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The Royal Park, Leeds

What Richard said. Except take away the pricey comment and exchange it with �1.30/�1.40 for the cheapest pints and it's happy days for the drinker on a budget.

24 Jun 2005 01:39

The Three Horseshoes, Headingley

My local last year, and like an old friend to me.

The Three Horseshoes is brilliant for lazy afternoons drinking. There is a good mix of students and locals, with enough old people and smoke to give that proper pub atmosphere that you just don't quite get as you venture further into Headingley and the student-count gets too high.

I would mention how cheap the drinks are at this point, but as they have Pedigree and Tetley's on handpull as well as a decent (as in more than 2) selection of lagers, and the pub is amazing, I won't bother, as those points alone should be enough to make you visit. Go now.

24 Jun 2005 01:35

The Original Oak, Headingley

Probably the best pub in central Headingley. Packed full of students but you also get the locals in, especially if there if cricket or rugby on.

More traditional downstairs, with music upstairs and a massive beer garden. You will struggle to get in on a sunny day, but it is worth trying. If the queue is too long, either go to Arcadia or buy some tins and sit in the park.

24 Jun 2005 01:29

The Skyrack, Headingley

Very expensive and full of the type of people who are the reason behind people hating students. Note to them - we're not all like this.

24 Jun 2005 01:25

The Headingley Taps, Headingley

Empty and soulless by day, stupidly busy by night (not helped by the bar being right next to the entrance). Avoid.

24 Jun 2005 01:23

The Fenton, Leeds

If I were designing my ideal pub, it would be something pretty close to this.

Pool Table, seperate rooms, bands upstairs, open fireplace, good mix of people and a jukebox. What more do you want? The only improvements I could think of would be a better selection of beers (and a beer garden - but that if somewhat impractical).

24 Jun 2005 01:18

Squares / Wall Street, Preston

Sophisticated? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Massive place which means it feels dead most of the time, and the rest of the time it is a drinking hall for all the kids before they go to Tokes. Avoid unless you like that kind of thing. If you do like that kind of thing, you'll probably love this place. But then you probably love Steps too. Idiot.

24 Jun 2005 01:09

Roper Hall, Preston


A Yellow pub with decor exactly the same as every other Yellow pub. But I like it. Despite being an indentikit Scream pub, I like this place. It gets busy but you can usually find a place to sit. There are a couple of pool tables . The staff seem pretty friendly. The drinks are cheap. What more do you want? Character you say? Have a yellow card instead.


A decent club that gets packed with students as you would expect. Loads of pool tables if you don't fancy dancing, table football, and a massive bar meaning that you don't usually have to queue for too long.

24 Jun 2005 01:03

The Old Dog Inn, Preston

An old-fashioned, slightly tatty pub, and good with it! The same man (presumably the landlord) is always behind the bar, usually on his own. There is a pool table and the pub is split into sections. Can seem slightly dodgy sometimes, but is a pretty friendly place and worth a visit if you are round Church Street.

24 Jun 2005 00:59

The Grey Friar, Preston

Massive drinking hall of a place. Alright as a place to get a few cheap drinks in and the selection isn't bad, but it is always going to be a chain pub with a massive room and not a lot of atmosphere.

24 Jun 2005 00:54

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