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The Red Lion, Bozeat

Well, what a turn up. After several long years of this pub being run in to the ground and having every last remnant of character systematically removed, it seems this place is getting back on its feet and reinstating itself as a decent boozer! I'm not a local, but my mum lives in the village and is now a regular customer alongside my stepdad, who, up until recently, had vowed never to enter the place as it was so awful.

The food is good, the staff friendly, the decor warm and inviting and the beer excellently kept. I had several Taylor Landlord's which were bloody lovely.

So pleased that Bozeat finally has a pub worth visiting, please keep up the good work and I look forward to my next visit!

3 Feb 2012 16:26

The Yacht, Bexleyheath

I feel I have to reassess my previous review and grade, going by the last few visits in recent months. I said that the beer is well kept and pulled, which still remains the case. No problems there. The food is reasonably priced and of so-so quality - chips often cold but other than that it's ok for the money.

I also said that the staff were friendly and helpful. This is true - in part. Sadly, a handful of the staff are really letting this place down. The kitchen staff in particular and some of the younger bar staff (and the manager at times) act in such an unprofessional manner it beggars belief. Running in and out of the kitchen, chasing each other, swearing, all around the main dining area where people are trying to enjoy their lunches or dinner.

Come on guys, pull yourselves together. I'm amazed the manager or landlady haven't pulled the other staff up on this as it really adversely affects the quality of experience here. Mind you, the landlady herself isn't the most cheerful of characters and both her and the bar manager are often witnessed in disagreements with customers. Ho hum.

3 Feb 2012 16:10

Eagle Tavern, Rochester

The Mrs, baby and I popped in here on a rather quiet Monday lunchtime for a bit of food and a pint, and I have to say that although first impressions were a bit dubious (thought it appeared a bit studenty compared to the rather inviting frontage) we were soon welcomed in by (landlord?) Leon, who was friendly, chatty and helpful.

I had a pint of Tribute which was in fine shape, the Mrs had a vino, both reasonably priced. Food was your average pub grub, but done to a good standard. My burger was really tasty and the chips hot and crispy - no complaints here.

Overall I thought this place was good; warm and friendly service, good food and a decent pint. Can't say fairer than that.

3 Feb 2012 15:57

The Welby Arms, Allington

Good food, friendly service and a warm welcome at this rather nice village pub. Decent range of ales, Deuchars IPA, John Smiths Cask and several others. Awesome steak and ale pie and a monster mix grill can be found here! Although not cheap, it's not extortionate either and you get what you pay for, decent portions of well cooked grub. Worth a visit if you're in the area, although wise to book on weekends as it is quite popular.

13 Dec 2011 18:28

Recruiting Sergeant, Great Gonerby, Grantham

Visited a couple of times during a week-long break in the area earlier in the year, very friendly landlord and staff, pub snack menu was lovely and very reasonable and the evening dinner was wonderful too. Amazing huge chunky chips! The Everards Tiger was on fine form as well. A really nice pub with a friendly atmosphere.

13 Dec 2011 18:24

The Falkland Arms, Great Tew

Based on my first and likely only visit to this beautiful pub, I've given it an 8 out of 10.

The beer range was excellent, as was the beer quality, the food (although pricey) was very nice and I received a good portion of whitebait for the money.

The inglenook fire was just starting up which lent a lovely ambience to the place, which is a truly lovely building and I could have quite happily spent the day in a cosy corner getting slowly sozzled.

I can't compare to the former days as I only went there recently, but I'd go back. Staff were friendly and helpful too by the way!

31 Oct 2011 09:31

The Earl Haig, Bexleyheath

It's been a few months since I last ventured into the Haig, which I used to quite look forward to going to due to their decent range of real ales. But my last visit put paid to that with bloody terrible food and a really poor pint.

