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Username: gruppe8

Age: 58

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Huntsman and Hounds, Upminster

Will not be visiting again, Last night I arrived with my girlfriend to find 3 bar staff on duty, one was changing a barrel one was serving while the other was counting bottles of beer " stock take " the girl that was serving had a " I do not want to be here " look on here face and was slow at serving add to this we have 2 men that spent £6 on beer then paid by card which just is a joke she then decides that saying " who is next " is beyond her so she served people that had just walked in first possibly because they are locals and then went to serve one of the locals that was propping up the bar before I walked in..... she made eye contact with me a couple of times so I was not invisible she just chose to serve others first in what is a large bar area.

I stopped going to the railway at Hornchurch after the bar staff decided that they would serve the locals first including saying to one man standing behind me " the usual is it " and handing him a pint over my shoulder. after standing in the huntsman and hounds long enough for my girlfriend to read the menu decide what she wanted to eat then sit waiting wondering where I was we left. and will not return, we usually visit 2-4 times per month and always eat but being served has always been a little frustrating and last night was the final straw. so good luck in serving the locals and the numerous wakes that attend and probably save the pub from going under.

9 Jan 2014 10:58

The Liberty Bounds, Tower Hill

Visited monday, and maybe not again, no problem with the drinks or service... Its the price this is a wetherspoons a tradition of wettherspoons is food and drink cheaper than its competitors...... not this one... a pint of amstel 3.40, a pint of carlsberg 3.70, more expensive than most other pubs in the area

2 Jun 2011 11:40

The Dickens Inn, Tower Hill

Been visiting this pub for over 20 years..... the pizza on the second floor was always good but visited Monday and the prices were hiked....... a medium pizza for 2 was 25, add a couple of starters and a bottle of wine and you are up to 50, when I visited a month or so ago the pizza was 18 so I do not see any justification In this rise In price..... will pop in for a drink but will not eat..... maybe the tourists are happy to pay But I am not....

2 Jun 2011 11:38

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