec 2006 11:13
Great Pub. The selection of Harvey's beers is wonderfull and well kept. Good, reasonable lunches. I just don't find the time to go there enough!
gdm - 20 Dec 2006 14:11
A pub without pretentions; a haven from the rat-race.
A pub for indulging in peaceful contemplation with a pint and a paper.
A pub from an age before baseball caps & widescreen TV. A pub where good manners are appreciated and rewarded tenfold.
A place you can take your mum.

I wish it was my local.
zjp - 29 Nov 2006 18:09
First Class in all respects. The long standing landord keeps a firm hand on the tiller
douvres - 26 Nov 2006 22:06
More like a club for connoisseurs of Harvey's beers than a pub. Very civilised and friendly, the beer was excellent too. A choice of 8 were available when I visited, including the delicious 'Star of Eastbourne'. (I understand that if a Harvey's beer is available, then you'll be able to get it here.) The only minor grouse is the high cost of the seasonal brews (£2.90 for Star of Eastbourne, £2-95 for Bonfire Boy).
Trequites - 30 Oct 2006 13:52
Hey yet another great Harvey's pub. Freindly landlord, landlady and bar staff. In terms of the range of Harvey's beer probably better than the Royal Oak in Tabard Street near London Bridge. Another bonus was they sold mild. Fantastic. A traditional boozer well kept and well run.
AndySk - 20 Oct 2006 01:34
I've reviewed this before, many moons ago, but I felt that it was worth re-affirming how good this pub is for those who appreciate a genuine, unpretentious but civilised, classic traditional local pub, with convivial hosts, good banter and above all, a peerless range of excellently-kept Harvey's ales - up to 11 have been served simultaneously. To have a Harvey pub outside of Sussex is something of a rarity. To have such an establishment in Redhill of all towns is a minor miracle, not to say incongruous to those who assume all pubs in the town are tainted by the lager and alcopop-fuelled yob "culture". Happily, this place is just far enough out of town to be eschewed by that type of customer.
You are guaranteed a warm welcome, and if you appreciate what the Garland offers, you will in turn be all the more appreciated. Anyone who feels that locals or regulars are in some way "cliquey" is probably not someone who has made any effort to integrate themselves and generally finds groups of people not known to them as a source of unease. I say the problem is yours, not that of the regulars in here! Okay, singlets and vests are frowned upon, but let's have some standards, gents! It's not as if suits and bowler hats are insisted upon.
Put simply: if you prefer a light, airy, lager and/or sports-orientated modern "bar" with loud club music, populated primarily by superficial and unpleasantly inebriated under 25s, then this is not for you. Admittedly, if you're a bloke who is "on the pull", this probably isn't for you. However, if you are a lover of the features I listed earlier, or want to find out what the fuss is about with an open mind, then I - and anyone else who drinks here frequently - would love to see you.
TWG - 10 Oct 2006 13:15
A stone-cold classic. Harvey's full range of ales - and then some - in the best possible condition. Always a friendly welcome and not all the sort of pub where a certain type dominates, indeed the clientele are remarkably heterogeneous. Maybe not to everyones taste, but then thankfully in a town where mediocrity is a public policy and choice disavowed, this is a beacon of hope for drinking diversity. For every Slug and Lettuce there is a Garland.
CJG - 4 Oct 2006 13:18
Turning away somebody in underwear (i.e. a vest) does not seem unreasonable.
southdown12jack - 21 Sep 2006 11:53
Exactly what a pub should be. A wide range of beers, excellently kept. Pleasant atmosphere with friendly staff.

Unlike BugBear I didn't find it gloomy, but I guess it is not as bright as many urban pubs. I didn't find it grubby, but I guess it is not as clean and shiny as many bars. I didn't find it smelly, but perhaps I dont have a sensitive nose. Not of any consequence but I think a 'sleeveless t-shirt' is typically called a vest.
GGG - 17 Aug 2006 14:13
I they ever demolish The Greyhound, then the Garland will be the most depressing pub in Redhill. Gloomy, grubby, smelly and frequented by the Cast of "Shaun of the Dead" sitting getting pissed while ignoring their poor hapless children. The landlord operates a dress code of sorts (a friend was turned away because his sleeveless t-shirt was "unsuitable", which is laughable considering that it's the kind of place where you have to wipe your feet on the way out.