My wife (who was pregnant and therefore fixated only on certain food items!) ordered the fish and chips, and I ordered a burger. Pretty standard pub grub by all accounts, and not something a trained cook should have any bother with. After a short wait, our food arrived. Mine was ok in fairness, but seriously, you'd have to be a complete retard to fluff a burger up. The fish on the other hand, was dreadful. There was more batter than fish, which was barely edible in itself as it was old, tired and dry and the batter inside wasn't even cooked properly - it was like stodgy, part-baked bread. And my pint of whatever it was was clearly on the turn but by that point I couldn't be bothered to argue.

When the man came over to collect our plates we were asked if everything was ok, to which we replied it wasn't and showed him the mess left on my wife's plate where she had to wrestle with the fish and ended up not eating any of it. He looked at it blankly, muttered some form of apology and wandered off.

That was my last visit, and I won't be hurrying back for lunch anytime soon. Although, if the beer selection is interesting enough, I could think of worse places to have a drink although it is pretty soulless. Just don't bother ordering lunch and if you do, avoid the fish.

14 Oct 2011 08:50

The Furze Wren, Bexleyheath

Like this Spoons pub - never had a bad time in here. Usually manage to get one of the booth tables on the far right hand side, nice to hide away in for a few good ales and a casual lunch. Beer is always excellent, the staff are both friendly and helpful and the chap serving me most recently was also fairly knowledgable about the beers. This is the pub my friends and I usually begin our lads' nights out from (owing to the fact it caters for the lager boys and the real ale heads) and it's cheap as chips as well. Good effort, keep it up.

15 Nov 2010 19:31

The Yacht, Bexleyheath

Not a bad pub if you're after low cost tasty grub and a few pints. Recently undergone a refurb (although it still seems pretty similar to me). Three hand pumps offering well-kept ales, and a healthy selection of lagers and wines to keep most people happy. Not the world's cheapest bar, but certainly not too expensive either. I'm sure there used to be more hand pumps offering ales before the refurb though... Worth a visit if you're with a group or family most definitely. Staff are friendly and helpful.

8 Oct 2010 18:47

City Arms, Canterbury

Found by accident, stopped for lunch and a pint. Shame it was Doom Bar, but what they hey. Ordered a sausage and caramelised onion baguette with no butter. When it turned up, I could smell the butter and it was making me wretch. It turns out they cook the onions in butter. Whats the point of ordering something with no butter, only for them to slap in a load of filling soaked in butter? Anyway, I ate around the onions but was left a bit disappointed. The staff were nice enough and welcoming, and the pub itself is a lovely little place. Alongside Doom Bar they had a local Kentish cider which was nice to see. Not bad, but my experience could've been better.

21 Sep 2010 17:13

Whitstable Oyster, Whitstable

I can honestly say that the Whitstable East India IPA that is served straight from the barrel here is one of the loveliest beers I've tasted, and at 2.80 a pint is very reasonable for the area. Other drinks are quite expensive mind you. We had dinner here as well one night and the food was beautiful, if a little expensive but thats to be expected from a fish restaurant by the sea. Not sure how to rate this place, as I'm used to rating pubs as opposed to restaurants with a bar, but I'll definitely visit again, if only for that delicious IPA. Mmmmmm.

21 Sep 2010 17:05

Ship Centurion Arminius, Whitstable

Nice friendly boozer, with a good choice of beers and a warm atmosphere. Didn't eat here but will give it a go at some point I'm sure. Taylor Landlord and Brains SA were on fine form indeed.

21 Sep 2010 16:58

The Rose In Bloom, Whitstable

Paid the Rose two visits last week during our stay in Seasalter, and I'm glad we did. Firstly it was within walking distance which meant I could have more than one pint, so a good start there. The pub is very nicely done out, fresh and modern without being clinical and still retains a proper pub feel. The beers on offer (Adnams and Masterbrew) were both excellent, but the food was even better. I can't say enough how nice our dinners were on both occasions, the home-made Thai fishcakes were a wonder on the palate, and the steak and ale pie was also top drawer. The cod and chips, however, was of a different class. One of the best fish suppers I've ever had, and I made sure the chef was informed. Very friendly and polite staff, although as a newcomer I did feel a little exposed by some of the regulars, although seemed harmless enough.

