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Hunters Lodge, Priddy

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Unchanged since my last visit, still an excellent pub.
jgurney1 - 27 Oct 2016 08:18
Paid a visit earlier in the year, with yet another stranger to the area, who quietly marvelled, that pubs like this still exist. Still the bees knees in my and many others opinion, and still knocking spots off the new style pubs.
james55westhead - 21 Feb 2016 17:00
Still as good as ever. The evening buses to Lane End have suffered cuts, but it is worth cycling up the hill to visit the Hunters.
jgurney1 - 8 Mar 2015 11:52
New Years Eve 2012-absolutely heaving.

Five real ales on and Wilkins cider

Cheese and Onion rolls to celebrate midnight, great atmosphere, just buzzing.

Just perfect. You will never find a better basic pub with good beer and simple food.
pheon - 3 Jan 2013 16:56
Just to prove my own self worth on this place.. I took a complete stranger,,, who marvelled at it's basic charm and everything else even tried the food.. I packed him off now and he was still raving about the place BLESS..even placed it on his ebook thingy or whatever.. For me Roger and Jacky are still the Bees knees on the Mendips..Hunters Lodge I give you
james55westhead - 12 Aug 2012 17:52
Made a couple of more visits since my last report. And everything just the same.
Can,t fault this place. Basic and true to the art of the Aler/s. Was on the Mendip spring this time wonderful drink and crystal clear. Basic fayre still good and cheap. A good allround aleshed has they used to be and unspoilt.
What are you waiting for???????
james55westhead - 7 May 2012 10:04
An Ale drinkers deilight, never had a bad pint here yet. Sunday was heaving with alers, walkers etc and the food although basic was flying out. Been coming here for years of and on, and it's still as good as ever.

No matter what you can't fault this Aleshed a pub hoe it should be..
james55westhead - 27 Feb 2012 06:31
Isolated and unspoilt freehouse at a crossroads near Priddy high up in the Mendips. It doesnt look much from the outside but inside its totally unspoilt, multi roomed with open fires, all the beers served by gravity from a stillage behind the bar. Good basic food served (ie chilli and garlic bread), the landlord has been in charge for over 40 years. Can't fault it.
Hodge1 - 4 Dec 2011 11:13
April 2011 (Post Budget)

Beer prices are still good value, Roger put them up reluctantly. £2-85 for Butcombe, others can vary down to £2-70.

Butcombe Beer cheaper here than in the nearby Queen Victoria which is owned by Butcombe.

Someone should tell Butcombe Brewery their 19 pubs will never match Weatherspoons 600 plus if they overcharge.

Thankfully Rodger at the Hunters Lodge does not overcharge.
pheon - 13 Apr 2011 20:49
That must be Richard, methinks.
The_Final_Arbiter - 15 Mar 2011 17:12
At last someone gets it, the Hunters is as fine an establishment as one could hope to come across. Roger, Jackie, Nigel and Helen are extremely personable and generous folk but don`t suffer fools gladly.
The decor may look dated and a bit tired around the edges but that only adds to the charm in this age of homogenous mediocrity that belongs to many of the modern day gastro pub chains.
Savour in a proper pub atmosphere that serves a wonderful pint of Cheddar Ales Potholer or the somewhat more ubiquitous Butcombe Bitter as well as revolving guests.
If you are hungry you can get ridiculously good, simple pub fayre as mentioned in previous posts, for a price that most other pubs used to charge 15 years ago.
To sum up, a wonderful pub run by wonderful people and long may it continue to be so.
Death_to_bad_beer - 15 Mar 2011 17:06
This pub is an absolute classic. A true gem. Roger & Jackie who run it are both great characters. Both 70 plus. They claim (and this is beliveable) that they run the pub as hobby. Those who think Roger is brusque or rude have underestimated him. He is a shrewd judge of character. If he is rude to you, you probably deserve it. He has a dry wit. Appreciate it.

The pub is unchanged for a generation or two, if you do not like what it offers, do not go there. This pub is full on dark winter nights when all around other pubs are nearly empty.

Beer is ALWAYS perfect, direct from the barrel, food is simple and wholesome and cheap. (A bowl of chilli with a hunk of bread recommended) and whenever you fancy some food you can have it, the kitchen never closes while the pub is open. What service!.

The fire burns all winter, dogs are welcome, farmers straight from lambing and in their overalls and boots are welcome. Walkers are welcome, come as you are.