Not even the fact that the beer's not bad would entice me in there again. Entirely dismal.
Bugbear - 27 Apr 2006 13:09
without a doubt one of the best pubs in the area. always good beer, can be a bit clicky though.
ploppy - 16 Apr 2006 15:23
One of my favourite pubs. Quality always good and the landlord always takes pride in his range of beers on offer. Beware the Imperial stout and Christmas Ale, they are potent brews although the Imperial Stout is an acquired taste.
addlened - 13 Feb 2006 11:55
This must be one of the best Harvey's pubs and certainly the best pub in Redhill by a mile. Quite frankly the only good reason to get off the train in Redhill (unless you live there). All the beers tried by my group were in excellent condition, the Old Ale being outstanding. The landlord often has out-of-season beers on. Last night he had Tom Paine, which was perfect. How does he do it?
southdown12jack - 7 Feb 2006 13:04
A National Treasure. No, honestly. It really is. I had yet another totally civilised slightly scumbled 8 pints of Harveys' (Mild, Hadlow, Best, Old, Armada, including an excellently matured Christmas Ale). It has a juke box but it was unused; the beer is the only music you need. Grubby? that's a pub as(as opposed to a "bar") ... Brilliant.
thirstybob - 15 Jan 2006 19:34
Very good pub in a bad town generally. The landlord always wears a tie and is a "good old boy". Serves loads of beers, including some dangerously strong ones at times.
anotherpintplease - 1 Jan 2006 14:30
Excellent gloomy Harvey's pub. 10 casks available (8 pump and two strong 'uns in the cellar). Mostly very good condition, though at least one of the pumps on the left was pulling through warm beer, and one of the strong beers in the cellar had developed a slight vinegar tang. Nothing bad enough to really spoil enjoyment, but worth noting. The atmosphere in the pub was gently relaxed and friendly. Easy to start up a conversation. A good, old fashioned pub. Without a doubt the best I have been to in the area around Gatwick.
SilkTork - 11 Oct 2005 11:24
If you want to escape the plastic/refurbished pubs of Redhill centre & go to a "proper" pub, then this is one of the best places you can head (its only a couple of mins form the centre, just after the bridge out of town). Traditional, quiet pub run by friendly local family, with an array of excellent Harveys Sussex ales. Reccomended
lone_wolf77 - 15 Sep 2005 20:51
A good example of a traditional drinkers pub. Warm welcome and a bit grubby. Excellent real beers. Good food too, I'd recommend the chicken vindaloo and especially the mixed pickle that comes with it. The beer garden is very pleasant on a summers day. The beer glasses could all do with a polish.
samurai - 4 Sep 2005 19:10
Classic Harvey's pub with the full range of their beers including seasonal beers (I think there were six available). The three I sampled were all in excellent condition. On a main road about 3 or 4 minutes walk from Redhill station and worth breaking a train journey when I'm on my way back into London.
Rich66 - 11 Aug 2005 23:53
Been here a few times, it's really nice for a quiet drink... tried the christmas ale... after just three pints of it I left the pub fairly tipsy.
strangeone - 29 Jun 2005 01:17
Smashing beer, a friendly landlord and a really pleasant garden out the back. Clown dolls round the top of the bar are a bit scary, but tht adds to the character.
Nick - 14 Oct 2004 19:29
Always a warm friendly welcome from this traditional pub with no bar optics or 'live music'.

Passing the thru' the town centre's weekend-Policed, bouncer staffed, lager swilling, karoke ear-deafening watering holes; it is the only Pub that I willingly cycle 3 and 1/2 miles to.

hand-pump drawn Addlestone's 'cloudy' Cider also on sale.
mark - - 28 Sep 2004 18:42
Very good range of Harvey's beers. Mostly male customers 40s and over. So no totty watching available. But still worth a visit for the beer.
wallet - 13 Jul 2004 18:38
Last time I went in I saw my old Science techer Mr Everett. Great range of ales, very impressive. Nice place for a quiet drink. I have to say it i true about the odd looks from the regulars - they can be un-nerving.
Sean - 4 Apr 2004 21:30
To my mind, a classic town local for the more discerning drinker who still enjoys a more "organic" atmos, as opposed to the bland genericism so often seen in modern urban hostelries. Not only is there perfectly-kept Harvey's Ales (the greatest in Surrey: up to EIGHT cask beers on!), but there is competitively priced good honest food (lunchtimes), and a warm welcome from a civilised landlord and/or landlady. There is a choice of 3 lagers as well.
Mercifully it avoids the pervasive moronic element now commonplace in Redhill, appealing instead to the more traditional pubgoer (mostly over 35 but a growing number of under 35s also) who just wants good beer and good cheer with no pretense. I'd give this a "10" but then again I'm biased, being a regular. I promise not to give you a "strange look" when you come in.
Tom - 29 Mar 2004 15:30
Loads of bottled beers and nice ales on tap.

They had Christmas Ale on tap over the festive period, I decided to try it. I was surprised, even a little insulted when the landlord asked if I wanted a half, I went for a pint and quite wish I hadn't. The beer is 8.2%, dark red in colour, think as tar and tasted like port. It was very nice but I couldn't finish the whole pint!

Anyway...the customers and staff are friendly, though when you walk in you will get a few "You're not a regular" looks but they pass. The customers are mostly middle aged and older but there are a few young'uns

Nice atmosphere and 100% Redhill w*nker free.

Probably not a great pre-club place but it's perfect for a quiet and pleasant evening.

smuj83 - 19 Mar 2004 13:29
Excellent local pub with a friendly welcome, great service and perfect ale. Hospitality is a trademark of this ideal hostelry.
William Fry - 11 Jan 2004 14:00
A friendly Harvey's pub on the edge of town, which has a nice atmosphere and is really worth a visit.
lad_newton - 18 Sep 2003 19:38
Also very close to the BP garage (24 fags and mags) and Pillow Talk (the Hills finest sleaze joint)
Terry Waite - - 13 Jan 2003 15:30
Friendly family run pub just on the outskirts of Redhill town centre. A stones throw from good restaurants like the Gulaab, The New Tong Fung. A superb selection of ales specifically Lewes brewed Harveys bitters. Pro darter "Diamond" Dave Askew is a regular here and can often be found playing round the clock with Mick and Martin. Postman who looks like a mole can be heard telling all and sundry of his beer festival tales.
Bobby Davro - 13 Jan 2003 15:29

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