Will definitely be returning on our next trip down to Whitstable.

21 Sep 2010 16:53

The Prince Albert, Whitstable

Popped in for lunch as we were running out of time to go where we originally wanted to, but thought we'd give it a go. We received a very warm and friendly welcome, so decided to stay. I had a pint of Bombardier, which was as cloudy as an overcast February morning and didn't taste any better. Still, food was ordered so thought we'd better stay for it. I had 'Fresh' cod and chips with mushy peas, although the freshness was very negotiable, tasted ok but the batter was bloody awful - chewy, thick and leathery. It's a shame because from the outside it seemed like a good choice. Maybe just an off-day, but I can't recommend it on the strength of this visit. I might add an extra point for having the balls to play Metallica during a mid-week lunchtime though.

21 Sep 2010 16:46

The Royal Naval Reserve, Whitstable

Popped in here for a swift ale, and found it to be a welcoming, friendly little pub with a very decent Master Brew on offer. We sadly missed the lunch slot, but we've heard good things about the food here so will be coming back at some point to try it. Locals were exceptionally friendly and chatty, giving us the lowdown on Whitstable in general, it's always good to get local knowledge!

Liked it here. Will go back again to try the food.

21 Sep 2010 09:20

The Duke Of Cumberland Hotel, Whitstable

Not much atmosphere when we visited, a few rather odd characters dotted here and there. Glass of cava for the Mrs was reasonable-ish at 3, but 3.45 for a pint of Shep? Christ on a bike. I'm always sympathetic with small backstreet boozers having to up the stakes, but this is a big pub/hotel in the centre of town that should really know better.

It was a nice pint (Whitstable Bay), but I shant be going back in a hurry.

21 Sep 2010 09:16

The Old Neptune, Whitstable

Visited the Neptune three times during our week-long break in Whitstable, and enjoyed it very much. The decor was right up my street - a little shabby, unpretentious with an eclectic mix of odds and sods decorating the walls and ceiling, including some local art available for purchase which pleases me greatly - it's nice that they offer an outlet for struggling artists!

I only had Harveys beer-wise, but on all three occasions it was excellent, and just sitting in the bay window with the sunshine beaming through, the sound of the sea and a packet of bacon fries was an immensely comforting experience. We ate here twice, on both occasions I had the whitebait which was lovely, and a huge side order of chips that would have fed at least two people! Our only gripe was the limited menu, but on fridays and the weekend there was an additional specials board to choose from as well so all is not lost.

The bar staff were very welcoming and friendly, and we felt really at ease here, like being a guest more than a punter. On our last visit there was a film crew filming a scene from an upcoming movie, which was good fun!

All in all, a very pleasant pub with a lovely warm atmosphere. Will return as soon as we're next in town.

21 Sep 2010 09:08

The Kings Head, Bexley

Been here a few times, and I like it. It can get very busy at weekends, and it seems as if a function of some kind is always going on on a Sunday with people milling around everywhere, but it's friendly enough and has plenty of outdoor seating if you can grab a table.

Speaking of functions, we hired the back room for my dad's 60th last year, and everyone had a fantastic time, recommended if your numbers aren't too silly. There was a nifty guest on that day too in the form of Greene King's Bonkers Conkers which went down a treat. Bar prices a bit on the steep side though which is my only real gripe here. Despite this, I'm considering hiring it for my 30th next year so it can't be that bad!

7 Sep 2010 19:09

Volunteer Public House, Bexleyheath

Nice friendly little pub, I work literally next door but strangely enough I don't visit as often as I perhaps should. On the few occasions I've been in here, there's been a great atmosphere with locals and staff alike seeming friendly and cheerful. Always a decent row of beers on offer, Courage Best always, Directors too i think plus one or two guests, Hobgoblin the last time I was there which was lurvely! My only beer-related quibble is it can sometimes seem a tad on the warm side... not a big deal but I do like it to lean more towards cool!

