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Q Bars, Cheltenham

Bit pricey and not as exclusive as it wants to pretend it is (thankfully!)
Sometimes sport is on, sometimes not! Beer is good and staff usually helpful, though the spinning, ice-containing,frozen coors is just stupid (not bars fault!)
I don't play pool but theres lot of tables and decent seating.
A quality bar.

20 Jun 2011 01:54

Yates's, Cheltenham

Used to do cheapest pint in cheltenham (1.35 for boddingtons I think) Tends to be fairly empty early evenings, week days, which I like. Or. Or the weekend chav and mutton night! Packed, aggressive and horrid.
Staff are always nice. True.

20 Jun 2011 01:47

The Two Pigs, Cheltenham

The courtyard made it breathable upstairs! Great venue to dance and the two levels were great, although usually packed.
A bit full of 19 year old metal fans, but can be great
Panda pops downstairs!!

20 Jun 2011 01:42

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