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Username: buzzard1

Age: 50

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The White Swan, Holborn

When this was the Mucky Duck in/around late 2000, this was the location where the ubiquitous "panel" was formed. During the final of a routine game of spoof, Orf and Reilly went head to head. It was clear Orf had lost, but in a last minute attempt to escape the penalty, he feigned a distraction (by pointing at the ceiling) and dropped one of the coins from his hand to the floor, cushioning the coins fall with his feet. He nearly got away with it but Buzzard saw it. To decide the consequence from the bluff, the panel was formed, consisting of Rat, Swan and Buzzard. The penalty issued is lost to history, as too (these days) is Orf.

Now called the White Swan (and not connected to the panel member Swan), this is a nice quiet little boozer, certainly one for ladies as they have a good wine selection.

23 Oct 2009 13:50

The Eleanor Arms, Bow

I must agree with the recent comments. From the outside and to an outsider perhaps passing through the area on the #8 bus, you could get the impression this is a rough pub. Well it isn't. Friendly owners and staff, and by friendly I don't mean the standard "friendly" that some east end boozers band around, meaning if you're not already known you have to work on your welcome. This place they serve with a cheer, and they have a good selection of ales and lagers. It's a "drink like the old days" kind of place, in keeping with the decor.


30 Sep 2009 15:42

The Lighthouse Bar, Old Ford

Nice boozer indeed. Standard lager fayre on the pumps, but a good pool table, some good bandits and a massive tv. Pleasant ambience. Mind the pool table though. Everyone was sneezing when I was there. Not one for a girls night out.

17 Aug 2009 18:11

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