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Username: mkgster

Age: 47

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The John Evelyn, Deptford

great place on Evelyn st, have been going for a few years now. Traditional old pub, beer is ok (albeit a touch pricey) but it has a lovely atmosphere as is very catered for the locals. A mixture of oldies and orientals that live in the area too, comes alive Sat and Sun afternoons. Despite the slightly dodgy area they go their best to keep the scummers out (Mens cubicle is locked, you have to ask for the key!!!) and plenty of anti-drug messages which I wish other pubs in the area could do frankly.

Credit to its owner Doug who's a nice chap who wants to keep it going for the sake of the community, here here!!!

29 Jul 2008 18:48

The Dog and Bell, Deptford

lovely little place round the back streets of Deptford, far and away the most civil pubs left in the area. Nice friendly atmosphere, little beer garden as well. Can be pretty quiet as a previous poster said but very much preferential to moronic Millwall fans as you can get in some round the area.

29 Jul 2008 18:43

The Hoy Inn, Deptford

decrepid dump of a place, have seen drug use blatantly in the toilet and can only presume this being a reason for its closure. Loads of fights too, and the beer not really appetising. With any lunch will be demolished with the plush few flats being built around it.

29 Jul 2008 18:38

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