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My dad still lives just around the corner from the Cleveland in Crumpsall. Miss Manchester a lot, but not the the materialistic, violent tossers, who play at being inner city American "gangsters." I try to pop into the Cleveland when I get home in the summer and say hello to old friends. Memories of choking on lung-raking, dense as Stilton, cigarette smoke in the vault come to mind. Glad that will be a thing of the past. Talent Night, with the jukebox still playing full blast in the background, was another unique cultural event common in several of the drinking establishments of Crumpsall.

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The Kirkstile Inn, Loweswater

Beautiful location, some tasty brews, decent food, but an anally retentive southern import landlord who serves to wreck the ambience. Relax mate, you'll get rich! We parked the car in the car park and were going to buy food and drink, again, after walking down to the lake. Shame, really, because it put a bunch us off from going back again - and providing you with loadsa money!!!!!!! Can't some of the staff weight his body and throw him in Crummock water- or send him back to Surrey to talk about how much his house is worth?

10 Apr 2011 00:32

The Old Monkey, Manchester

"Interesting mix of people, from tramps to theatre goers."

Are they still letting those good for nothings in? A bit of theater and then they think they can intrude into other people's comfort zones! Can't wait to get back to Manchester and the Old Monkey to try some of the newer selections of Joey Holts.

14 Dec 2007 05:02

Lotus, Manchester

Used to be called Anus. Will probably be called Clitoris by the end of the year and will shift to selling astronomically priced clothes that look like they were thrown out by the Oxfam shop, even though that market looks it's already cornered on King Street. It isn't a pub, really.

20 Sep 2007 02:07

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