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The Hereford Arms, South Kensington

re the last posting, yeah, sounds about right for Gloucester Road, though. Typical English customer service. Last spring we had dinner at the steak joint just up the road...what a shmozzle. By the time we were done with the cold steaks and hot wine, the four of us were out about 30 quid. Do the math. We dined well, nonetheless-walked away not hungry. Why, you ask. Because we were prepared to discuss the quality of the whole experience, and not meekly submit to the pretentious staff involved.
Anyone who dines anywhere in England must carry a solid sense of humour in his or her back pocket. Let's get real here, and accept that the pub folk were acting quite normally, sorry to say. As a loud and aggressive North American, I might have:
-strolled back into the pub, waving the paperwork in hand
-sat down and discussed the situation there instead of out on the street. Ordered a pint while I was at it
-awaited the arrival of the local constabulary (don't worry, as the pub folk would have folded long before they were called off)
-at the end toddled out happily with the world.
It remains a good pub if you don't treat it as a great dining establishment

25 Jan 2017 21:50

The Plough, Effingham

so, ah, is anyone actually going to review this joint sensibly before I am forced to strap a 767 to my ass for eight hours and come over and sort it out for myself. Before you even start, let's dispense with the tedious comments about colonials (as if you had anything to do with making Britain great). Review the beer and (if you have to, considering the quality of English food) the grub as well.

27 Dec 2016 22:52

Ye Olde Windsor Castle, Bookham

back again after so long out in the northern bush: yes, I know, cue the usual tedious ignorant local English snidery. Anyway, asked for a pint of Moosehead, and was rewarded with a pint of the local best. Fair enough, says I, what was presented was tasty enough. Let's call it Moosehead then, shall we, and call it a day.
Toddled off into Bookham and admired the 900 year old font that I was baptised in at the local church. Then buggarred off forever

15 May 2016 21:17

Ye Olde Windsor Castle, Bookham

how anyone can suffer loss of sales by not selling something in the first place escapes it my faulty colonial training in logic, or is it just more of the old English silly-blither-passing-for-fact?
Anyway, I'm shocked to hear this place was in fact flogging Moosehead, if only very occasionally, but telling me consistently for years that this was not so. I'll straighten it out next time I'm in. I might take the meal ordering advice to heart, but will give the kingbatterystore4scamfake thing the attention it probably deserves

24 Sep 2015 23:22

Ye Olde Windsor Castle, Bookham

still no Moosehead on site. I despair

30 Oct 2014 22:39

Ye Olde Windsor Castle, Bookham

oh dear

23 Oct 2012 00:12

Ye Olde Windsor Castle, Bookham

now that you mention Watney's Red there was a beer. A local brewer here tried to make a go of it by concocting the stuff, but even us ex-pats could not choke it down. I guess the old 1960s atmosphere was missing. You might remember what those days were like, what with indifferent service, stale crisps, and mods and rockers going at it in the car park.

23 Jun 2012 23:28

Ye Olde Windsor Castle, Bookham

oh come now, let's talk more important stuff, like soggy batter and the lack of Moosehead. Surely, everyone knows that somebody who orders surf-and-turf in a Surrey pub is asking for a comedic adventure of the first order. I stand amazed that someone would think that a wonderful gastronomic experience awaits a person in any pub in England. Let's talk beer here: Moosehead beer may not be quite the cat's-ass to many, but it is surely just off the goalpost of perfection.

9 Apr 2012 23:22

Ye Olde Windsor Castle, Bookham

oh dear, soggy batter on the prawns... can't have used Moosehead in the beer batter mix. Moosehead makes everything OK...really

7 Oct 2011 21:45

Ye Olde Windsor Castle, Bookham

back in Bookham again last month, so dropped by for Sunday roast, which was passable. The usual brews on tap, which seemed very nice, but still no Moosehead. I despair that it will ever remain thus.

17 Mar 2011 20:18

The Hereford Arms, South Kensington

back again to the Arms during a recent visit to London. No change from the last time really. Still good beer and grub, although I must say that the cute East European girl who served us could have fed me anything and I would have downed it gladly

15 Feb 2011 22:30

The Elephant and Castle, Toronto

yea, the monkster pretty well nails it

10 Aug 2009 00:19

The Hereford Arms, South Kensington

popped in recently;grub and beer good as per normal. Staff still can't tell a Canadian from a Yank, but that's not the end of the world is it? What's the problem?

20 Apr 2009 22:28

Ye Olde Windsor Castle, Bookham

gave the OWC one last chance recently. Good gammon lunch. Nothing especially interesting on tap; no Moosehead noted. Had a Coke and quietly departed.

