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The Royal Park, Leeds

What Richard said. Except take away the pricey comment and exchange it with �1.30/�1.40 for the cheapest pints and it's happy days for the drinker on a budget.

24 Jun 2005 01:39

The Three Horseshoes, Headingley

My local last year, and like an old friend to me.

The Three Horseshoes is brilliant for lazy afternoons drinking. There is a good mix of students and locals, with enough old people and smoke to give that proper pub atmosphere that you just don't quite get as you venture further into Headingley and the student-count gets too high.

I would mention how cheap the drinks are at this point, but as they have Pedigree and Tetley's on handpull as well as a decent (as in more than 2) selection of lagers, and the pub is amazing, I won't bother, as those points alone should be enough to make you visit. Go now.

24 Jun 2005 01:35

The Original Oak, Headingley

Probably the best pub in central Headingley. Packed full of students but you also get the locals in, especially if there if cricket or rugby on.

More traditional downstairs, with music upstairs and a massive beer garden. You will struggle to get in on a sunny day, but it is worth trying. If the queue is too long, either go to Arcadia or buy some tins and sit in the park.

24 Jun 2005 01:29

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