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The initial comments on here started off as a moan about indifferent service we seem to have to put up with but one can only moan so much so it developed more in to a record of pubs visited and looking at the list it looks like far too many. Am now wondering what will give up the ghost first - liver or brain cells (as you can gather there aren't too many of them left now).

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The Geldart, Cambridge

Another of those decent back street locals that Cambridge does so well. Has two separate rooms with the one bar. They had five ales on - the Exeter Avocet went down well.

It appears that new entries aren't accepted on here anymore - which is a pity with the constant changes of closures and new establishments. As they can't be added I though I'd comment on three that are in the vicinity of the geldart but aren't listed

CALVERLEY BREWERY TAP- Hooper Street. Basic small room in brewery with a couple of benches with a few more benches and outbuilding. Tried the porter and the pale both quite palatable. They have a food truck parked in the street outside. Only one single toilet so expect to queue for it.

STATION TAVERN - ground floor of new building outside station. A Youngs/Wells corporate house - bland in all respects.

THE OLD TICKET OFFICE - Part of the original station building with five ales on offer. Forgot the one I had but it was a decent pint. In another town this would probably make the GBG but there are too many other good pubs in this town. Worth a swift pint before catching your train though (and preferable to the bland Youngs pub opposite)

17 Feb 2019 10:57

Sheffield Tap, Sheffield

Couldn't fault the ale - (it was just called Best Bitter) and it was so much pleasanter on a quiet evening. It's good but there are better pubs in the city.

13 Feb 2019 00:37

The Anglers Rest, Bamford

Community run local serving decent ales. As mentioned they have put a lot of effort into retaining this pub for the local community and visitors alike (It could have ended up like the Derwent down the road). Four ales on those sampled were on good form. It is a bit of a hike (give yourself 15 minutes) up from or down to the station.

13 Feb 2019 00:33

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