27 Feb 2009 23:42

The Green Man, Wembley

So, OK, I was at the Green Man recently on a quiet Thursday night. Good beer, good grub, followed by a stumble down the hill to my hotel room before flying home the next day. I found the pub relaxed and friendly, the beer reasonably priced for England (ie, just eye-wateringly expensive), and the mixed grill substantial. Since nobody goes to Wembley for the atmosphere, this pub was a pleasant surprise

27 Feb 2009 23:38

The Liquor Station, Wembley

Three pints for under five pounds? Bombardier, no less! Couldn't believe my ears after the skinning that this tourist endured elsewhere in England recently. So what if Wembley might be London's blowhole, at least the ale is cheap even if the grub might be passably indifferent

27 Feb 2009 23:29

Ye Olde Windsor Castle, Bookham

say hey DaveT
nice to see you made it here...too bad you had to hit a chain pub in that instant city known as Kanata. Have you rated the pub/beer where you should have, not here at the OWC site? No? Well, so it IS a vendetta against Moosehead and nothing more then, isn't it? If Moosehead is to be tasted at its best, it should be as a draft somewhere in southern New Brunswick.
Anyway,enough of that. If it helps, I must agree that there are certainly enough good lagers at the OWC to make an evening eminently pleasant...Moosehead would only serve to top things off admirably. Take care

29 Nov 2008 20:29

Ye Olde Windsor Castle, Bookham

parkhillian is essentially right of course. Anyone who remembers the days of indifferent food served by surly staff at eye-watering prices can only applaud the general increase in the quality of pub grub in the UK over the last few years.This is a pretty good pub, all things considered.
To be able to enjoy a draft of Moosehead at this pub, without bringing down the approbrium of the local posers, would just about make things perfect.
Last visited on April 25/08. Moosehead last tasted by my local friend...?

22 May 2008 01:55

Ye Olde Windsor Castle, Bookham

Still a nice enough place, I suppose, except for the odd poser making comments about beers that he has likely never tasted. The Tea is rather good, though.

28 Mar 2008 23:45

The Anchor, Bookham

just pray that the idiots from the Crown don't descend on this place. If they do, well, that's it for Bookham; sad really, because it was my home village before I sodded off to Canada.

19 Nov 2007 00:19

Ye Olde Windsor Castle, Bookham

still desperate for a Moosehead, not that pretty well any English beer wouldn't do instead in a pinch

13 Nov 2007 22:55

The Hereford Arms, South Kensington

still a good place for a jar and a plate of gammon. Pretty well the best place around, except that they tend to treat Canadians like Americans, not that this is uncommon in London or anything

13 Nov 2007 22:53

The Ram, Kingston Upon Thames

You guys are right, the Ram bites. I once thought this place was OK for a jar.I dunno, maybe being Canadian makes me slower in the head: must be the clean air, open space, tasty food and cheerful service staff over here. Anyway, the posers and goofs now own the Ram. Sad, really.

13 Nov 2007 22:32

The Anchor, Bookham

the headaches continue. Still love the place

12 Aug 2007 23:25

Ye Olde Windsor Castle, Bookham

still a pretty good place for a pint. Still no Moosehead though

12 Aug 2007 23:23

Ye Olde Windsor Castle, Bookham

nice to hear the place has returned to the way I remember it...quite the turn-around in just one week, though. Now all they need to do is replace the Beck's with Moosehead: I hear that it is rated better.

11 Feb 2007 19:52

The Hereford Arms, South Kensington

cider and lamb shanks at the Hereford Arms after a day of wandering around London...hits the spot

11 Feb 2007 19:47

The Anchor, Bookham

I make a point of getting to the Anchor, downing a few, and braining myself on the overhead beams, whenever I am in England. Love the place.

1 Feb 2007 00:39

The Robert Peel, Kingston Upon Thames

Forty years ago I used to swill beer here after air cadets down the road;I guess that,when you are 17 years old, beer taps and funnels are all you require of a pub. When you turn 60 you like to sit down while funnelling. Couldn't find a seat, so spilled too much beer on myself ever to return to the Peel.

1 Feb 2007 00:32

The Ram, Kingston Upon Thames

I know that I am only a lowly Canadian visitor but, where I come from, a pub like this, full of chavs or not, is a licence to mint money. Everyone knows that England is not exactly the home of pleasant service, or of tasty food, but it does have top beers. Enjoy what is good and laugh at the rest. I like the Ram. Anyway, what's so pleasant about the skanky old Thames in Kingston anyway?

1 Feb 2007 00:24

The Moorcock, Langdale End

excellent experience

1 Feb 2007 00:17

Ye Olde Windsor Castle, Bookham

will everyone please just settle down. Where I live (Ontario,Canada) some people would cheerfully pimp their daughters for a chance to have a pub like this within walking distance of home. As for the edibility of the food,well,let's just get real for a moment and try to remember that this is England after all. It's a nice quiet place to down a jar or two of what England does make better than anywhere else. It's just a pity they don't serve Moosehead lager.

1 Feb 2007 00:10

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