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Username: jrhgreenwich

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The Guy Earl of Warwick, Welling

Actually, having written the post below, my rating has to go up to a 6! Had a good chat with the barmaid and it turns out that they're making a good effort under new management.

The pub is going to be completely refurbished in the next couple of months and they've just started doing food again at both lunchtime and in the evenings.

They've even put a Wii in hooked up to one of the big plasma TVs.

It's not a great pub yet, but I think you've got to try and support your locals.

23 Feb 2010 16:13

The Guy Earl of Warwick, Welling

Alright, it's not a great pub, but at least they've got a good line of lagers and Courage Best and Bombadier available.

It is a little bare - needs a few more tables! But it's got a jukebox, a friendly barmaid and a darts board.

It's also clean and tidy - more than can be said for some places.

23 Feb 2010 15:43

The Greenwich Union, Greenwich

Big fan of this place - really like the beer and the staff have always seemed polite, conversational and happy to help. As has been said above, it's an intelligent, liberal man's pub.

Food is a little expensive, but worth paying for - the surroundings are lovely.

Currently looking for a place to live in Greenwich town centre, and being close to the Union is a preferred option!!

15 Feb 2010 00:42

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