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The Swan Inn, Liverpool

First time in this pub on Tuesday night. After a couple of hours of supping Hydes Original and Phoenix Hopsack which was in excellent form amongst the rockers and superb jukebox I made the mistake of ordering a pint of the Geek Brewery 'Geek Unique'. It certainly was unique in that it was rancid, I mean really sour and totally undrinkable. I politely told the barmaid who told me it tastes like that and no one else had complained ! I tried again and was told again it was not 'off' and that she would not change it ! Unreal ! All my drinking years i've never been spoken to by anyone behind a bar as obnoxious as this. I left the beer and ordered another pint of Hopsack which she left with a 1 and 1/2 inch head which i had to ask to be topped. She went ballistic and snarled at me for some reason...... An appalling experience. Another pub to avoid and spread the bad word about unfortunately.......
Will stick to 'The Globe' in future which was excellent all round.

28 Mar 2013 00:22

The Yorkshire Terrier Inn, York

As one of my favourite pubs in York, i dropped in last night on my way from an excellent as ever visit to the Maltings & Blue Bell. It had been 4 weeks since i had been in here and had had a bad experience with the barman in this much changed pub.
Oh dear........the place was empty, i mean empty, still gone were the friendly bar staff and in their place was some 'meathead' as my missus described him ....the same bloke as 4 weeks earlier...
I had a pint of York Guzzler which was good although it was chilled and was served a good way short of a full pint. I asked it to be topped up and he reluctantly did so but made a grumpy comment..
During our 30 min he kept staring at us in a sort of scary way, my missus was very uncomfortable so we supped up and left. As we departed he just stared, never said thankyou or even acknowledged our presence ! Extremely rude.
Whats gone on here ? This was a vibrant little pub with a great atmosphere and a regular clan of friendly barstaff. It's now dead and if this guy treats his customers the same as us, you can see why.
Will not visit again. 2/`10

21 Mar 2013 13:30

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

Went to the Baltic the other night for the first time. Must say I was bracing myself considering some of the comments on here.. However I was very impressed. The bar staff were excellent as was the beer quality.

6 Nov 2011 01:43

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