Overall, a nice local pub - I hear the food's decent too.

7 Sep 2010 19:03

The Royal Oak, Crockham Hill

Good pub this, pity it's a good drive from home otherwise I'd be here a lot more. I like the feel of this pub, its homely, welcoming and cosy, the bar staff very helpful and friendly too.

My wife and I ate here both times we visited, and the food was consistently excellent. The steak and ale pie was a monster, with a huge pile of chunky fresh veg - delicious! I recall that my wife was envious and wished she'd ordered it instead of what she had, although she enjoyed whatever that was too. It isn't what you'd call cheap, but you get what you pay for and everything is prepared to a high standard.

I'm perhaps a little biased with this place, as I'm a big fan of Westerham beers and when faced with a nice choice of them, I'm always going to be a happy chappy. The beers I've tried here (BB and SPA) were both perfectly kept and pulled.

Our last visit was Christmas Eve 2009, when we went to collect a polypin of SPA and Finchcocks I'd previously ordered. As I stood at the bar to place my food order, I noticed I was stood next to a familiar face... it was the Westerham Brewery's owner, Robert Wicks, who I recognised from Oz and James' Drink To Britain! We had a little chat which was a nice addition to the day's proceedings - a very nice man he was too. By the way, if you're thinking of ordering a polypin in for the Christmas season, I can recommend the SPA - served me well for getting on for two weeks without loss of quality!

I'll definitely be going back again for another this Christmas!

7 Sep 2010 18:54

The Swan Inn and Bistro, Olney

Been coming here for a fair few years, when we visit my mum who lives locally. One of my favourite pubs in the area, especially in the winter time when the log fire is crackling away merrily in the back bar, and the low beams and low lighting make it a seriously cosy place to hide from the shoppers outside! Good selection of beers, last time I was there I think there was an Adnams, London Pride and the guest was Bateman's 'Rosy Nosey'. I opted to steam into the guest brew, and got a 'rosey nosey' of my own ;0)

Daytime food consists of home made sandwiches, baguettes and some other hot choices, all of which are very nice indeed.

Evening meals here are always lovely. I can heartily recommend the Piri Piri Prawns starter (seriously spicy!) and the steak, mushroom and ale pie at this place is the one that I measure all others by. It tastes amazing, just try it!

Staff and management always pleasant and welcoming. A very nice pub.

7 Sep 2010 17:04

The Old Wick, Bexley

Decided to take a chance on this place with the Mrs one mid-week evening for a pint, and I hoped, some food. We walked in, and walked right back out again. The atmosphere was unwelcoming and it made you feel like you'd stepped into the 'Slaughtered Lamb' from An American Werewolf In London. There was only one barman who was busy chatting to a couple of regulars, and didn't bother looking up as we came in. Not a good first impression.

6 Sep 2010 19:32

The William Camden, Bexleyheath

Have had some half decent nights in here but I'd put that down to having good mates rather than being in a good pub! Cannot believe that a pub of this size with two large bars still can't be bothered to serve decent real ale. States outside that it's a Greene King pub, but sadly the only things attempting to be ale are IPA Smoothflow and Ruddles Smooth, both ice cold. Poxy. Come on guys, you really could do better.

The bar prices are also very steep, considering it's not exactly a struggling backstreet local. Gets pretty packed with flat caps and tracksuits, which is never a winner really is it? Ok to visit if you need to meet your mates and they're already there, but I wouldn't bother otherwise.

6 Sep 2010 19:11

The Lord Kitchener, Welling

I have to concur with gunnerforlife on this one, the only reason I'd go back here is if my arm was twisted enough and I was too skint for a better roast dinner elsewhere. To be fair, the carvery roast I had here was actually ok, and for the money, a damn near bargain. But the total absence of real ale (Bombardier smooth will not cut it with me I'm afraid!) and the general ambience of the place is just not good enough to draw you back. Save your money up for an extra week and go somewhere nicer.

