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Username: friendlypunter

Age: 47

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The Cocoanut, Kingston Upon Thames

The Thai family have done a great job with this place, they've put a lot of time and energy into making the place feel very homely and welcoming. The staff are great. The food is really good. Very different to the student hang out it used to be, which had its charms, but I think its the best its been in many many years. Recommend it.

27 Jan 2011 07:04

The Saucy Kettle, Surbiton

I'm inclined to agree with NikolaiT.

I moved into the area about 6 months ago, have been in several times over that period of time. The old boy with the missing teach who looks like he has just been dug up was rude and allusive every time I have been there. Despite the fact my friends and I spent considerable cash on booze, we sat at our own table out the back and minded our own business. Whilst I was there he also refused to serve someone a soft drink (who said he was driving) which I thought was pretty disgusting. Worse still he looked at me and tutted and mocked the guy, as if I was going to join in and I thought, don't involve me pal.

The lady with the face like thunder was not much better with me or anyone else. Apart from the huddle of greesy haired stooges that sit at the bar every night when ever I have been there or walked past. Who are also an unfriendly bunch. I felt it was very cliquey and unfriendly, lots of private jokes between the gang of alcoholic locals at the bar and the dinosaurs behind the bar.

I have only been on a week day, I did see there was a DJ booth at the back, I think the day I think a Friday or Saturday night should be spent at a dive like this is the day I decide to hang up my dancing shoes and start staying at home with a take away.

As NikolaiT said, Its not awful, you can get served, the bar is relatively empty most nights (this is probably a sign) so you can get a seat and there are tables outside for the smokers. Its clean and has a decent selection of drinks. If you've got thick enough skin to handle moody bar staff and annoying drunks at the bar, then you'll be fine.

Personally when i am spending my hard earned money, I want to feel welcomed and respected by the staff and be around nice people.

So on that basis, I have to say, don't bother with this place. I'll not be going there again.

The search continues for a nice bar in Surbiton.

27 Jan 2011 06:48

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