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Username: colen

Age: 50

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The Ostrich Inn, Colnbrook

Rumour is they just got 3 out of 5 as a hygiene award, which means "Generally Satisfactory".

Food must be much better than their beer, that's all I can say!

Funnily enough, Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre, which helps repatriate unwanted immigrants, got 5 out of 5.

20 Jan 2014 14:31

The Ostrich Inn, Colnbrook

Dear Phillip,
you asked me to come into your pub. You asked me to retract my previous review because your bitter was perfect. You refused to allow me to taste your "perfect" bitter.
I have never called you a French wanker as I am certainly no racist. You on the other hand apparently cannot keep real ale or accept criticism. I cannot make it any clearer to you or any other user of this website. I want a pub which offers:
A nice drinking environment.
A nice selection of good quality drinks.
Good hygiene.
You fail most certainly on the first two. Do you really think I would want to come and drink in a below aveage environment with rubbish beer just because you can clean glasses? Sorry but I do not.
Please be assured that I have no interest in drinking in any establishment you manage.

9 Nov 2013 10:43

The Ostrich Inn, Colnbrook

Two years ago I posted about the Ostrich. Then the manager banned me! All I wanted was to be able to drink a decent pint of beer in a nice environment.
Last week I was asked, through an intermediary, to rescind my earlier comments.
I visited the pub and spoke to the manager. He asked me personally to apologise for my "erroneous" posting and said if I did I would be "allowed" to return to his pub.
I asked if the issue he had with keeping real ale had been resolved. He told me it had. I asked to try the beer. He told me that if I posted a favourable review on the beer, I would be allowed to come in and drink it!
I explained that I cannot post a review on something that I have no knowledge of.
So I guess I am still banned.

27 Sep 2013 08:18

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