6 Sep 2010 18:50

The Green Man, Lavendon

Beautiful pub with great food, always a very warm welcome from the landlord and landlady. We'll always remember it fondly because it was the pub we went to after we'd just had a nasty car accident on the M25 on our way to visit my mum and stepdad for Christmas. Needless to say, my wife, brother and I let the soothing alcohol flow, and the Abbot was excellent! My wife, having had one wine too many, decided to thank the landlord by grabbing him over the bar and giving him a big smacker on the cheek! Being the lovely chap he is, it was all taken as intended. I sincerely hope to visit again soon, preferably in the winter as the fires will be roaring!

6 Sep 2010 18:39

Althorpe Coaching Inn, Great Brington

My mum and stepdad took my wife and I here one Saturday afternoon for lunch as a little treat, since we were up visiting for the weekend. What a treat it turned out to be! This is exactly what I look for in a pub, and without doubt one of the loveliest I've had the good fortune to visit.

Firstly, there's the building itself which is simply beautiful. All higgledy-piggledy with original beams, stacks of old books nestling in various corners, a plethora of old pump-clips up on some of the beams displaying former cellar-dwellers and various nik-naks from days gone by all serve to give this place a really lovely atmosphere. We found a nice cosy corner out of the way and it was just perfect.

Secondly, there's the food. A splendid lunch menu exists, and although not the cheapest around, the food we ate was of a very good standard. I can recommend the sweet chilli marinated beef sandwich, melt in the mouth! I think the menu changes regularly mind you so its a case of pot luck as to what you'll be offered. I've heard excellent reports on the evening meals as well, and I've been promised that we'll do that soon.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, comes the beer. It's always a sight to behold when you have more than five beers to choose from, and when we visited there were (I think) somewhere between 8 and 10 available. I was like a kid in a sweet shop, and after sampling several that I can no longer recall, I was quite, quite jolly! All were well kept and well pulled, just brilliant.

This is a great pub, I urge you to pay at least one visit if you can!

6 Sep 2010 18:22

The Crown, Shoreham

I've visited this pub a couple of times with my wife whilst on one of our regular-ish wanders around Shoreham, and I've found it to be curiously alluring. I say curiously, because both times we've been it's been extremely quiet inside with only a handful of punters chatting quietly amongst themselves (probably due to the mid-week evening lull), which can be quite disconcerting to the casual out-of-towner, but for some reason I've always felt at ease and comfy here.

Both visits have bestowed me with excellent ale, from memory I think I had Westerham's William Wilberforce Freedom Ale on the first visit and a Westerham's SPA on my second, both spot on pints. The bar is inexpensive and the staff friendly. I haven't yet eaten here but when I do I shall comment further. Up to this point though, good stuff.

1 Sep 2010 19:27

The Five Bells, Eynsford

My wife and I occasionally drive through Eynsford on our way to the picturesque village of Shoreham, but on those occasions when we've been left flat by the pubs there, we've stopped off at The Five Bells on our way back through for a pint. I really like this pub. It's a proper pub and it doesn't claim to be anything else. Beer is lovely, the bar reasonably priced and it has a warm friendly atmosphere, even to us 'out-of-towners'! Haven't eaten here as yet, but I will update my review once I have. All in all, a decent, quiet boozer.

31 Aug 2010 19:11

The Red Barn, Barnehurst

The Barn is my local pub, and I've been coming here for years. I even worked here for a short time. As pubs go, its ok - it has something for everyone really, reasonable food (except the mixed grill - yuk), big screen sports in the largest of its three bars, a pool table in the front bar and a cosy side bar with sofas. It serves a varied choice of lagers, plus three real ales which have recently been changed (due to takeover) to include Marston's Pedigree, London Pride and a regularly changing guest, although this one usually takes the form of Wychwood's Hobgoblin, which is a cracking pint. As has been said before, some of the clientele are pretty yobbish at times but not too bad (they also seem to be really young - maybe I'm just getting old?) but I have a lot of time for the older regulars whom I've known for years, all decent friendly people who always say hello and are no bother whatsoever.

