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"I'm a guy like me"

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Age: 38

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The Royal Pug, Leamington Spa

Juggling Jon saw poo in the wall (see previous review)? Did the builders run short on polyfilla? I missed that one but there are several humourous framed icons of popular culture adjourning the walls where a massive photoshoped banger has subtly been added. My favourite is the last supper canvas on the ceiling beam to your left at the bar although in Bob Marley's case surely as a rastafarian this is just disrespectful now that he's puffing some herb(ed lincolnshire product). After all he was a sage master.

On both occassions i've been in here they've had Old Hooky as a regular ale often with another Hook Norton or Wye Valley beerpump as well. Very distinct aromas emanating from the floor similar to the flatulence of stampeding cattle last time i went in late doors mind, just thought y'all should know

18 Apr 2011 17:59

Dockers, Leamington Spa

I have an interesting yarn to spin about this joyless 50s diner next to Leamington Assembly Rooms. During the day all is well & good if ya wanna chilli dog from a can with fries, a decent shake & some novelty kitsch appeal whilst mother's in town. But after dark its anything but the diners you see in Quentin Tarantino films i.e. soul-sapping and deserted with abrupt, reluctant staff who don't do small talk telling you at 10pm they close in 20 minutes after pouring you a giant pitcher of sickly sweet orange cocktail. Me, my favourite gal & our mates down for the weekend were the only 6 in there & you get the impression they'd rather not stay open evenings anyroad. Ale they have not although to be fair where did in 50s America? Maybe some moonshine under the counter wouldn't go amiss though

18 Apr 2011 17:39

The Lock, Dock and Barrel, Leamington Spa

Sounding like a knock-off Guy Ritchie dvd from t'market has done this previously very cheery light green & yellow painted pub no favours. Since i moved into a maisonette opposite it has been empty and condemned and has now been half-rebuilt by O'Neill building contractors leaving the other half covered in scaffolding looking pretty out of place & imprisoned by its own garish uncertainty so possibly an Irish chain bar is the best we can hope for lads...tbc

18 Apr 2011 17:27

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