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The Hereford Arms, South Kensington

re the last posting, yeah, sounds about right for Gloucester Road, though. Typical English customer service. Last spring we had dinner at the steak joint just up the road...what a shmozzle. By the time we were done with the cold steaks and hot wine, the four of us were out about 30 quid. Do the math. We dined well, nonetheless-walked away not hungry. Why, you ask. Because we were prepared to discuss the quality of the whole experience, and not meekly submit to the pretentious staff involved.
Anyone who dines anywhere in England must carry a solid sense of humour in his or her back pocket. Let's get real here, and accept that the pub folk were acting quite normally, sorry to say. As a loud and aggressive North American, I might have:
-strolled back into the pub, waving the paperwork in hand
-sat down and discussed the situation there instead of out on the street. Ordered a pint while I was at it
-awaited the arrival of the local constabulary (don't worry, as the pub folk would have folded long before they were called off)
-at the end toddled out happily with the world.
It remains a good pub if you don't treat it as a great dining establishment

25 Jan 2017 21:50

The Plough, Effingham

so, ah, is anyone actually going to review this joint sensibly before I am forced to strap a 767 to my ass for eight hours and come over and sort it out for myself. Before you even start, let's dispense with the tedious comments about colonials (as if you had anything to do with making Britain great). Review the beer and (if you have to, considering the quality of English food) the grub as well.

27 Dec 2016 22:52

Ye Olde Windsor Castle, Bookham

back again after so long out in the northern bush: yes, I know, cue the usual tedious ignorant local English snidery. Anyway, asked for a pint of Moosehead, and was rewarded with a pint of the local best. Fair enough, says I, what was presented was tasty enough. Let's call it Moosehead then, shall we, and call it a day.
Toddled off into Bookham and admired the 900 year old font that I was baptised in at the local church. Then buggarred off forever

15 May 2016 21:17

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