All in all, its not the best pub in the world by a long chalk, but you could do a hell of a lot worse!

5 Jan 2010 18:16

The Wrong 'Un, Bexleyheath

My wife and I frequent this Wetherspoon's watering hole fairly regularly, primarily for the budget if I'm honest (much, much prefer the Robin down the road!) plus my wife can't get enough of their Mexican spicy chicken wrap thing. I've given it a 7/10, because it does always have a decent range of beers on at low prices and the food's pretty good for the money too. I've marked it down though due to some of the more unsavoury gin-soaked regulars (not really the pub's fault, but they make the place look untidy) and on more than one occasion I've felt uncomfortable at the bar whilst my barman and his colleague exchange foul insults, in full view of their patrons. Not exactly professional, I'm sure you'll agree. But, despite this, I still come here so it can't be all that bad. I try to avoid it at night though, as the flat-capped chav element of Bexleyheath come out to play in all their loud-mouthed, Burberry checked glory.

Worth a visit for a cheap lunch and decent pint though.

5 Jan 2010 17:47

The Robin Hood and Little John, Bexleyheath

This is a real pub, pure and simple. A warm welcome awaits you from landlord Ray and his family, who are all helpful, polite and friendly. A lovely lunch menu exists during weekdays and Saturdays, with traditional pub fayre at wallet-happy prices (plus regular Italian specials). The surroundings are warm and cosy, with a fine selection of past pump clips adorning the beams for those of you with an eye for a good beer. Speaking of which, this pub houses some of my favourite brews, all expertly kept and pulled to perfection. Six regulars (Brakspear, London Pride, Adnams Bitter, Broadside, Harveys and Doom Bar) plus two guest ales at any one time make for a superb merry afternoon or evening. As a proper traditional pub, it closes at 3pm and reopens at 7pm, which is a good thing - it ensures good behaviour and discourages all-day drinkers! Quite simply put, my favourite pub. My only criticism is the replacement of Brain's Rev. James with Doom Bar - but as the landlord rightly put it, if I'd bought more of it he wouldn't have done it! A fantastic pub, well worthy of your precious time.

5 Jan 2010 16:41

The Dover Castle, Marylebone

My favourite Sam Smith's pub yet, with the Yorkshire Grey second. Off the beaten track so not full of boorish suits, its a proper pub with good food which is exceptionally reasonable (2.99 for a lovely sausage and onion sandwich and chips!) and the beer is well kept and low priced. I had a few OBB's which were lovely. Not everyone likes SS beers, but if (like me) you do, then a visit here is highly recommended for a lovely break from the chaos of London!

5 Jan 2010 15:51

Two Brewers, Shoreham

My wife and I visit Shoreham on a regular basis, usually to have a wander round the village and lunch in the Jolly Ostler (Kings Arms). On our last visit however, we couldn't get into the Ostler (looked like it must've been National Ramblers Day or something) so we continued around the village and went into the Two Brewers, which we'd not visited before. It was warm, peaceful and welcoming, which is exactly the atmosphere we were after. We were shown to a lovely table in the corner, where our drinks order was taken by a very friendly and charming barmaid. There were three beers on offer, one of which was Black Sheep bitter - which I had. It was a perfectly pulled pint, so top marks there. We ordered our food and sat back and relaxed, reliably informed that there was a 20 minute wait which was fine. Our food arrived a little later than advertised, but our dishes were so delicious that our one minor quibble was swiftly forgotten. The steak and ale pie I had was just delightful, and pretty reasonable at a little over 8 quid. Proper home-made jacketed chips to boot - perfect! My wife was over the moon with her chicken chasseur as well, which is always a bonus. The staff were extremely friendly and polite, chatty and helpful, and the place itself is beautifully decorated and very homely with its log fire roaring away. We will definitely be coming here again, top marks to the landlord and his family for a wonderful afternoon lunch.

5 Jan 2010 15:21

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