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Forget your lager - it's all about the real ale. Make the change, you'll be glad you did. Just don't listen to your mates calling you an old man, they're just uneducated buffoons!

Username: PMA

Age: 41

Sex: male

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The Red Lion, Bozeat

Well, what a turn up. After several long years of this pub being run in to the ground and having every last remnant of character systematically removed, it seems this place is getting back on its feet and reinstating itself as a decent boozer! I'm not a local, but my mum lives in the village and is now a regular customer alongside my stepdad, who, up until recently, had vowed never to enter the place as it was so awful.

The food is good, the staff friendly, the decor warm and inviting and the beer excellently kept. I had several Taylor Landlord's which were bloody lovely.

So pleased that Bozeat finally has a pub worth visiting, please keep up the good work and I look forward to my next visit!

3 Feb 2012 16:26

The Yacht, Bexleyheath

I feel I have to reassess my previous review and grade, going by the last few visits in recent months. I said that the beer is well kept and pulled, which still remains the case. No problems there. The food is reasonably priced and of so-so quality - chips often cold but other than that it's ok for the money.

I also said that the staff were friendly and helpful. This is true - in part. Sadly, a handful of the staff are really letting this place down. The kitchen staff in particular and some of the younger bar staff (and the manager at times) act in such an unprofessional manner it beggars belief. Running in and out of the kitchen, chasing each other, swearing, all around the main dining area where people are trying to enjoy their lunches or dinner.

Come on guys, pull yourselves together. I'm amazed the manager or landlady haven't pulled the other staff up on this as it really adversely affects the quality of experience here. Mind you, the landlady herself isn't the most cheerful of characters and both her and the bar manager are often witnessed in disagreements with customers. Ho hum.

3 Feb 2012 16:10

Eagle Tavern, Rochester

The Mrs, baby and I popped in here on a rather quiet Monday lunchtime for a bit of food and a pint, and I have to say that although first impressions were a bit dubious (thought it appeared a bit studenty compared to the rather inviting frontage) we were soon welcomed in by (landlord?) Leon, who was friendly, chatty and helpful.

I had a pint of Tribute which was in fine shape, the Mrs had a vino, both reasonably priced. Food was your average pub grub, but done to a good standard. My burger was really tasty and the chips hot and crispy - no complaints here.

Overall I thought this place was good; warm and friendly service, good food and a decent pint. Can't say fairer than that.

3 Feb 2012 15:57

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