Mobile phones ringing are NOT welcome. Roger has a board with several nailed to it which he shows to anyone whose phone rings.
pheon - 30 Nov 2010 16:55
jgurney1 will need to travel a further two miles for McD's, as Glastonbury has never boasted a branch of this vile garbage-purveying chain. BurgerKing burned down a few years ago, and now the site is occupied by a Travelodge, Dominoes Pizza, Subway, KFC, etc. McD's is in Street ol' chap.
Better off sticking to the Hunters in my not so humble opinion.
The_Final_Arbiter - 16 Oct 2010 13:31
The landlord of the Hunters Lodge, is an old-school Englishman and can seen reserved at first, but will proive to be neither miserable nor humourless in good time.
Those wanting cringing false friendliness can find it at McDonalds - although the nearest branch, at Glastonbuty, was burned down a few years ago.
jgurney1 - 25 Sep 2010 23:19
The pub itself is great, as is the range of beers and ciders, the only fly in the ointment is the old boy behind the bar, who is a miserable, humourless s**.
D_J_C - 28 Aug 2010 13:07
Recently visited for first time whilst on holiday in the area.

What a classic pub, the beers tried Cheddar Ales potholer and Butcombe served straight from the barrel in excellent nick.

Fine simple pub food (cobs, cauliflower cheese etc) and good value for the area.

A real unspoilt interior, hardly changed since at least the 60's, well worth a visit if you are in the area.
Andythebaggie - 18 Jul 2010 11:03
I can only really echo what everyone else has said – a terrific unspoilt traditional pub well worth searching out. An old tiled fireplace, flagstone floor and a small but very well kept beer garden all make for a most enjoyable visit.

Food was basic, but nonetheless very appetising and hearty. All the dishes came with big doorstep sliced of buttered bread. All the staff seemed very friendly.

Beers on this occasion were Blindman’s Mine beer, Potholer, Butcombe and Glastonbury’s Lady of the Lake. Ciders were Blackthorn and Wilkins Farm cider straight from a barrel sat on the end of the bar.

Blackthorn - 4 Jun 2010 09:26
A superb, unaffected country pub that serves a mixture of locals - this is relative in such an obscure location on top of the Mendips - cavers and visiting ale aficionados. All too infrequently I fall into the latter cateogory and never wish to leave. It is quite simply wonderful. The Cheddar Ales' Potholer straight the cask is as good a pint as I have ever had. The other beers tend to change, though they are always local and served in tip-top condition. The food is simply, hearty and very cheap fare: cauliflower cheese, ham rolls etc. A real gem.
CJG - 15 Jan 2010 14:32
Excellent untouched pub, just what the area needs.Visited on many occasions when passing always a warm welcome /good pub fare and ales/ciders etc. Everyone i have taken always comment very highly.If olde worlde pubs are your thing.this is the place for you
james55westhead - 10 Jan 2010 13:57
An excellent pub that has been unchanged for years. Visited it last summer for the first time since the early eighties and delighted to see that. No bandit, music,TV or other distraction from a perfect pint and good hearty food. Never had problems with the landlord as a very few others have, perhaps they should look at themselves ?
Jules_B - 28 Oct 2009 08:05
I visited again yesterday, this time on the bus (so more beer). There was a slightly older couple serving who looked like the landlord and landlady, so I think the very helpful person who served me last time can't have been the landlady. Sorry about the error!

Good beer, cider, food and company again. Very down-to-earth and much more to my taste than the two in Priddy itself.
MrKiA - 25 Oct 2009 17:53
Excellent Cheddar Potholder and faggot and peas. I was involved in a conversation the very moment I walked through the door. The customer I was talking to and the landlady could not have been more pleasant and helpful. Absolutely outstanding hospitality! I'll be back, and next time I'll come on the bus so I'll be able to stay a bit longer!
MrKiA - 9 Oct 2009 17:55
Some might call it shabby, but to those who like their pubs unspoilt by needless frippery, this place is one to savour. Four local beers (from Cheddar and Blindman's) served to perfection, exceptionally good value faggots and peas and a no-nonsense helpful landlady catering for regulars and passers-by. The place to visit after a strenuous day's potholing or other physical exertion, but you don't need that excuse to revel in good beer, cheap wholesome food and unspoilt surroundings.
Arctium_lappa - 3 Oct 2009 22:10
A superb Pub on the Wells road from Priddy, The Hunters Lodge Inn is a treat not to be missed. Three local beers and wilkins Cider straight from the barrel. Reading the previous comments about the Landlord, i have to say that he was perfectly civil and friendly to myself and my friend. The Pub has a garden which was packed with people of all ages from toddlers to pensioners and from locals to walkers and cyclists. Food is good value and substantial. Will definitely br going back
ahscum - 8 Sep 2009 19:33
Bloody good pub. 9/10. 'Nuff said.
Darren_in_the_City - 8 Sep 2009 14:05
Back again for a visit during the Summer,to show a friend the delights, place filling with tourists all taking advantage of the lounge and beer garden.I as always in the bar smashing pint of Butcombe straight from the barrrel and a couple of cheese/onion rolls, packet of your plain,what a treat..My guest more than pleased with the visitation.what more could anyone want ....
james55westhead - 10 Aug 2009 03:13
It would need an archaeologist to determine the date on which this pub was last refurbished, and it is all the better for it.

