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Username: NikolaiT

Age: 40

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The Saucy Kettle, Surbiton

I seem to disagree with the comments below. I do not rate this pub at all and neither do my friends.

I have been a local and drinking in Surbiton for years and this is one that most stay clear of.
It isn't terrible don't get me wrong and I have been in there on a few occasions but only because others I am with have already been in there or I was forced to go. They bouncers are and always have been way to strict.
It doesn't have a pub atmosphere and just seems unfriendly. It's bizarre as where I live I have to walk past this pub to get to all the others on the highstreet but I always pass it by.

My friend used to drink here and watch the football with his brother quite often. He no longer goes there as once in the afternoon he was at a loose end and popped in. He needed to drive later that day so bought a soft drink.
The owner/barmen actually asked him to buy a proper drink or get out! He said the TV wasn't free and he needed to buy a more expensive drink if he wanted to stay!!!
Now my friend wasn't there that long and was almost a regular there. I think that service is inexcusable!

11 May 2010 19:01

The Victoria, Surbiton

This is a good pub, obviously as people have said it is rather expensive. But that's Youngs.

The bar staff are hit and miss, like all places and people it depends what sort of day they are having?
They have a nice beer garden with heaters for the smokers or for the summer time drinkers.
The customers are good people and the pub doesn't attract the chav (they drink across the road in The Elm)
The food is good but again very pricey. The have alot of space with lots of seating. However being one of the better pubs in the area (maybe the best on the high street) the bar can get very busy.

Over all it is a good pub and I would recommend drinking here.

11 May 2010 18:52

The Surbiton Flyer, Surbiton

I have been a regular for the last 4years or so at The Surbiton Flyer.
I think this is a great pub, although others argue this.
It was one of the very few pubs in the local area with some real character.
It's always been a rather bizarre pub. Sometimes being packed on a week night then empty on a Friday/Saturday night.

But it always had a great atmosphere with a good chocie of ales and lagers.
The bar staff were friendlya nd welcoming. They had Karaoke on a Wednesday and Bands on a Saturday. As well as showing the football. Also a juke box.

Sadly things have changed with new management.
They have re-marketed the pub for a more up market clientele. The juke box and karaoke night have gone. The will no longer be showing the football apart from the up coming world cup.

The place when I last visited was Very clean and the barmen was very polite and welcoming. Change is never welcomed but I think this pub is being aimed at a more upmarket audience. I hope it works. I personnaly won't be drinking there as often as I used too as a result as I prefer a more spit and saw dust local pub which this is aiming not to be. But I am sure I will pop in every now and again for old times sake.

11 May 2010 18:44

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