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The Wellington, Birmingham

Nick S Phillips comments on 1st August 2010, "If you ask for a head on your pint the staff are more then pleased to do so.

He also questioned if the lines are kept clean?

The staff are seen cleaning the pipes regular.

To say that the beer taste the same, I have never had two beers that taste the same."

this is response to my earlier entry. Nick, the point is that the head goes very quickly, and surely it should automatically be served that way in any case, isn't that the way it should be served.

I have been to the welly many many times and have never seen the lines/pipes being cleaned, sorry, but that is my experience.

I would really love to like this place again, but I truly believe the standard and quality of beers has gone down over the years. So much so that I used to see some of the welly staff in the City Tavern, not a great advert!

I hope I'm proved wrong on my next visit

6 Aug 2010 08:33

The Wellington, Birmingham

I used to really like this place, there are few places which can offer such a decent selection of ales in the town centre.

The problem, well for the couple of years I have noticed that within a minute or two the head on the beer goes completely and unless you have something fairly distinctive, then the beers all taste pretty similar. I'm no expert, but if Weatherspoons down the road can produce a decent pint with a decent head, then why can't the Welly?

I believe it is because the lines are not cleaned enough and the pub has become complacent in just expecting customers to turn up. I now only go as a last resort.

This could be so much better!

22 Jul 2010 13:57

The Foxlydiate Arms, Redditch

Terrible service, lousy food, and generally depressing. The only good thing about this place is the view you can get of the Malvern Hills, where the atmospheric conditions are right. Avoid unless you have to go there!

22 Jul 2010 13:51

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