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Q Bars, Cheltenham

Bit pricey and not as exclusive as it wants to pretend it is (thankfully!)
Sometimes sport is on, sometimes not! Beer is good and staff usually helpful, though the spinning, ice-containing,frozen coors is just stupid (not bars fault!)
I don't play pool but theres lot of tables and decent seating.
A quality bar.

20 Jun 2011 01:54

Yates's, Cheltenham

Used to do cheapest pint in cheltenham (1.35 for boddingtons I think) Tends to be fairly empty early evenings, week days, which I like. Or. Or the weekend chav and mutton night! Packed, aggressive and horrid.
Staff are always nice. True.

20 Jun 2011 01:47

The Two Pigs, Cheltenham

The courtyard made it breathable upstairs! Great venue to dance and the two levels were great, although usually packed.
A bit full of 19 year old metal fans, but can be great
Panda pops downstairs!!

20 Jun 2011 01:42

Tailors, Cheltenham

Used to be excellent for sports ('the best sports bar in cheltenham') but post 2005 they stopped showing three games at the same time on differnet screens (brillant!) and put shelving in the way and rearranged the furniture badly!
Still good drinks and staff however.
Used to be one of my favourite pubs in the world! Not now...

20 Jun 2011 01:37

The Rotunda, Cheltenham

Very nice pub. Staff very friendly and beer good, and bar and back place to relax. Once saved me from missing a footie match too!!!!
Small but good for it perhaps. Though the stairs to the toilets are almost a form of euthanisia they are so steep! Only the black rock in wakefield are worse and they need ropes.

Not too sure about comment -'local pub for local people, but strangers get a warm welcome' ?! It sounds like Roysten Vasey

20 Jun 2011 01:26

The Old Restoration, Cheltenham

After the fire, moved the bar and more space.
Lovely bar staff and good beers and football always on, though inevitable trouble when M Utd play, its generally very friendly.
One of the oldest and best pubs in Cheltenham!

20 Jun 2011 01:20

Copa, Cheltenham

Was advised against this place for a works do, but my boss organised it.
Starter-V small prawn salad (prawn is singular I suppose)
Main-Duck so badly cooked I needed a steak knife to cut it (other person gave up!) I could have choked on it!
Dessert-Baileys. Not served, somneone had to go and get it (they may have just paid for one)
Before that staff helpfully collected my half-full unfinished glass.
Other times Ive been have been better, though expensive

20 Jun 2011 00:54

The Circus Bar, Cheltenham

Sam Smiths beers are great, clean and sharp and a good range. Nice bar, nice layout (albeit usually not busy) and bar staff very helpful

20 Jun 2011 00:43

O'Neills, Cheltenham

Went for cheap bangers and mash. Both mine+mates were burnt!! He got money back, I didn't!!!
Before I'd ordered pint and got half a pint with rest just head. No really. No really, actually HALF foam. Am looking at picture of it on mobile as I write. Did replace, but was served this, mind.
Might be the training as SAME THING happened in Bournemouth O'neills too! (review is there)

20 Jun 2011 00:36

O'Neills, Bournemouth

Can gey busy+odd dodgy person, less friendly than some seem to think,but generally not too bad.
ALTHOUGH..ordered a pint and was handed LITERARLY a glass of HALF beer and HALF foam! Am looking at it on my mobile now while writing and often have to show it to prove my story (yeah, but it wasn't really half head...)
They did sort it, but were happy to give it to me to begin with!
It may be O'neills - EXACT same thing in chain in Cheltenham! (reviewed)

Sorry for caps, but it was shocking!

20 Jun 2011 00:30

Six Chimneys, Wakefield

A decent 'spoons, with good fittings, though bland. Beer usually good, though weekends can be busy

20 Jun 2011 00:13

The Raven, Wakefield

First pub I went to, and was happy enough. Beer was good and atmos O.K.
Used to do playstation nights and show all the footie.

20 Jun 2011 00:07

Mex Cantina, Wakefield

Was by far the best place in wakey. Then- they changed the cocktails. Can't make your own :( and prices up, with no buy one get one free.
Still a great place, though the outside patio gas heaters are terrible!
You have to go here, albeit most likely for one

20 Jun 2011 00:05

The Graziers Inn, Wakefield

Going back a few years now, but there was a lovely bar maid and sports on!
Lots of pics of wakey wildcats and a nice atmosphere during (footie)matches,
Nice, but as I said a few years ago...

19 Jun 2011 23:55

The Black Rock, Wakefield

This is the pub with almost vertical stairs to the toilets isn't it?
Nice pub, though only been in a few times.

19 Jun 2011 23:44

The Vine, Sale

Repriced pints are cheap, especially at happy hour. Seems a bit 'local' but generally friendly and good beers. When matches are on its packed and the bars is in the way. A good pub.
Need to sort out the seats in the middle of the floor though!

19 Jun 2011 23:37

Ryan's Bar, Sale

Cheapest bar in Sale by far.
There could be a reason for this, however...

Cantina bar in star wars!

19 Jun 2011 23:32

The King's Ransom, Sale

Quite a good selection of beers and people inside not scallified, well-presented and friendly-feeling.
When busy (weekend) you can get squeezed and it can be expensive, especially for the fact you're in sale. Also, the canal-side brings flies in summer and cold in winter, though I haven't seen any dead badgers floating by just yet

19 Jun 2011 23:22

The J P Joule, Sale

Cheap, dodgy on weekends but not seen any real trouble, good ales when on and some staff are friendly. Thursdays seem like I.D. night with lots of teens, while the rest of the week's left for 50-60's all with cirrosis. Not bad/good

19 Jun 2011 23:12

The Bulls Head, Sale

Very improved from past.
However, after ordering from a limited selection (few ales and a portugese stella!) you can stay at the small bar or hide in a corner somewhere.
The layout is bad, but they've tried to make it a great diner for sale.

19 Jun 2011 22:55

The Bank At Sale, Sale

Close when they fancy it! (was in with about 5-6 people and they decided everyone should leave at 9pm!) including which days they are open at all.
Beer could be better, more choice too.
Dodgy past apparently...
On the plus side, well they show football quite a bit.

19 Jun 2011 22:42

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