As has been mentioned before, the landlord can come across as being a tad disinterested at first blush, but if you persevere you’ll find him to be perfectly amiable.

The couple of negative posts below (which stick out like a sore thumb amongst the other glowing reviews) must have been written by people who’d got out of bed the wrong side and/or who don’t know what cider is supposed to taste like.

If more pubs were like this one, the world would be a happier place.
BinBagBob - 13 Jul 2009 10:04
fat_beer_badger - 17 Jun 2009 21:06
I love this pub - wish a few more were like it !
pal2 - 16 Jun 2009 15:50
Been going to this pub for quite awhile now of/on,having become a resident of Somerset.Have taken other licensecees,relatives,friends and alers aswell,Everytime they have commented more than favourably,on this traditional hostelery.Totally untouched and unfettered,down to earth no nonsense pub.This Ale shed does what it was built for to sell Ales/pub grub,no frills just quality each time,A factor that many new fangled get rich quick at any expense pubs have yet too learn.Trainee managers should be sent to a pub like this to learn,rather than the couple of days training,and plethera of meaningless certificates,Highly recommend this pub if your a true Aler you,ll know and agree.....
james55westhead - 28 Nov 2008 18:59
I too dislike the gastro-pub and the false welcome of the barman freshly returned from the latest asinine customer focus course. I am speaking of common courtesy, something which is sadly becoming less and less common and which I have found, on both of my visits, to be completely lacking behind the bar at the Hunter's Lodge, Priddy. I appreciate the untouched nature of the interior and the fact that there is real ale and real cider available; I spend an awful lot of my time seeking out traditional pubs. Which is why it was such a crying shame my visits were ruined by the hostility and rudeness of the landlord. I stand by my previous review, and my rating: /10.
somertel - 10 Nov 2008 21:03
This pub is absolutely brilliant. The fact that there are people who've reviewed below saying negative stuff about the customer service skills of the landlord, and inhospitable interior just goes show how unique this place is becoming. It has stood firm against the tide of refurbished, gastro-pubs, with staff who have had customer service training. If you want to go somewhere with a sterile faked friendly welcome, and award winning food that will cost and aram and a leg, then there are plenty of choices elsewehere. However if you want real ale, properly looked after, at a reasonable price, then this is a great place to go. The food on offer is basic but hearty, and extremely cheap. Faggots peas and gravy for around £3.50, or a big hunk of cheese, bread pickle etc for I can't remember what but not much!!
The decor is genuine, unchanged for decades, but not shabby or unclean. Its a place with history. And its a centre of a community too. As for the landlord, I found his style fantastic and very refreshing. I asked if I could try a little of the farmhouse cider, as I was a bit unsure. To which his reply was 'you can try a pint if you like!' Brilliant. He runs a good pub, and he's quite dry, but that's all part of the charm. If you want a friendly face and entertaining, go to Butlins. If you want a place with heaps of atmosphere, and great beer, then go here. It really is a fantastic and unique place.
AndyBoy - 25 Oct 2008 13:15
My maiden visit to this establishment has been a long time coming, but come it did earlier this week. A quiet time and a miserable wet day made for little custom, but I daresay that was no reflection on the popularity of the Hunters, as despite its somewhat unbecoming exterior, this back-to-basics pub has much to commend itself, certainly to those who love traditional country pubs and no unnecessary frills.
The interior is simple and has remained virtually unchanged for several decades - an achievement in itself - but is clean and suggests rustic comfort rather than neglect or decay. Although evidently a community local judging by the various local events on the notice board, it appears to be equally at home to anyone gritty farm labourers to genteel elderly ladies - both were seen on my visit quite happily rubbing shoulders.
The landlord, I must say, was not one for small talk and was verging on the brusque, but he was not rude, and clearly knows a thing or two about keeping excellent cask ale - several were on offer direct from the cask (not a handpump in sight). Anyway his kind of character fitted with the general no-nonsense, elemental kind of atmosphere.
We enjoyed good old cheese, ham and chutney rolls which were £1.30 and superb. Sometimes a huge plate of chilli or shoulder of lamb and endless rocket just isn't needed. I imagine in centuries gone by coachmen stopping off for a good pint and decent hearty fare and emerging thoroughly rejuvenated for the journey ahead - as did I.
All in all a time-warped, but genuine, earthy pub with perfectly sound core values, and one which I believe is deserving of recognition (it has won a recent local CamRA award so I'm not the only one who thinks so).
TWG - 9 Oct 2008 15:39
In my opinion this is one of the best pubs in England.

