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Username: meady

Age: 40

Sex: ?

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Auld Shillelagh, Stoke Newington

A beacon of honesty in a sea of shite. Please don't ever change...

17 Nov 2013 08:39

The Nicholas Nickleby, Stroud Green

Went there the other night and I swear I saw the drummer, John Brandham, from The Peoples Revolutionary Choir drinking with a guy from eastenders. That band are my latest favourite. Really powerful stuff. I expected him to be stuck up his own arse, being in such a great band, but he looked really friendly with his mates. Too friendly sometimes, but great pub anyway. Great band. Great.

16 Apr 2007 11:43

The Moon Under Water, Leicester Square

Why would any sane person want to sit and have a pint in leicester squre. Its absolutely beyond me. God only knows what happens there of a friday night.

30 May 2006 18:51

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