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The Kings Head, Upper Beeding

I have often driven past this picturesque pub and wanted to pop in for lunch and a drink. Yesterday I was walking my dog with a friend and as we walked passed could see families dinning and having a nice time, so we walked in, looking forward to a nice lunch. I was pleased to see 3 dogs by the door when I walked in as I thought I'd be fine with my small Pug, as this was a dog friendly pub. Seconds later 2 of the dogs (black labrador and golden retriever I think) launched themselves at us, barking loudly and trying to get to my dog. I picked her up and as she was in my arms, one of the dogs bit my hand. Shocked and shaken, I could see teeth marks in my hand from one of the dogs, my friend asked for a cloth to clean my hand, but as the skin wasn't broken much then I wanted to get the hell out of there. the families around us and the landlord knew I had been bitten and could see how shaken we were, but no one said a word. Now I don't blame the pub for this attack, but I'm shocked that neither the dog owner or the landlord apologised or checked if I was ok. If those dogs are capable of such unprovoked attacked then they should be on a lead!! 24 hours later and my hand is still bruised and very swollen. The people in this pub do not care about customers, their safety or deal with a terrible situation. To risky to walk in the door of this pub. I will never go back.

8 Apr 2012 12:13

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