Gimli's reply to Eomer makes a fitting response to the 2nd & 3rd comments below: "You speak evil of that which is fair beyond the reach of your thought, and only little wit can excuse you".
jgurney1 - 27 Sep 2008 13:06
visited this pub shortly before my ugly experience at the new inn priddy (yuk).
was very happy with high quality ale and lovely lady at the bar. food was cheap and simple and yummy. beer was cheap and served from the barrel. landlord took a dislike to the fact my friend was leaning back on his stool, but we all had a good laugh about it (including the landlord). nice guy, lovely pub, true institution 9 out of ten :-)
servicewithasmile - 23 Sep 2008 19:31
Avoid at all costs. Why go somewhere to be rudely spoken to? You'd think if you were putting money behind the bar the miserable landlord might be a bit a bit more gracious. Atrocious manners ,obviously a sociopath.Zero out of 10.Don't even bother.
Miles007 - 5 Jun 2008 10:01
Untouched interior made utterly inhospitable by a sullen and sarcastic landlord possessing all the ignorance and bitterness only standing behind a bar for 40 years can bring. If he doesn't know you, and he probably won't as he appears not to have been any further than Priddy since decimalisation, you will not be welcome. Has perfected the grunt and glower technique of customer service, while his washed-out, overworked wife looks on like a frightened rabbit. Mr Dors, your father would be ashamed of you to see you behave so rudely to paying guests.
Beer and cider kept on stillages behind the bar and suffer as a consequence: Wilkins cider, normally fresh and fruity, was sour and unpleasant. Rather like the landlord.
somertel - 1 Jun 2008 09:48
Fantastic pub!
Wilkins cider, real ales, excellent and cheap food, great atmosphere.
Well worth the 2-mile walk along the ridge from the bus route - and the buses run until 11:00 pm, rare in a rural area.

jgurney1 - 8 May 2008 13:07
If Landlord Roger Dors is indeed related to the actress Diana Dors, its very distantly.
Diane Dors was born Diana Fluck (1931).
For obvious reasons she decided to change her name.
Dors was the maiden name of one of her grandmothers.
By this rationale, half the population of southern England are also equally related.
chopin - 31 Mar 2008 10:10
Excellent old worlde charm and character pub,Mister X as summed this place up to a tea.Forget the overpriced frills and spills of the so called modernist public house,For the real pub goers that still exist,this is the place to be.The day i called ther must have been about 20/30 come and go,each had a couple of drinks and food.You,d be hard pressed to say that about todays public houses,a classic case of no frills wins the day.i too shall be back whence in the locality.
westhead - 28 Mar 2007 14:28
This is my new favorite hostel after my first ever visit. Landlord Roger Dors (A relative of the late famed actress Diana Dors no less) is a character and then some! He has been mine host for over 60 years now and his father was landlord before that. Set at a crossroads on a hill at the outskirts of Priddy this wonderful pub is a gem serving fine gravity ales from the likes of Blindman brewery, Butcombe and the like and the wonderful real cider of nearby neighbour Roger Wilkins.

ElBorracho's excellent review below is spot on and the kind of review I have been berated for on here in the past ... some don't seem to appreciate proper values these day's it seems, I guess cold Brit brewed lager and a night out with the kiddies is just their thing and not mine in a million years. This is no Beefeater with kids running around, they serve proper home cooked food from an excellent short menue and it is to die for! Try the faggotts & peas with crusty bread at a paltry £3.20 and you will be a fan for life I guarantee it. The friendly welcome I received from both host, staff and locals is one that still warms the heart even now and makes you realise how utterly useless and unfriendly the majority of pub landlords are these day's - I ask why they even bother as most don't even want to talk to their customers never mind befriend them. In my opinion this place is an institution and I can now understand why so many friends have told me to visit there whenever I had the chance. My only regret is that I took so long in making my first visit but now that I have I shall be back as quickly as I can find an excuse to travel back that way again.

Top notch 10/10!.
MisterX - 24 Feb 2007 16:39
Fantastic pub. Great beer, cheap food. A real gem.
frankieknuckles - 24 Nov 2006 11:22
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! A real classic pub, really cheap food and fantastic ales. Not changed in 40 years I bet. Just dont bring in your mobile phone!
6x_in_the_daytimes - 7 Nov 2006 17:42
Great other-wordly pub - hasn't changed in decades! The antithesis of Berni Inn/Harvester type pubs! Just a few dishes but then £3 for a bowl of chilli & half a loaf is great. There are 3 bars & garden and all the beers (and cider) are in barrels behind the bar.
ElBorracho - 6 Sep 2005 21:03
Fantastic no-frills pub. Cheap, quality food (chilli, bread and cheese etc). Beautifully kept Butcombe and Exmoor rnge of beers straight from the barrel. Don't tell too many people!
Martin - 15 May 2003 17:26
every wednesday - loads of mendip cavers congregate to enjoy a few pints of butcombe bitter
me - 30 May 2002 19:59

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