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Username: riversidebev

Age: 53

Sex: ?

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The Abrook Arms, Uxbridge

This is my favourite pub in Uxbridge because it has it all. Great tasting beer, wonderful garden (with trampoline), function room, and never any trouble. Martine is lovely and always has time for a chat. There used to be a very gossipy (moany) barmaid behind the bar but since she's left earlier this year the atmosphere is lovely. Always something different on a Saturday night to dance to. I did the quiz a few times but it's very hard questions. Football is great here as there are so many TV's in every bit of the bar. Staff are lovely and Ryan, The Bar Manager, is a real sweetie. By far the best pub for miles.

21 May 2011 21:36

The General Eliott, Uxbridge

This pub smells of cats pee but once you get past that it's OK. Sue is great fun and has a great voice. Her food is lovely. Worth a visit when you have a cold and can't smell anything. Otherwise very good.

21 May 2011 21:29

The Gardeners Arms, Uxbridge

Sleazy pub with naff wannabe female staff. Dodgy looking builder type customers. This pub looks as if it sells more than just booze. If you know what I mean. Give this doss house a wide berth.

21 May 2011 21:24

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