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The Albion Hotel, Wimborne

It's now under new management. It's still a proper pub and it's still worth going to, but now the food is really quite special. Don't go here if you want poncy little bits of flavoured I don't know what artistically arranged on your plate. Do go if you want a good, substantial, tasty traditional meal. Steve is doing a great job in the kitchen and he's recruited bar staff with a bit of personality and aptitude. It's still Badger beer, but then it is a Badger house. It's much better value than Wetherspoons, and the food is edible!

11 Oct 2012 12:33

The Albion Hotel, Wimborne

The Albion is open again. Nice and bright and clean. The beer's still good for Hall & Woodhouse (whatever that's supposed to mean!) and the food is still basic, plentiful and cheap. They've virtually rebuilt the toilets, so for the first time ever in my experience (going back over 20 years) you don't have to borrow a gas mask to go in there.

Worth a visit, I think. The drunken Glaswegian doen't go in there much any more, but he can be avoided if he is. He's usually outside smoking anyway and I haven't seen him drunk for quite a long time. He does have health problems that sometimes make him grouchy. But if you get into conversation with him, you'll discover what a rich and eventful life he's led. He's just a bit rough round the edges.

It is a proper pub. There are locals in there, and they will laugh and make a bit of noise (and swear occasionally). If what you're looking for is poncy food at high prices, lacklustre service and a bar running hot and cold with ex public schoolboys, try The Olive Branch. It's only 100 yards away. You're welcome to it!

21 Oct 2010 16:43

The Olive Branch, Wimborne

I agree with ajho. It's a shame to lose proper English pubs. Never mind the warm beer, this was a really well run pub and comfortable. The restaurant was good if a little shabby, and they did reasonably priced bar snacks.

Then they let the designers loose on it!

But what I found really galling was that the punters flocked to it! It's often absolutely packed. Unfortunately,I think this shows up the lack of proper values held by a sizeable proportion of the population. We'll eventually lose our proper pubs and that will be an important part of our English culture gone for ever. And all in pursuit of a top-gloss of fashion and temporary style standards. What a waste.

So I hate this pub, but a large number of people don't.

Try it. It might suit your style. But if it doesn't try The Albion, or The Oddfellows Arms or The Bell or The Green Man. Thank goodness some of the pubs in Wimborne still uphold the traditional way.

Oh, and what on earth is that nonsense of taped radio comedy shows in the toilet all about? Designers! Hah!

20 Mar 2007 11:02

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